Stardew Valley Pam: Schedule, Gifts, and More

Have you met the alcoholic woman who lives in a trailer? She’s Pam, a wild yet hardworking villager of Pelican Town. Read further to learn more about her schedule, best gifts, and more in Stardew Valley!

She may seem pretty intimidating, but she’s fun to talk with!

Pam is one of the villagers of Stardew Valley who might seem gruff at first glance but bears a deep story about her life. Despite being intoxicated always, she was once a diligent bus driver. If you’re interested in befriending her, read this guide to know more about her character, gift preferences, and more.

Who is Pam?

Another conversation with Pam in Stardew Valley.
She may look a little old, but she knows how to have fun!

Pam’s a villager in Pelican Town who lives in a trailer located on the west side of the river. She was once a driver of the Pelican Town bus before it broke down. Suppose you purchase the bus repair from the Community Center. Then, she’ll resume her work as a bus driver every day except for rainy days.

While it isn’t stated in her dialogues whether she has a husband, she often speaks of being single. Even so, she’s not a suitable candidate for marriage.

Family and Friendships

Pam lives with her daughter, Penny, in their trailer. She’s also a friend of Gus, the owner of The Stardrop Saloon. Thus, she’s one of their regulars and spends most nights drinking away her troubles.


Pam’s daily routine is to hang out in the saloon from opening to closing time. Her morning schedule only changes if the bus is running again. Note that she has an appointment with Dr. Harvey on the 25th of Spring, and it’s best not to go to the Desert on this day.

Without Bus Service

8:00 AMSpends time in her trailer
12:00 PMLeaves the trailer and visits the JojaMart.
4:00 PMWalks to The Stardrop Saloon.
12:00 AMLeaves the saloon and goes home.

With Bus Service

8:00 AMLounges on her couch in her trailer.
8:30 AMGoes to the bus stop near the eastern part of the farm
10:00 AMArrives at the bus stop for the afternoon
5:00 PMHeads to the saloon
12:00 AMArrives home.

Spring 25

8:00 AMShe is sitting on her couch inside her trailer.
11:30 AMVisits the clinic for her annual checkup.
1:30 PMContinues her checkup at the clinic.
4:00 PMLeaves the clinic and goes to the saloon.
12:00 AMRetiring for the night.


Pam's reaction when receiving something she loves.
A good beverage brings that smile to her face.

Giving Pam two gifts every week will surely increase your friendship level. Moreover, make sure to prepare a perfect gift for her birthday on Spring 18 as this multiples the friendship points you will obtain by eight times.

All the Universal LovesAll the Universal LikesAll the Universal NeutralsAll the Universal DislikesAll the Universal Hates
BeerAll Flowers except PoppyAll Fish except carp, octopus, snail, squidAll EggsHolly
Cactus FruitAll Fruits except cactus fruitChanterelleQuartzOctopus
Glazed YamsAll MilkCommon MushroomWild HorseradishSquid
Pale Ale Ginger  
Parsnip Hazelnut  
Parsnip Soup Leek  
Piña Colada Magma Cap  
  Purple Mushroom  
  Snow Yam  
  Winter Root  

Movies and Concessions

As for movies, Pam likes all eight movies and neither loves nor dislikes any particular film. You can also purchase a snack for her before the movie starts. Here are the concessions she loves, likes, and dislikes:


  • Nachos
  • Stardrop Sorbet


  • Everything else


  • Apple Slices
  • Black Licorice
  • Cappuccino Mousse Cake
  • Hummus Snack Pack
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Kale Smoothie
  • Panzanella Salad

Heart Events

A player's friendship hearts with Pam.
Try to befriend Pam to learn more about her in Stardew Valley.

Like most villagers, she’ll occasionally send you presents in the mail. Her gifts include battery packs and energy tonic, which can be pretty handy, and beer, one of her favorite drinks. Once you reach certain friendship levels, she will send you recipes in the mail.

No. of HeartsEvents
3Pam will send you a letter containing the recipe for Cheese Cauliflower. This dish can be used to restore 138 Energy and 62 Health.
7She will send you the recipe for Stuffing. This restores 170 Energy, 76 Health, and increases defense by two.
9You can finally build Pam a new house by purchasing the “Community Upgrade” from the Carpenter’s Shop. Ensure that you already upgraded the Farmhouse and completed the Community Center, or Joja Warehouse, to unlock the said upgrade. You can enter Pam’s new house at least three to four days after the upgrade.

At this event, you will see her praying before a statue. She bought the statue because she thought the new house would change everything. However, she still can’t resolve her drinking problem. She would then turn to you for a response.

It leaves you two options: “I’m glad you’re feeling hopeful.” Or “Sorry Pam, but Yoba isn’t real…” Choosing the first option will leave you no effect on your friendship level. On the other hand, the second option would make Pam angry as she declares her faith in Yoba. It deducts -1000 friendship points.


Pam also makes several requests in Stardew Valley. These are the quests you may encounter that involve her:

  • Pam is Thirsty. She will request a Pale Ale on the 14th of Summer. Completing this request will reward you 350 gold and one friendship heart.
  • “Help Wanted” board outside Pierre’s General Store. Pam may leave a request here just like other villagers in Stardew Valley. After completing her request, you will obtain three times the item’s base value and 150 Friendship points.
  • Pam Needs Juice. On the 19th of Fall in Year 2, she will request a Battery Pack for her T.V. remote. After the quest, you will receive 400 gold and one friendship heart.
  • The Strong Stuff. At the Special Orders board during Spring, Pam may request 12 Potato Juice. The reward is 3,000 gold and the F.I.B.S. Television Channel.

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