Stardew Valley: 18 Special Orders (How to Complete Fast)

With enough gameplay progress in Stardew Valley, you’ll unlock a new set of quests. Ready to take the challenge? Let’s talk about all the Special Orders you must finish, and we’ll help you!

The player at the cutscene opening of Robin and Mayor Lewis building the Special Orders Board in Stardew Valley.
Remember to open your Journal (J) to access accepted Special Orders!

Quests in Stardew Valley help many players earn extra money and unlock useful items. Moreover, new cutscenes become available to see with their interesting stories. Finishing one usually takes time, but it’s worth it in the end.

Since every villager needs a helping hand, it’s timely to have you in Pelican Town. After all, it’s no free work (in all cases) and will add more gameplay hours on your end!

In this guide, we’ll specifically talk about the Special Orders Board, where requestors ask for help. We’ll include valuable tips and solutions for all quests to make every task more manageable.

What are Special Orders?

Special Orders are unique Stardew Valley quests that become available in the first year of Fall 2. The board is installed regardless of the weather and can be found in front of the Mayor‘s Manor.

It’s noteworthy that the Special Orders Board is different from the Help Wanted board. For example, the time frame for each Special Order varies between seven to 28 days. However, for the latter, it’s restricted to two days only.

After accepting a quest, you can’t cancel it. Instead, you’ll have to wait for the timer to run out before everything’s reset. However, you may juggle two or more tasks to your liking as new orders come on Mondays.

Important Notes:

  • Some special orders (while active) requires you to collect and deliver resources. However, you can still drop all resources from your inventory to specified locations and collect the required amount later.
  • If new quests are posted on Monday, their time for completion will decrease even if it’s not accepted. Say, a Special Order with a seven-day deadline will have four days for completion on Thursday.
  • You can ship items on the final day and still complete a Special Order.
  • Failing a quest (partially completed) will refund all your items in the Lost and Found box at the Mayor’s House.
  • Some quests are repeatable. However, you’ll receive monetary compensation instead of the full reward.

A Curious Substance

The player teleporting with Mini-obelisks after giving the Wizard an Ectoplasm.
Give Wizard a terrifying treat, and you’ll also get yours the next day.

This non-repeatable special order from Wizard has a 7-day duration. Before the timer runs out, you must gather an Ectoplasm by slaying Ghosts.

Tip: Use Monster Musk before entering the Mines (strictly on floors 51 to 79 only). The Dangerous Mines and Skull Cavern are also acceptable, but all Ghosts have a 9.5% Ectoplasm drop rate. 

Consuming the Monster Musk will increase the spawn rate of monsters you’ll encounter in Stardew Valley. You’ll need Bat Wings (30) and Slimes (30) to craft the item and finish the Prismatic Jelly quest.

Other recommended gears:

  • Lucky Ring
  • Burglar’s Ring
  • Combination of the two to save slots for other Rings like Iridium Band and Glow Ring.

Rewards: Finishing this special order will unlock the Mini-Obelisk recipe sent through the mail and 2,500g on the side.

Mini-Obelisks let you teleport around the farm, which helps you save time.

Aquatic Overpopulation

The player reducing the fish population in Mountain Lake.
Keep those aquatic treasures in your pocket.

If Willy loves catching fish as a hobby, Demetrius has reasons beyond anyone’s understanding. This repeatable special order requires you to hook ten fish within seven days to reduce the local fish population.

Tip: The following are every acceptable fish per season and some helpful info to successfully catch them:

FlounderBeach Ocean

Ginger Island (West, South, Southeast, and Pirate Cove)
6am to 8pmAny
HalibutBeach Ocean6am to 11amAny
Largemouth BassMountain Lake6am to 7pmAny
SardineBeach Ocean6am to 7pmAny
SunfishPelican Town River

Cindersap Forest River
6am to 7pmSunny

For Spring
DoradoCindersap Forest River6am to 7pmAny
Rainbow TroutPelican Town River

Cindersap Forest River
6am to 7pmSunny
Red MulletBeach Ocean6am to 7pmAny
TilapiaBeach Ocean

Ginger Island (West or North)
6am to 2pmAny
TunaBeach Ocean

Ginger Island (West, South, Southeast, and Pirate Cove)
6am to 7pmAny
For Summer
AlbacoreOcean Beach6am to 11amAny
Midnight CarpMountain Lake

Cindersap Forest River

Ginger Island (North and West)
10pm to 2amAny
SalmonPelican Town River

Cindersap Forest River
6am to 7pmAny
Tiger TroutPelican Town River

Cindersap Forest River
6am to 7pmAny
For Fall
LingcodPelican Town River

Cindersap Forest River
PerchPelican Town River

Cindersap Forest River

Mountain Lake

Cindersap Forest Pond
SquidBeach Ocean6pm to 2amAny
For Winter

Extra Fishing Tips

  • Dedicate the time to arrive early at the spot to make your fishing trip successful.
  • Use an Iridium Rod and attach Baits to increase the bite rate (or optionally use Dressed Spinners).
  • If you see bubbles in the water, land your fishing line precisely at the location. The zone will dramatically increase a fish’s bite rate without equipping any Tackle.

Rewards: Completing the special order will grant you the Farm Computer recipe through the mail. Moreover, you’ll get the gold equivalent of the fish’s market value. The quality is considered, but not profession bonuses. 

The Farm Computer is a special equipment that displays essential data around your Stardew Valley farm. It includes stats about crops ready to harvest, finished processing machines, and more!

Biome Balance

The player fishing in the Mountain Lake and getting the Farm Computer from Demetrius as a reward.
Demetrius has an obsession with local population control. But at least you’re paid.

The Biome Balance task is similar to Aquatic Overpopulation. However, you’ll need to catch 20 of either River, Ocean, or Lake fish instead of ten. It has a 7-day time limit and is repeatable.

Rewards: The Farm Computer recipe (sent via the mail) is a guaranteed compensation alongside 1,500g.

Cave Patrol

The player killing Skeletons (one of the required monsters by Clint) and receiving the Geode Crusher as a reward.
Let’s keep Stardew Valley safe!

Monsters in Stardew Valley are endless, no matter if you’re in the Mines or Skull Cavern. But Clint‘s Special Order (repeatable) consists of reducing their population to make mining safer. We’re still determining how that works (since you’re the only miner in Pelican Town). However, the compensation is excellent, so why pass?

Within seven days, you must defeat 50 of the following:

  • Bats
  • Dust Sprites
  • Skeletons
  • Grubs

Tip: Depending on the monster you’ll need to slay, finding where they spawn is the first step.

Bats appear on floor 31 until you reach the end of the Mines. 

Going to the 41st floor all the way to the 79th is where Dust Sprites will happily greet you. 

On the other hand, Skeletons are limited to floors 71 to 79 only. 

Finally, Grubs group themselves on floors 15 to 29.

As always, we recommend bringing food items for regeneration. Bombs can be handy to speed things up (or if you’re mining), but it’s optional. Consuming Monster Musk before entering a floor is also advisable to increase the spawn rate of mobs.

Rewards: Besides 6,000g, you’ll get the Geode Crusher recipe (through the mailbox). 

The Geode Crusher lets you break open all Geode types with Coal. With the machine, you can save time by going to Clint’s workshop while doing other tasks.

Community Cleanup

Linus swimming in the cleaner and safer Mountain Lake, and the player compensated with Fiber Seeds.
The best “Egg Hunt” challenge – clean and green edition.

We’re hopeful that this Special Order from Linus is repeatable, but it’s the opposite. Nonetheless, its environmental impact in Stardew Valley is outstanding only if other NPCs do the same.

You have seven days to fish 20 Trash items. Can you do it? Yes, Junks. Joja Cola is an exception.

Tip: The Community Cleanup quest is best paired with Aquatic Overpopulation and Biome Balance (if you’re lucky). But if you’re doing this quest alone, it’s noteworthy that trash from Crab Pots and Garbage Cans count!

Rewards: Completing this task comes with 500g and Fiber Seeds recipe sent through the mail. You’ll also gain a Friendship Heart with Linus and the Community Cleanup cutscene at Mountain Lake.

Fiber Seeds are a great way to farm Fiber (which was rarer back then). The plant can thrive in any weather without water.

Crop Order

The player delivering Potato crops to Mayor Lewis and getting rewarded with a Mini-Shipping Bin.
You signed up for an unfair Special Order…

During non-Winter seasons, Mayor Lewis may request 100 crops within 28 days of delivery. Note that this special order needs you to harvest them while the quest is active to count the progress. Although grindy, the Crop Order quest is repeatable, which will help further level your Farming skill.

Tip: Mayor Lewis will request one type of crop where you’ll need to ship 100 pieces. Kindly refer to the table below as we put all crops with their corresponding season, seed price, and growth time.

CropSeed Price (x100)Growth Time (days)Note
Garlic4,000g4Available starting Year 2
Green Bean6,000g10 
For Spring
CropSeed Price (x100)Growth Time (days)Note
Hot Pepper4,000g5 
Wheat1,000g4Also available on Fall
For Summer
CropSeed Price (x100)Growth Time (days)Note
Artichoke3,000g8Available starting Year 2
Bok Choy5,000g4 
For Fall

Additional Tip: Using Speed-Gro fertilizers can drastically add growth speed to your crops, finishing the Special Order faster. You can also opt for the Agriculturist profession for an added 10% bonus.

Rewards: Mayor Lewis cuts the price of each crop by half, but the Tiller buff still applies. Also, you’ll get one Mini-Shipping Bin (sent through the mailbox). If you want to profit, we don’t recommend retaking this quest. But for a challenge, this Special Order is a good test.

The Mini-Shipping Bin is a miniature version of the Shipping Bin next to your house. It only allows nine spaces, which Lewis will collect before the day ends.

Fragments of the Past

The player mining Bone Fragments in Ginger Island and receiving Bone Mill as a reward after donating them to Gunther.
Would you keep them in your pockets or donate to Gunther instead?

Gunther runs the Local Museum and Library in Pelican Town, where you can donate Minerals and Artifacts. However, in this non-repeatable special order, he’s requesting fossils (something Professor Snail would do). Regardless, you have seven days to dump 100 total of any items below in the box:

Amphibian FossilArtifact Spots (Cindersap Forest and Mountains – 0.6%) 

Bone Nodes (0.8%) 

Fishing Treasure Chests (2.8% to 3.1%)
Bone FluteArtifact Spots (Pelican Town, Cindersap Forest, and The Mountains – 0.4% and 0.7% respectively) 

Artifact Trove (3.7%) 

Fishing Treasure Chests (0.7% to 0.8%)
Bone FragmentArtifact Spots (Ginger Island – 22.5%) 

Bone Nodes (guaranteed) 

Destroying Barrels at the Skull Cavern from floors 80 and above (5.2%)

Slaying Skeletons, Dangerous Skeletons, Skeleton Mages, and Lava Lurks (50%)
Fossilized LegBone Nodes (10%)
Fossilized RibsArtifact Spots (Ginger Island – 25%) 

Bone Nodes (1.35%)
Fossilized SkullBreaking Golden Coconuts (14%)
Fossilized SpineArtifact Spots (Ginger Island Southern Beach)

 Dig Site River fishing
Fossilized TailDig Site River panning (20%)
Mummified BatBreaking rocks at the Volcano Dungeon (0.005%)
Mummified FrogCutting Weeds in the Dangerous Mines from floors 41 to 69 Cutting Weeds in the Ginger Island Jungle
Nautilus FossilArtifact Spots (Beach Ocean – 1.8%)

Bone Nodes (0.8%) 

Fishing Treasure Chests (2.8% to 3.1%)
Palm FossilArtifact Spots (Beach Ocean, Cindersap Forest, and Desert – 0.6%, 0.6% to 5%, and 7% in order)

Bone Nodes (0.8%)
Prehistoric RibArtifact Spots (Farm and Pelican Town – 0.8% and 2% to 2.4%, respectively) 

Bone Nodes (0.8%) 

Slaying Pepper Rex (30%)
Prehistoric ScapulaArtifact Spots (Pelican Town and Cindersap Forest – 0.7% and 3% to 6%, respectively) 

Bone Nodes (0.8%) 

Slaying Skeletons (0.5%)
Prehistoric SkullArtifact Spots (Mountains – 0.6% to 3.6%) 

Bone Nodes (0.8%) 

Slaying Haunted Skulls (1.3%)
Prehistoric TibiaArtifact Spots (Cindersap Forest and Railroads – 0.6% and 4% to 8%, respectively) 

Bone Nodes (0.8%) 

Slaying Pepper Rex (30%)
Prehistoric VertebraArtifact Spots (Bus Stop – 0.7% to 3.5%) 

Bone Nodes (0.8%) 

Slaying Pepper Rex (30%)
Skeletal HandArtifact Spots (Beach and Backwoods – 0.6% and 4% to 8%) 

Bone Nodes (0.8%) 

Slaying Haunted Skulls (1.3%)
Skeletal TailBone Nodes (0.8%) 

Fishing Treasure Chests (2.8% to 3.1%) 

Mines or Skull Cavern tilling with a Hoe (0.16%)
Snake SkullArtifact Spots (Ginger Island North and Ginger Island West – 10%)
Snake VertebraeArtifact Spots (Ginger Island West – 22.5%)
TrilobiteArtifact Spots (Mountain, Cindersap Forest, and Beach – 1.8%, 1.9%, and 1.7% to 2.3% and 5% in order) 

Bone Nodes – 0.8%

Tip: Finishing this quest may seem impossible because of the short time frame. We recommend picking this special order after unlocking the Ginger Island since you’ll have difficulty collecting. Plus, the quest indicates that it must be active alongside the collection.

If you have Ginger Island access, we recommend donating Bone Fragments and other common bone items. Take note of Professor Snail’s collection if you haven’t, as they’ll come in handy later.

Still want to push through? Equip a Burglar’s Ring to increase the chance of fossil items dropping. 

Rewards: Gunther will send the Bone Mill recipe through mail alongside 3,500g upon finishing this special order.

The Bone Mill is a refining equipment that turns bone items into Fertilizers with four in-game hours of processing.

Gifts for George

Old, retired George getting Leek surprises from Evelyn and the player with the Coffee Maker (reward).
A nice and heartwarming treat from the sweetest person in Pelican Town – Evelyn.

This wholesome special order involves Evelyn surprising George with his one of many favorite foods – Leeks. Albeit non-repeatable, you have 28 days to collect 12 of them during Spring.

Tip: Before taking this quest and you’d like to skip Foraging, craft Spring Seeds first. Leeks from the Inventory or Chests won’t count as the special order demands active gathering.

Rewards: Evelyn will send 2,000g alongside one Coffee Maker (from the mailbox) as compensation. You’ll also unlock a cutscene involving you, her, and George.

The Coffee Maker produces Coffee daily, which gives a movement speed bonus in Stardew Valley.

Gus’ Famous Omelet

The player getting an extra (mini) Fridge after giving Gus two dozens of eggs and making them into a Giant Omelet.
Everybody loves your eggs!

In this easy Special Order, you’ll need to deliver 24 pieces of eggs to the fridge of Stardrop Saloon. Gus only offers 14 days to complete, but you may repeat the task for a decent profit.

Tip: Gus accepts any Egg type, but it’s best to use the regular Chicken Egg (small). You can pick it up from your Coop or Auto-Grabber upon accepting the task. It’s noteworthy that you’ll make 2x profit from selling regular ones.

Rewards: Assuming you’ve delivered 24 Small Chicken Eggs, you’ll profit 1,800g (total of 3,000g). Alongside is a Mini-Fridge that provides extra space for your Kitchen needs when cooking. Finally, the Giant Omelet cutscene will be available upon completing the Special Order and entering the Stardrop Saloon.

Island Ingredients

The player fulfilling one of Caroline's Tropical Crop requests - Taro Root - and getting Solar Panels as a reward.
Abigail’s mother is hopping on a new trend after discovering Ginger Island.

Unlocking Ginger Island is one of the most challenging milestones in Stardew Valley after finishing the Community Center. When that happens, Caroline will request 100 pieces of either Ginger, Pineapple, or Taro Root. You have 28 days to complete this repeatable quest.

Tip: Harvesting crops mentioned must take place upon accepting the Special Order. Try planting them beforehand if you can wait.

Speaking of crops needed, Ginger is the hardest to acquire. Although they’re scattered across the Island, you’ll be surprised how less they grow daily. However, killing Tiger Slimes sometimes drops the item.

Pineapple is a crop in Stardew Valley that reproduces without replacing the seedbed. It grows after maturing for 14 days and keeps producing weekly. Pineapple Seeds are obtainable by trading a Magma Cap to the Island Trader, breaking Golden Coconuts, and killing monsters. You may also insert the fruit into Seed Maker to produce more Seeds.

If Caroline requested Taro Roots, plant them near water for faster growth (seven days versus ten days on soil). Moreover, you’ll save time, as watering them is unnecessary if you pick the former strategy.

To get Taro Tubers, do the following:

  • Break open Golden Coconuts
  • Trade Bone Fragments (2) to the Island Trader
  • Populate a Fish Pond with Lionfish (4) for random drops
  • Explore the Volcano Dungeon. Defeat Magma Duggies or open Common Chests

Rewards: Upon completion, you’ll get a Solar Panel recipe (through the mail) and 50% gold from every crop (unprofitable).

The Solar Panel is a refining equipment in Stardew Valley that produces Battery Pack (1) weekly. Compared to Lightning Rods, Solar Panels operate on sunny days.

Juicy Bugs Wanted!

The player giving Willy a ton of Bug Meat and getting a Quality Bobber in exchange.
Bug Meats for Willy’s Crabs at the Fish Shop.

Willy will need Bug Meats (100) within seven days for his crabs. If you can complete this task in Stardew Valley, you’ll get an essential fishing add-on. Note that you can’t repeat this special order.

Tip: Going to floors 15 to 29 of the Mines is the best strategy, as several Cave Insects spawn there. The task is overall easy, and you should’ve no difficulty completing it.

Recommended Gear (optional):

  • Burglar’s Ring (more loot drop potential)
  • Monster Musk (increase in Cave Insects’ spawn rate)

Rewards: Alongside 3,000g, you’ll receive the recipe for making Quality Bobbers through the mailbox. A cute cutscene will also trigger once you enter the Beach.

The Quality Bobber is an excellent Tackle for profiting through fishing in Stardew Valley as it increases the quality.

Pierre’s Prime Produce

The player giving gold-star vegetables to Pierre, and the player rewarded with money alongside a Mini-Shipping Bin.
A not-so-funny Special Order in Stardew Valley.

Is it Pierre‘s hard work? No. But this non-repeatable Special Order says so (and will later create a controversy in-game).

Regardless, Pierre’s Prime Produce requires you to deliver 25 pieces of gold-star vegetables within 28 days. Crops harvested by Junimos or at Iridium quality won’t count (follow the instructions!)

Tips: Since there are many vegetables to choose from and the reward could be more profitable, we recommend Hops or Wheat.

Hops take 11 days to mature and grow exclusively during Summer. After the initial growth time, you can harvest Hops daily. In total, you’ll accumulate 925g.

Wheat is almost similar to Hops except for its profitability. Although the growth takes four days, harvesting it will require you to sow new Seeds. However, they’re available during Summer and Fall, so it’s still a safe pick if you’re in the latter season.

If you’re playing during Spring, the best crop to pick is Parsnips. They’re close to Hops and Wheat in profitability but with a slight loss. Upon waiting four days until harvesting, you’ll accumulate 1,300g.

Farming professions could help, but we recommend using Basic Fertilizers if you’re trying to save that money!

Rewards: You’ll receive one Mini-Shipping Bin (through the mail) upon completing the task with 2,500g on the side. Moreover, you’ll get a special cutscene at the General Store, which is extremely interesting. We recommend you anticipate it!

Prismatic Jelly

The player fetching a Prismatic Shard for the Wizard and getting rewarded with a Monster Musk.
A weird blob for a weirder concoction.

This item delivery quest consists of bringing a Prismatic Jelly to the Wizard within seven days. It’s unrepeatable, so give your best shot to reap amazing rewards!

Tip: The Prismatic Jelly is one of the most elusive items in Stardew Valley. To get one, you must find a Prismatic Slime first and slay them (sure drop). However, the chance of them spawning is slimmer than you’ll think.

What we advise you to do is max out your Luck. You can rely on food items, rings, and the Special Charm perk for better odds. Afterward, go to the Mines and jump to floors 95, 105, and 115. Repeat the process until the Prismatic Slime appears.

Since you have limited time to work with, feel free to restart the day and repeat the entire method.

Rewards: Completing this Special Order comes with one of the best rewards in Stardew Valley. Aside from 5,000g, you’ll obtain the Monster Musk recipe. The consumable is indispensable for spawning more enemies in the Mines, valuable for quests like “A Curious Substance”.

Robin’s Project

The player getting the Deluxe Red Double Bed after acquiring Hardwood (mission completed).
We love the aesthetics and form of the bed.

Robin joins the Special Orders board and requests Hardwood (80) for her special project. Within seven Stardew Valley days, you must deliver the resources to the Mountains where she resides.

Tip: If you’re doing this quest in Year 1 without Ginger Island access, the Secret Woods is your go-to place. Players know that you can gather 12 pieces daily, which will net you 84 Hardwood on day seven.

This quest will be easy if you’re hoarding resources and have cut Hardwood stumps on your Farm. But to gain entry to the Secret Woods, you’ll need a Steel Axe or use the chair exploit on 1.5.

With Ginger Island unlocked, Mahogany Trees must be your best resort as they give Hardwood when chopped down.

Rewards: Robin will happily let you purchase the Deluxe Red Double Bed for 6,000g upon completing this Special Order. Moreover, she’ll include a 2,000g bonus (500g profit based on each Hardwood’s selling price of 15g). You’ll also earn 250 Friendship Points with Robin alongside a cutscene.

Robin’s Resource Rush

A generous Special Order by Robin which makes the player rich and get a new Chest type upon completion.
Tip: Here’s where you can gather Stone exceptionally quickly!

If Robin can offer the most generous Special Order in Stardew Valley, this quest should be it. For seven days, if you’re successful at collecting 1000 pieces of either Wood or Stone, you’ll get a reward. You may keep those resources but might as well use them to craft the special reward Robin will give later.

Tip: Since gathering Wood or Stone is easy, we’ll still remind you how much profit you’ll get by taking this task. Both materials cost 2g, and Robin is willing to give 500g extra (plus you can keep them). Moreover, directly selling your resources will give you a loss than this Special Order.

Rewards: It’s noteworthy that you can repeat Robin’s Resource Rush if it appears on the Board. But if it’s your first time doing this, you’ll get a Stone Chest recipe (mailbox) alongside 2,500g pocket money.

The Stone Chest is no different than its Wood counterpart, but the looks are way better.

Rock Rejuvenation

The player delivering different gems to Emily and getting a Sewing Machine as a reward.
A relaxing ceremony worth every functionality of the Sewing Machine.

This Special Order in Stardew Valley may be tricky to trigger. You need access to Emily‘s Sewing Machine by acquiring your first Cloth. Afterward, exiting the Farmhouse between 6am and 11am on non-rainy days will trigger the cutscene.

In Rock Rejuvenation, you have seven days to deliver Emily the following gems:

Tip: You can collect gems before accepting the task and delivering them to Emily. However, avoid being in Clint’s quest, where he asks you to give her an Amethyst. If that’s the case, consider bringing two pieces of the said mineral.

The following is a quick rundown of every gem and how to get them:

AmethystAmethyst and Gem Nodes Fish Pond (Super Cucumbers) 

Fishing Treasure Chests (4%) 

Garbage Cans 

Panning (1.6%) 

Slaying Green Slimes (1.5%)
EmeraldEmerald and Gem Nodes

Feast of the Winter Star Gift 

Fishing Treasure Chests (4%) 

Garbage Cans

Panning (1.6%)
JadeFeast of the Winter Star Gift 

Fishing Treasure Chests (4%) 

Garbage Cans 

Jade and Gem Nodes 

Slaying Blue Slimes and Tiger Slimes (2%) 

Slaying Dwarvish Sentries (10%)
RubyFeast of the Winter Star Gift 

Fishing Treasure Chests (4%) 

Garbage Cans Panning (1.6%) 

Ruby and Gem Nodes
TopazFishing Treasure Chests (4%)

Garbage Cans 

Panning (1.6%) 

Topaz Node and Gem Node

Rewards: Save yourself from the trouble of getting to Emily’s place to try new clothes as she’ll give you a Sewing Machine. It retains the same functionality but without the Dyeing set. On top of that is 1,000g of pocket money.

Although the Special Order has a fun cutscene, it’s non-repeatable.

The Strong Stuff

The player delivering Pam some Potato Juices and getting the F.I.B.S. T.V. show as a reward.
Spoiler: Your Taters tasted terrible.

Pam loves all things alcohol and knows exactly what she wants in this Special Order. Within two Stardew Valley weeks, you must bring Potato Juice (12) to her home. Note that you must collect the Juice after only accepting the quest.

Tip: Most Artisan Goods take much time to produce in-game, except Juices. Within four days, you can finish the quest with multiple Kegs. Make sure you’re at Farming Level 8 and have the following items to craft the Artisan Equipment:

If you have no taters growing, start planting now! You can always use Speed-Gro fertilizers to wait for less. Potatoes grow only in Spring, and their Seeds are always available the cheapest at Pierre’s General Store.

Rewards: Since Pam loves alcohol, expect to get 250 Friendship Points. You’ll also earn 3,000g and unlock the F.I.B.S. TV channel with a cutscene.

F.I.B.S., or Fishing Information Broadcasting Service, is essential for beginner fishers in Stardew Valley. Tune in to the channel to learn about different fishing opportunities in a season!

Tropical Fish

The player fishing at Ginger Island as requested by Willy and getting the Deluxe Fish Tank as a result.
You can never find these fish in Pelican Town (some)!

In this Special Order with a seven-day time frame, deliver the following fish to Willy:

The quest will become available upon unlocking Ginger Island and constructing the Island Resort.

Tip: Since you’re catching new types of fish in Stardew Valley, refer to the following table of useful information:

Blue DiscusIsland North and West (freshwater)AnyAny
LionfishIsland West (Ocean), South, and SoutheastAnyAny
StingrayPirate Cove (Island Southeast)AnyAny

It’s entirely up to you if you’ll bring Tackles, but we’ll still recommend Baits. 

Rewards: Alongside 2,500g, you’ll receive the Deluxe Fish Tank – a decorative piece of furniture and home for sea creatures.

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