Stardew Valley Krobus | Roommate, Marriage, and More

Krobus is a mysterious shop owner that resides within The Sewers of Stardew Valley. He’s a friendly NPC monster who makes a living by selling various types of rare and precious wares.

Being friends with him at max levels is beneficial to you. Not only will he move near your place, you’ll also get a Stardrop, one of rare items in the game.

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Stardew Valley Krobus as a Roommate and Marriage Reaction

There are many perks when you’re friends with this eccentric NPC. Krobus is a friendly monster and will definitely not attack you whatsoever. He cares about his business and he means business.

If you want to have Krobus as your roommate, you’ll have to accept a void ghost pendant. 3 days after, he’ll move to your house, that is if you’re single.

He’ll add his personal room at the right of the bedroom, but will abstain from building a rear area at the back of the farmhouse.

Your relationship with Krobus is purely friendly relations. Nothing romantic as to kissing, marriage, or anything. You can even flirt with other romatic interests and he’ll never bat an eye. He’s just that good of a person.

Also, you can “divorce” Krobus, in which he’ll move out of the of the and will refuse any gifts from you. Please don’t do that.

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Stardew Valley Krobus Plush

The Krobus plush isn’t available in the game, but you can always get one of the Krobus plushes via this site.

Krobus plushes are designed by fans themselves. One of the most famous Krobus plush toy was made by Nina Matsumoto.

Winter Event

There’s a certain quest called “A Winter Mystery” in which you’ll be receiving a mail when you get into the a cutscene from entering the Bus Stop from the Farm (Needs to be Winter; Time: 6 AM to 4 PM). Completing the quest will reward you with a Magnifying Glass that you can use to get all the secret notes.

Krobus’ favourite gift in Stardew Valley

If you want to befriend Krobus and give him all the best items to start a good human-monster friendly relationship, you will just need to give him a few items:

  • Diamond
  • Iridium
  • Pumpkin
  • Void Egg and Mayonnaise
  • Wild Horseradish

Giving Krobus any of these items will give you the best friendship points you need to maximize your relationship with him.

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