Emerald: Uses, Bundles, and More

Finding Emeralds in the Mines isn’t big news for Stardew Valley players. But what can intrigue you is its uses and benefits. With this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this mineral.

A player holding an emerald in Stardew Valley.
Emeralds are eye-catchers, don’t you think?

Mining is a great way to get lucrative items in Stardew Valley. And as you discover the deeper and more dangerous parts of the Mines, you’ll find minerals like Emerald. It’s a bright green stone that you can’t precisely use for many things.

Nonetheless, you can still use them in gifting, increasing your profit, and more! If you want to learn how to use it effectively, here’s a guide to help you.

What’s an Emerald?

a player fishing and standing in front of a garbage can in Stardew Valley.
Events and Places where you can get it!

Emerald is a mineral spawned by Emerald and Gem Nodes in the Mines. But you can also get it by panning or occasionally scavenging in the Garbage Can.

Additionally, there’s a 4% chance of getting one to four pieces by fishing treasure chests in Fishing Zone Five. Remember that you should be at Fishing Level 2 to acquire this item.

Aside from doing laborious tasks, you may get it for free during the Feast of the Winter Star from your secret gift-giver. This event happens every 25th of Winter in Pelican Town.


You won’t get a lot of profit by vending it, but if you’re insistent on doing so, you’ll get 250g from it. And if you have a Gemologist Profession, its selling price turns to 325g as it adds 30% to the original value.


A player in front of the Desert Trader's Tent. in Stardew Valley.
Trade these gems for something tasty!

You can get some cheese by trading one piece of Emerald from the Desert Trader of Calico Desert every Friday.


Using this mineral in the Forge enhances the speed of your melee weapon such as swords.


Clint, Dwarf, Emily, and Penny would find it lovely if they received an Emerald. While other NPCs would appreciate it as well, except for Leah, Linus, and Pierre.


A player wearing a green mixed with yellow shirt.
This look screams an “I’m a Forager” vibe!

You can make a shirt from it and even use it to create green dyes for pots.

Bundles and Quests

An Emerald helps complete the Treasure Hunter’s Bundle in the Boiler Room (Remixed). While you can also accomplish the following quests with this item:

  • Can randomly be requested in the “Help Wanted” board at Pierre’s General Store.
    • Rewards: 750g and 150 Friendship Points
    • Note: it’ll only get requested upon reaching Level 80+ in the Mines.
  • 2 pieces of it are requested in the “Fish Pond” Quest to increase the pond capacity from five to seven.
  • Asked by Emily in the “Rock Rejuvenation” Quest at the Special Orders Board.
  • Possibly used in the Gem Birds puzzle in Ginger Island.

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