Our Desert Trader Guide: Where To Find & How to Unlock (2022)

Do you need exotic goods around your farmhouse? Meet the Desert Trader, and in this guide, we’ll talk everything about her!

The player buying from the Calico Desert Trader.
The Desert Trader’s shop and her camel on Calico Desert.

The Calico Desert is a place full of secrets and stories in Stardew Valley. Sand Dragon, Skull Cavern, The Three Pillars – these are the typical things you’d expect to see upon arriving. Unfortunately, you have to work hard to earn the first bus ticket that’ll take you to the vast sands.

On the other hand, the Desert Trader’s introduction made it possible to diversify the lifeless place. Who is she, and why is the merchant important in Stardew Valley? Moreover, we’ll talk about the exotic goods you’ll get by trading “special currencies”.

How to Unlock the Desert?

Morris' Workers (below) and the Junimos (top) fixing the Bus for Calico Desert.
Depending on if it’s the Community Center or Joja Warehouse, you’ll get a unique cutscene.

Since the trader lives in the Western region, going on foot will be impossible. You won’t reach the other side if you try walking down the tunnels too! It’s a matter of hard work and strategy, and the Bus is the only way.

You have two options: pay 42,500g for the Vault Bundle in the Community Center or join a JojaMart Membership. Either choice is good, but you’ll save 2500g with the Joja route. Upon completion, Junimos or Morris’ workers will fix the Bus Southeast of the Farm.

Pam operates the vehicle, and she usually arrives at 10:10 AM on the spot and leaves at 5:00 PM. However, she’s unavailable every 25th of Spring because of her appointment at Harvey’s clinic.

With her unfavorable schedule, forcing Pam to move faster is possible. Stand in her way for a couple while and she’ll walk quicker and repeat the process. But if you like a better way, you can build the Desert Obelisk for 1,000,000g. Alternatively, you can craft Desert Warp Totem for ten Iridium bars, two hardwood, four iridium ores, and coconut.

Where to Find the Desert Trader?

If you come from the Bus, you’ll see her shop on the right corner. But if you warped your way, you might need a little walk. 

The merchant is available 24/7 during all days and seasons except Night Market. However, you can still approach her near the Submarine and will offer you a cup of coffee for three days. 

Trivia: she’s a good friend with Sandy, mentioning her during her birthday or Wednesdays in Fall.

What Items Can You Get From the Desert Trader?

The Desert Trader's inventory during Thursdays.
Here’s a sample of the trader’s inventory on Thursdays.

Gold coins have no value from the trader’s hometown. That’s why she only accepts rare items. It works like the Island Trader, where you can exchange local goods for a wide variety of rare and uncommon loot.

As for the inventory, here’s what you can trade and the items you need to give in finishing a bargain:

Permanent StockPriceDay Available
Artifact TroveOmni Geode (5) 
Birch Double BedPearl (1) 
Butterfly HutchBat Wing (200) 
Green TurbanOmni Geode (50) 
Mega BombIridium Ore (5) 
Spicy EelRuby (1) 
Triple Shot EspressoDiamond (1) 
Warp Totem: DesertOmni Geode (3) 
Warp Totem: Desert RecipeIridium Bar (10) 
Rotating Stock  
CheeseEmerald (1)Friday
ClothAquamarine (3)Wednesday
Fall SeedsWinter Seeds (2)Saturday
FiberStone (5)Tuesday
Hay (x3)Omni Geode (1)Monday
Magic Cowboy HatOmni Geode (333)Odd Days
Magic Rock CandyPrismatic Shard (3)Thursday (one purchase limit)
Magic TurbanOmni Geode (333)Even Days
Spring SeedsSummer Seeds (2)Saturday
StaircaseJade (1)Sunday
Summer SeedsFall Seeds (2)Saturday
Void Ghost PendantVoid Essence (200)Max hearts with Krobus needed. This item is available for a single purchase only if you’re unmarried.
Winter SeedsSpring Seeds (2)Saturday

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