Stardew Valley Gus: Schedule, Gifts, and More

Have you been looking to get to know Pelican Town’s most kind-hearted chef, Gus? If you want to develop a friendship with him, keep reading to know his schedule, gift preference, and more!

The Stardrop Saloon

One of the best things about Stardew Valley is meeting so many interesting characters and becoming friends with them. Every person you meet in the valley is as varied and entertaining (if not more) as people you meet in real life.

Who is Gus?

Of all the villagers in Stardew Valley, Gus is definitely the most unnoticed and underrated. He’s your typical but kind everyman. Unfortunately, he’s not one of the marriageable characters, but his friendship is still invaluable. But before we get into all that, let’s chat about who exactly he is.

Gus from Stardew Valley

Where does Gus live in Stardew Valley?

He is a villager living in the Stardrop Saloon in Pelican Town. He is very recognizable through his brown hair and mustache and amber eyes. He always wears a cobalt blue shirt with a warm yellow coverup.

His birthday is on Summer 8. He would be really happy if you gave him a gift he likes or loves on that day. The closer you get to him, the more he opens up to you and he might even give you gifts in the mail! He might not be one of the marriageable candidates but he’s still worth getting to know as a friend.

Gus lives alone at the Stardrop Saloon. He owns the business and building and lives in it too. His bedroom, living room, and dining room are all located at the back of the saloon.

Family and Relationships

Surprisingly, his only friend is Pam. She’s a continuing customer in his Saloon, and they’ve gotten to know each other and become good pals because of it. He even talks about how without Pam (and Clint), his business would go under!

What is Gus’Schedule?

His regular schedule is mostly working at the saloon. You can always find him there after 12:00 PM.

Here’s his detailed schedule, alongside some deviations:

Regular Schedule

8:00 AMRelaxing on his couch inside his bedroom.
12:00 PMStands behind the counter and polishes the glassware.
4:30 PMStops cleaning the cups and starts minding the bar.
12:00 AMHeads to his bedroom to go to sleep.


8:00 AMRelaxing on his couch inside his bedroom.
12:00 PMStands behind the counter and polishes the glassware.
4:30 PMStops cleaning the cups and starts minding the bar.
12:00 AMHeads to his bedroom to go to sleep.


8:30 AMSets off from his home to go to Pierre’s General Store.
11:00 AMHeads back home to the Stardrop Saloon to bartend.
12:00 AMHeads to his bedroom to go to sleep.

Tuesday (Community Center Completed)

8:00 AMRelaxing on his couch inside his bedroom.
8:30 AMHeads to the community center cooking area for a while.
12:30 PMGoes back to his home to tend to the bar.
12:00 AMHeads to his bedroom to go to sleep.

Sunday (After triggering Alex’s 14-heart event)

8:00 AMRelaxing on his couch inside his bedroom.
11:40 AMHeads to the secret room at the back of the Saloon.
3:00 PMGoes to tend to the bar.
12:00 AMHeads to his bedroom to go to sleep.

Fall 4

9:00 AMStaying on the couch inside his bedroom at home.
10:30 AMGoes to the waiting room at Harvey’s clinic and looks at a poster.
1:30 PMHeads to the examination room of the clinic.
4:00 PMLeaves the local clinic to man his bar.
12:00 AMGoes to sleep for the day.

What are the best gifts to give Gus?

The villagers of the valley absolutely love receiving presents, and Gus isn’t exempt from this. If you want to get to know him or develop a friendship with him, giving gifts is a great way to achieve that. The best thing to do is familiarize yourself with his schedule so you can find him easily.

With all the people you meet in Stardew Valley, they have an empty ten-heart bar you can fill up once you’ve gotten to know them better and even start to like each other. There are two main ways you can do it: (1) talk to them every day and (2) give them a maximum of two gifts every week.

Each gift varies on the number of friendship points depending on whether they like, love, are neutral about, dislike, or hate the item you’ve given. Birthday gifts will have an (x8) multiplier, and Feast of the Winter Star gifts will have a (x5) multiplier on friendship points.

Gus Doing His Weekly Shopping


DaffodilForaging in Spring
All Universal Likes
(except Coleslaw)


Snail (1)
Garlic (1)
Fish TacosCooking:
Tuna (1)
Tortilla (1)
Red Cabbage (1)
Mayonnaise (1)
OrangeFruit Tree
Fruit Bat Cave
Tropical CurryCooking:
Coconut (1)
Pineapple (1)
Hot Pepper (1)
Prismatic ShardMining
Fishing Treasure Chests
Monster Drops
Omni Geodes
Golden PumpkinCompleting the Maze during Spirit’s Eve
Artifact Trove
Magic Rock CandyMuseum Reward for 90 items donated
Desert Trader
Haunted Skull drop
PearlMermaid Boat during Night Market
Artifact Trove
Blobfish Pond
Rabbit’s FootRabbit
Traveling Cart
Serpent drop


DandelionForaging in Spring
LeekForaging in Spring
MorelForaging in Spring
ChanterelleForaging in Fall
Common MushroomForaging in Fall
HazelnutForaging in Fall
Snow YamForaging in Winter
Winter RootForaging in Winter
Purple MushroomForaging in the Mines
GingerForaging in Ginger Island
Magma CapForaging in Volcano Dungeon
All Eggs
(except Void Eggs)
Ranching Chickens
in a Coop
All MilkRanching Cows or Goats
in a Barn
All Fruit
(except Fruit Tree Fruit and Salmonberry)
Fruit Bat Cave
Fruit Trees
All Universal NeutralsForaging


SalmonberryForaging in Spring
Wild HorseradishForaging in Spring


Snail (1)
Garlic (1)
Tuna (1)
Tortilla (1)
Red Cabbage (1)
Mayonnaise (1)

Movie Theater: Favorite Movies and Concessions

The Movie Theater is a brand new addition to the Stardew Valley Community. You can now watch movies once a week alone or with a guest. The building is unlocked by either completing the Community Center or Joja’s Community Upgrades. It’s a really fun addition to the town!

Gus may be a hardworking man but he still enjoys a little spot of fun sometimes. He would really appreciate being invited to the Movie Theater to watch a film he likes with you.



  • The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch
  • Wumbus


  • It Howls In The Rain
  • Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture
  • Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World
  • The Brave Little Sapling
  • The Zuzu City Express


  • Mysterium



  • Cappuccino Mousse Cake
  • Panzanella Salad
  • Stardrop Sorbet
  • Truffle Popcorn


  • Chocolate Popcorn
  • Fries
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Nachos
  • Personal Pizza
  • Popcorn
  • Salmon Burger
  • Salted Peanuts
  • Star Cookie


  • Apple Slices
  • Black Licorice
  • Cotton Candy
  • Hummus Snack Pack
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Joja Cola
  • JojaCorn
  • Kale Smoothie
  • Rock Candy
  • Sour Slimes

Inviting a villager to a movie they love will gain you 200 friendship points, 100 friendship points with one they like, and no points for one they dislike. Be sure to check out what’s showing every so often! Movies change based on the seasons and when you unlock the theater, so try to take them when their favorite is showing.

Like the movies, the snacks at the concession counter randomly rotate. Giving a villager a snack they love will earn you 50 friendship points, 25 friendship points for one they like, and no points for one they dislike. As long as you steer clear of something they don’t like, you’re good!

Heart Events

Befriending a villager by talking to them and giving them presents they like results in an increase in your friendship level with them. You get to trigger special heart events or cutscene with Gus every time you reach two more hearts with him.

No. Of HeartsHeart Event
0-10You may get a gift in the mail from Gus at any point in your friendship. The chance of getting the mail gift increases as the number of hearts you get with him.

You may receive either a gift along with a letter from Gus. The list of possible gifts includes:
• Baked Fish
• Bean Hotpot
• Fish Taco
• Omelet
• Pancakes
• Spaghetti
• Vegetable Medley
3He will send you the recipe for Salmon Dinner in the mail. Moreover, Gus will be a bit nicer to you during dialogues.
4Go inside the Stardrop Saloon when you know Gus is in there too.
Note: This heart event only triggers if you have two friendship hearts with Pam.

You’ll find Gus looking a bit dispirited at the bar. You ask him what’s wrong and he says that the saloon is having financial difficulties at the moment. He’ll reluctantly admit to you that one contributing factor is the fact that Pam hasn’t paid her tab in so long.

Apparently, he’s scared to talk to her about this because it might ruin their friendship. Pam enters the bar and requests a drink, which Gus accepts even though he still feels unsettled about the whole thing.

You have two choices in how to respond to this situation:
• You tell Pam that she needs to pay off her tab immediately.
• You subtly remark that the saloon isn’t doing well when it comes to monetary matters.

The first choice will deduct fifty points from your friendship meter with Gus while the second will add fifteen points. Additionally, choosing the second response encourages Pam to actually pay off her tab.
5Leave your home on the farm on a day that is not raining anytime between 6 AM and 11:30 AM.

You’ll find Gus with a large cauldron of sauce. He makes a comparison between cooking a soup with a new ingredient and having someone new come into an established town. Will the new thing ruin the old or make it better?

He tells you that he’s come to think of you as a pretty great friend at this point. He hands you an old Mini Jukebox that he found clearing the saloon.

He gives the appliance to you and the recipe to make more.
7He will send you a recipe for Cranberry Sauce in the mail.


Gus is actually a pretty regular requester, and he may even occasionally make a request on the “Help Wanted” Board. Fulfilling the request gives you 150 Friendship Points and some gold worth 3x the item’s base price.

He usually sends his requests in the mail but he can also be found on the Special Orders board in front of Mayor Lewis’ house. Here are his quests listed in detail:

  • “Wanted: Lobster”: Gus will send you a letter in the mail on Fall 6, Year 2, asking you to acquire a lobster for him. The reward for completing this quest is 500g and one friendship heart with him.
  • “Fish Stew”: You’ll receive a letter in the mail from Gus on Winter 26, asking you to provide an Albacore for him. The reward for completing this quest is 600g and one friendship heart.
  • “Exotic Spirits”: Gus will send you a letter in the mail on Winter 19, Year 2, requesting you to acquire a Coconut for him. The reward for finishing this quest is 600g and one friendship heart.
  • “Gus’ Famous Omelet”: Gus may, at random, request you to gather 24 Eggs and place them inside the refrigerator in the Stardrop Saloon. This request can be found on the Special Orders board in front of the Mayor’s Manor and the reward for completing it is 3,000g and a Mini Fridge.

Gus is an all-around good guy and he’s totally worth getting to know!! Ultimately, this is a full and comprehensive guide to his schedule, gift preferences, favorite movies, snacks, heart events, and marriage.

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