Stardew Valley: All Fish Bundles Completed (Full Guide 2022)

How do you complete every Fish Bundle in Stardew Valley to unlock the Copper Pan? How about the Glittering Boulder in the Mines? We’ll help you secure catches and rewards with tips and tricks for your ultimate success!

Choosing the Community Center route is what most Stardew Valley players believe is the best choice. Not only are you siding with Pelican Town, but you’re also helping Pierre win against Morris and JojaMart

After understanding the Golden Scrolls from Junimos after requesting help from the Wizard, you’ll see a Fish Tank in the middle right of the building. This bundle requires you to catch specific fish types you’ll need for donations. Fishing may look beginner-friendly after familiarizing yourself with the mechanic, but mastering it takes time.

It’s crucial to complete the Fish Tank bundle if you want to progress your gameplay, as it unlocks a hidden feature in Stardew Valley. 

The player standing near the Fish Tank in Stardew Valley (Community Center) containing all fish bundles.
The Fish Tank – Community Center (unrepaired).

This guide will cover every fish bundle, including their locations, seasons, time, and weather availability. We’ll also include 100% working tips and tricks for the more challenging types!

Fish Tank: How to Complete Every Fish Bundle in Stardew Valley?

Junimos are straightforward with what you’ll need to do: catch something and bring it back. To donate, grab the item from your inventory and drop it in the empty square space. Although selling them can give you massive profits (especially if they’re the best ones), bundles also give rewards usually available mid-game.

Since quality doesn’t matter, it’s best to give normal ones. We discourage players from buying from Krobus and Traveling Cart as they’re costly. Nonetheless, here are every fish you’ll need to complete the Fish Tank:

River Fish Bundle

The in-game River Fish bundle you can complete in the Community Center.

Finding a river in Stardew Valley is easy because it’s almost everywhere. Pelican Town, Ginger Island, and Cindersap Forest have narrow streams flowing through different water bodies. Alongside Trash and Green Algae are components you’ll need to complete this bundle:

Catfish• Cindersap Forest, Pelican Town 

• Secret Woods, Witch’s Swamp
• Spring, Fall 

• Spring, Summer, Fall
6am – 12 amRainy• Also appears on Riverlands Farm and Hill-top Farm.
Shad• Cindersap Forest, Pelican Town• Spring, Summer, Fall9am – 2amRainy 
Sunfish• Cindersap Forest, Pelican Town• Spring, Summer6am – 7pmSunny, Windy• Also available from Riverlands or Hill-top Farm.
Tiger Trout• Cindersap Forest, Pelican Town• Fall, Winter6am – 7pmAny 

Lake Fish Bundle

The in-game Lake Fish bundle you can complete in the Community Center.

Mountain Lake is one of the most popular spots in Stardew Valley you can visit to complete this bundle. They’re still water in a vast open space connecting through different rivers. Grab your Fishing Rod and start catching these:

Bullhead• Mountain LakeAllAnyAny 
Carp• Mountain Lake 

• Mutant Bug Lair, Secret Woods, The Sewers
• Spring, Summer, Fall 

• All
Largemouth Bass• Mountain LakeAll6am – 7pmAny• Catchable from the Wilderness Farm.
Sturgeon• Mountain Lake• Summer, Winter6am – 7pmAny 

Ocean Fish Bundle

The in-game Ocean Fish bundle you can complete in the Community Center.

The open waters down at the Beach are where you can find the Ocean. Willy resides in the coastal region alongside Elliott – both with fishing interests. Feel free to cast your bait-loaded Iridium Rod and catch the following fishes:

Red Snapper• Ocean• Summer, Fall6am – 7pmRainy• Available to catch on Beach Farm.
Sardine• Ocean• Spring, Fall, Winter6am – 7pmAny• Also found at the Beach Farm.
Tilapia• Ocean 

• Ginger Island West (freshwater), North
• Summer, Fall 

• Any
• 6am – 7pm AnyAny• Appears on the Beach Farm
Tuna• Ocean 

• Ginger Island West (Ocean), South, Southeast, Pirate Cove
• Summer, Winter 

• Any
6am – 7pm • AnyAny• Catchable at the Beach Farm.

Night Fishing Bundle

The in-game Night Fishing bundle you can complete in the Community Center.

Have you tried fishing after sunset? It’s an uncommon task for beginners in Stardew Valley as the dark sometimes is intimidating. However, it’s safe, and you can even complete the Night Fishing bundle if you spot these fishes:

Bream• Cindersap Forest, Pelican TownAll6pm – 2amAny 
Eel• Ocean• Spring, Fall4pm – 2amRainy 
Walleye• Cindersap Forest, Pelican Town (River) 

• Cindersap Forest (Pond), Mountain Lake
• Fall• 12pm – 2amRainy• Available to obtain through fishing at Riverland Farm and Forest Farm.

Crab Pot Bundle

The in-game Crab Pot bundle you can complete in the Community Center.

One of the most efficient passive money-making methods in Stardew Valley is using Crab Pots. You can place them and load Baits in any water bodies, but we recommend freshwater or Ocean. Here’s how to complete the bundle:

Found in the OceanFound in Freshwater

Specialty Fish Bundle

The in-game Specialty Fish bundle you can complete in the Community Center.

There are times when you’ll need to travel outside the Farm to catch rare fishes in this bundle. Ready to donate them to the Fish Tank? Follow this table for your guidance:

Ghostfish• The MinesAllAnyAny• Appears on the 20th and 60th floors.
Pufferfish• Ocean 

• Ginger Island West (ocean), South, Southeast, Pirate Cove
• Summer 

• All
12pm – 4pm 

• Any
Sunny• Also available to catch at the Beach Farm
Sandfish• Calico Desert PondAll6am – 8pmAny 
Woodskip• Secret Woods PondAllAnyAny• Appears on the Forest Farm.


The loots are decent (it’s helpful in your fishing journey).

Completing each set guarantees a prize you can consume or wear. The following are all items you’ll receive for finishing the Fish Tank in Community Center:

  • Bait (30)
  • Dressed Spinner (1)
  • Warp Totem: Beach (5)
  • Small Glow Ring (1)
  • Crab Pot (3)
  • Dish O’ The Sea (5)

Those items may not be the best, but using them still makes a big difference to your Stardew Valley gameplay.


The Copper Pan cutscene with Willy and the player at the Mountains.
No more giant chunks of rocks from the Mines?

The night after completing the Fish Tank, the Junimos will remove the Glittering Boulder. You can find this large rock left of the Mine’s entrance. The following day if you travel to the Mountains, a cutscene will interrupt with Willy inspecting the area. He’ll eventually give you the Copper Pan, and the Panning feature will be available.

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