Best Stardew Valley Crops to Grow for Every Season (Full Guide 2022)

Stardew Valley’s farming is simple and easy, but choosing what crops to use can be a bit confusing—interested in knowing the best? Well, look no further. This guide is for you!

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Best Crops for Every Season

Planting and growing crops in Stardew Valley is one sure-fire way to earn some profit, albeit not equal in value. Every season has its stars that are worth every gold spent. Maximizing all your time by planting quality crops every season will keep you full of money.

Are you interested in large profits? Then this guide will surely help you!

Best Spring crops


player holding strawberry
Strawberry Crops

Spring is the time for flowers and profitable yields in Stardew Valley. Best suited for Spring are Strawberries. Available at the Egg Festival, buying a bunch of Strawberry seeds is the best investment you can make throughout the season. After a growth time of eight days, it continually grows every four days after your first harvest, which is suitable for consistent profit. 

These are the stats for this crop:

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
8 Days 4 Days 100g 

Selling Prices are as follows:

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 120g 132g 
Silver `150g 165g
Gold 180g 198g
Iridium 240g 264g 

Green Bean

player holding green bean
Green Bean Crops

Next up for Spring are Green Beans, found in Pierre’s General Store. Like the Strawberry, it’ll continually grow after its first harvest. Save one if you want to complete the Spring Crops bundle in the Community Center.

Here are its stats:

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
10 Days 3 Days 60g 

The table below shows its Selling Prices:

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 40g 44g 
Silver 50g 55g 
Gold 60g 66g 
Iridium 80g 88g 


player holding rhubarb
Rhubarb Crops

The first single-harvest crop for this guide, Rhubarb, is an excellent choice. You can get the plant’s seeds from the Traveling Cart or Oasis at varying prices. Maturing in 13 days, you can yield two potential harvests in a season.

The crop’s stats are as follows:

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
13 Days N/A 100g – 1,000g 

Below are its Selling Prices:

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 220g 242g 
Silver 275g 302g 
Gold 330g 362g 
Iridium 440g 484g 


player holding cauliflower
Cauliflower Crops

The next one is the Cauliflower, obtained in Pierre’s shop. Planting this early and consistently can net you two harvests throughout the season, rewarding you with sizable yields. Like the Green Bean, it’s a part of the Spring Crops Bundle.

Here are the stats for this crop:

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
12 Days N/A 80g 

The following is the crop’s market value:

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 175g 192g 
Silver 218g 239g 
Gold 262g 288g 
Iridium 350g 385g 


Potatoes are a decent pick for easy gold in Stardew Valley’s early game. Accessible in Pierre’s store, this is one of the quickest to harvest. Planting early and consistently will net you at least five harvests throughout the season.

player holding potato
Potato Crops

Here are the stats for this crop:

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
6 Days N/A 50g 

See the table below for Selling Prices: 

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 80g 88g 
Silver 100g 110g 
Gold 120g 132g 
Iridium 160g 176g 

Best Summer Crops


player holding blueberry
Blueberry Crops

Stardew Valley’s Summer is in, and the heat is on! And profitable yields are abundant!

The first crop we have is the Blueberry. Purchasable in Pierre’s shop, these are Summer’s equivalent to Strawberries – able to yield multiple per harvest!. Although it takes 13 days instead of eight days to harvest, the regrowth period is still the same. If you want to complete the Summer Crops Bundle, make sure to save one of these.  

As you can notice, this guide shows that the most profitable crops are multi-harvest crops. And as a teaser, Fall has a plant like this too!

Here are the stats for this crop:

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
13 Days 4 Days 80g 

For Selling prices, here’s a table:

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 50g 55g 
Silver 62g 68g 
Gold 75g 82g 
Iridium 100g 110g 

Coffee Bean

player holding coffee bean
Coffee Bean Crops

Up next is the Coffee Bean. Available only in the Traveling Cart with a 25% chance to show up, you may need some luck. But if you snag a seed, expect to make a hefty profit.  

Coffee Beans are one of Stardew Valley’s multi-seasonal crops, which means you can plant them in Spring and Summer. Partnered with multiple beans that can be harvested per tree, the possibility of it filling your farm is exponential. 

The stats for this crop are as follows: 

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price (Traveling Cart)
10 Days 2 Days 100g – 2,500g 

The table below refers to its Selling Prices:

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 15g N/A 
Silver 18g N/A 
Gold 22g N/A 
Iridium 30g N/A 

Red Cabbage

player holding red cabbage
Red Cabbage Crops

For the next crop, let’s look at Red Cabbages. You can purchase Red Cabbage seeds in Pierre’s store for a single harvest crop that takes nine days to grow. If you plant early and consistently, you can harvest three times at the end of the season. Planting this crop is plain and simple, and so is getting a good profit. 

The crop’s stats are as follows:

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
9 Days N/A 100g 

The following are its Selling Price:

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 260g 286g 
Silver 325g 357g 
Gold 390g 429g 
Iridium 520g 572g 


player holding melon
Melon Crops

A close second to single harvest crops for Summer is the Melon. You can expect two good harvests throughout the season. If you consistently plant at the right time, expect a considerable amount of gold in return. You can purchase these in Pierre’s shop.  

Like the Blueberry, you can use this in the Summer Crops Bundle. Likewise, if you receive a Gold quality Melon, you can use it in the Quality Crops Bundle.  

Melons are a key ingredient for Pink Cake, which you can give as a gift to Haley.

Here are its stats: 

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
12 Days N/A 80g 

You can see the Selling Prices below:

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 250g 275g 
Silver 312g 343g 
Gold 375g 412g 
Iridium 500g 550g 


player holding starfruit
Starfruit Crops

Starfruit is the best crop to invest in Summer for players in Stardew Valley’s mid to late game. Obtainable through the desert Oasis, the potential profit for each seed is double the initial investment. Although not recommended in the early game, investing in this crop in later stages is worth every gold spent on each seed.   

Starfruits can give you two harvests in a season. Although a single harvest crop, they are the most profitable for Summer in terms of a single yield. 

Crop stats are as follows:

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
13 Days N/A 400g 

Below is a table of its Selling price:

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 750g 825g 
Silver 937g 1,030g 
Gold 1,125g 1,237g 
Iridium 1,500g 1,650g 

Best Fall Crops


player holding cranberry
Cranberry Crops

Stardew Valley’s Fall is a season of falling leaves and cold breezes, but that doesn’t mean our efforts will fall too! 

As teased earlier, Cranberries are the equivalent of Spring and Summer’s berries. You can harvest this crop within seven days (the fastest of the three berries). Although quicker in the initial harvest, it does have the downside of regrowing a little slower. You can purchase seeds from Pierre’s shop for the lowest price. 

The stats for the crop are as follows: 

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
7 Days 5 Days 240g 

Refer to the Selling Prices below: 

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 75g 82g 
Silver 93g 102g 
Gold 112g 123g 
Iridium 150g 165g 


player holding pumpkin
Pumpkin Crops

Pumpkin is one of the Fall season’s many staple crops. Planting these alongside Cranberries is a guaranteed moneymaker. Investing in these early is a must because of the possibility of having two harvests. Want to grow them? Pierre’s General Store offers the most affordable seed across Stardew Valley!

If you wish to complete the Fall Crops Bundle, save a Pumpkin. And if it’s of Gold quality, keep it for the Quality Crops Bundle.  

Pumpkins are one of the best gifts you can give to Abigail, so make sure to capitalize on that! 

Stats for the crop are as follows: 

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
13 Days N/A 100g 

The following is the table for its Selling Prices: 

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 320g 352g 
Silver 400g 440g 
Gold 480g 528g 
Iridium 640g 704g 

Sweet gem Berry

player holding sweet gem berry
Sweet Gem Berry Crops

The last one for Fall has to be the Sweet Gem Berry. Only obtainable with a Rare Seed found in the Traveling Cart, this is one of the most profitable crops on Stardew Valley. Selling one is triple the amount of your initial investment!  

The downside to this fantastic crop is that it’s hard to come by in large quantities, even in Summer and Spring. What’s worse is that the chance of it appearing in other seasons is 1.26%. But if you have the opportunity to stock this crop before Fall, your patience will be rewarded.  

Sweet Gem Berries are one of the longest on the list regarding maturity. Although you can only ever have one harvest each season, the profits you’ll receive won’t disappoint. 

This crop is neither fruit nor vegetable, so the Tiller profession will not affect its selling price.

Here are the stats for this crop: 

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price 
24 Days N/A 1,000g 

These are its Selling Prices: 

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 3,000g N/A 
Silver 3,750 N/A 
Gold 4,500 N/A 
Iridium 6,000 N/A 

Greenhouse crops

player standing outside greenhouse
Greenhouse Building

Planting crops in the Greenhouse is an excellent way to generate profits throughout the year, especially in winter. Planting Stardew Valley’s most profitable crops from this guide is optimal. Planting at least one crop that regrows, like Blueberries, and planting high-value single harvest crops are recommended.

Ancient Fruit

player holding ancient fruit
Ancient Fruit Crops

If you have access to Ancient seeds, planting these in the Greenhouse throughout the year is highly advised as it is an excellent source of income. With the longest maturity period on the list, it’s no mistake to plant these primarily in the Greenhouse. You don’t have to worry about replanting these rare seeds as it consistently regrows.  

The only way to obtain these seeds is if you find the “Ancient Seed” Artifact, or if you’re lucky, a 1.26% chance in the Traveling Cart. Crafting a Seed Maker instead of waiting to find more seeds is a more convenient option.

Here are the crop stats: 

Maturity   Regrowth Buying Price (Traveling Cart)
28 Days 7 Days 100 – 1,000g 

The table for Selling prices is as follows: 

Quality Selling Price With Tiller 
Normal 550g 605g 
Silver 687g 755g 
Gold 825g 907g 
Iridium 1,100g 1,210g 


Farming is all about consistency and picking suitable crops for the job. Planting strategically and early is a crucial part of maximizing your income. Taking the Tiller profession is a plus if you want to boost your efforts. And to take it even further, you can make most of these crops into Artisan goods for extra profit!   

Every season isn’t the same regarding the choice of high-value crops. The important part is that you don’t zero out on all the potential profits you can make. So go out there and plant the best crops that fit you! 

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