How to Fix the Bus to Calico Desert (Full Guide 2022)

Do you want to travel to the western part of Stardew Valley – the Calico Desert? You’ll need a vehicle for that, but how do you fix the Bus? We’ll teach two possible ways in this detailed guide.

Pam posting in the Bus Stop (before and after the Bus is fixed in Stardew Valley).
Tip: Pam will post near the Bus Stop once it’s fixed.

The Calico Desert is a Western region of Stardew Valley where the Desert Trader, Mr. Qi, and Sandy lives. They equally play a significant role in your gameplay progress. Because of their importance, it’s paramount to reach the destination, but there’s a problem. How to fix the Bus so traveling to the Desert becomes possible?

We’ll teach all the important details in this guide to enable travel to the Desert. You’ll also know different tips as you can take either path: Community Center Bundles and Joja Community Development Form.

Where Can You Find the Bus?

From your Farmhouse, you can find a Bus Stop by walking on the far right. Go up, and you’ll find it alongside a Ticket Dispenser and broken Minecart. Although you can interact with the machine, you can’t access it until fixed.

Pam will become the bus driver when fixed, and you can visit until 5PM.

Why Must You Go to the Calico Desert?

Aside from NPCs that reside in this place, it’s home to Skull Cavern – the best source of Iridium Ore. There are also better loot and rare items inside the Cavern. That’s why most players love going to the Desert.

Following the Mysterious Qi Quest will also lead you to the Calico Desert. Since the Casino feature is unavailable until you finish the storyline, you can only talk to the Desert Trader and Sandy. It’s optional but feel free to claim your free Galaxy Sword here.

Lastly, the Oasis Shop offers several resources you won’t find in Pierre’s General Store. Those items include Coconut, Cactus Seeds, Rhubarb Seeds, Beet Seeds, and Starfruit Seeds. Since it’s the place you can buy the most expensive summer crop, it’s worth the visit.

Two Ways to Fix the Bus

Stardew Valley offers two choices to restore the broken bus. The community deems the first choice ethical while its counterpart the opposite. Both are good paths, and no need to worry about what a player might tell.

You can travel to the Calico Desert with a Warp Totem, but they’re unavailable until you have the items. They’re area-exclusive, so you’ll need to repair the Bus to reach the region for the first time.

Community Center

The Community Center in Pelican Town.
Different bundles wait here.

Pelican Town has a bad relationship with Joja Corporation (specifically Pierre) because of the competition. Although siding with the corporation won’t affect relationships, you’ll feel some changes. But who wouldn’t want an old building restored to glory?

To start, follow the standard procedure:

  • Keep playing until Mayor Lewis interrupts with a cutscene.
  • Request aid from the Wizard.
  • Complete four bundles (any).

Afterward, you’ll unlock the Vault bundle, where you can pay a total of 42,500g per set. Each has different pricing and reward and finishing all will fix the Bus.

We recommend prioritizing the first bundles, like the Crafts Room, to progress fast.

Joja Corporation

The JojaMart building in Pelican Town.
The controversial JojaMart.

Going down the Joja path is an unpopular method among most Stardew Valley players. The company is straightforward if you need a fix. However, you’ll need to join a Joja Membership for 5,000g. From there, you’ll unlock the Joja Community Development Form, where you can purchase 40,000g for the Bus repair.

It’s a straightforward process, but you’ll need tons of cash.

Which Is a Better Option?

In reality, there’s no better way to fix the Bus Stop. Joja Corporation removes the hassle of finding items to donate to the Junimos. However, you’ll get a boring Warehouse that Morris will later convert into a Movie Theater. Plus, you’ll have to grind for money to buy the repairs.

Completing every bundle can be tiresome and more challenging as you’ll need to find where items will appear for your donations. It’s more costly than its counterpart, but both are equally great regardless of the process you’ll take.

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