Here’s Why Trash is Extremely Important in Stardew Valley

Are you catching mountains of trash recently? It does take many spaces in your inventory, and it’s worthless. However, you can still turn them into basic resources for your farm in Stardew Valley. Read this insightful and easy guide to know more!

Every trash in Stardew Valley above the island farm.
Junk items in Stardew Valley.

It’s hard to be unlucky and miss all the big catches in the waters while fishing. Even your crab pots are failing in luring lobsters? Next time, bring more cheap trout soup from Willy. If you think it’s that bad, the right equipment can turn your rubbish into something useful.

Catching every trash in the game is impossible. If you want to help the community, consider recycling waste materials. They’re not valuable, but there’s more profit with the right equipment and resources.

Trash is Everywhere

There are junk items from the lakes and ponds of Cindersap Forest to the deep ocean at the Beach. They’re useless at first because of their zero value to the player in-game. Moreover, it’s bad luck for every expert angler who reels in the rubbish.

Trash may also appear when you dumpster dives on any NPC’s trash can. It’s what Linus does to survive his extraordinary life among the ordinary townspeople. However, the benefits of a junk item lie after a short “process” where it’s turned into something new.

Different Loots You Can Get By Recycling Trash

Need some extra resources in Stardew Valley? Don’t worry. You’ll never run out of supplies as long as you have something to recycle. All you need is a Recycling Machine which costs 25 pieces of wood and stone and one iron bar. You can start crafting this eco-friendly item after reaching Level 6 in Fishing.

Alternatively, completing the Field Research Bundle on the Bulletin Board will give you the machine for free! One for starters, and it takes an hour to process each trash. Unfortunately, you can’t get something from Joja Cola or Rotten Plant, so it’s best if you throw it away or treat Sam with the soda.

Here’s a complete table of what you can get by recycling a specific junk item in Stardew Valley:

Input (Junk Item)Output (Resources
Broken CD1x Refined Quartz
Broken Glasses1x Refined Quartz
Driftwood1-3x Wood and Coal
Joja ColaN/A
Rotten PlantN/A
Soggy Newspaper3x Torch, 1x Cloth
Trash1-3x Wood, Coal, and Iron Ore

Refined Quartz is the most valuable resource because it’s the ingredient for making quality sprinklers and lightning rods. Torches aren’t useless either, but it’s insignificant in late-game.


Mayor Lewis in the iconic Egg Hunt festival talking about trash in the valley.
Mayor Lewis with his iconic speech at the annual Egg Hunt.

Mayor Lewis believes if Jas and Vincent ever enjoy the Egg Hunt as much as collecting trash, it’d be a huge advantage to speed up the cleaning. After all, donating them to the farmhouse isn’t bad since Leah likes driftwood too! Plus, spare materials for buildings and items can help in little ways.

Go green and help planet Stardew Valley by turning scraps that are worth more than you’d expect. If not, be sure to put them in your Inventory’s Trash Can to save future generations.

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