Iridium Ore: Crafting, Sources, Uses, and More


After fighting against monsters, you may have found an Iridium Ore. It helps in crafting and some quests in Stardew Valley. Here’s a quick guide about its uses and benefits!

A player holding an Iridium Ore in Stardew Valley.
It looks like something from a Meteor, don’t you think?

Getting monster loots and resources is quite challenging. But after successfully defeating mobs from the Mines and Skull Cavern, you’ll acquire various items like Iridium Ore (I.O).

When this item turns into bars, they enhance your tools to their best version. Here’s a guide that can help you to understand its benefits fully!

What is an Iridium Ore?

It’s one of the 20 resources described as an exotic ore with curious properties. You may sell it for 100g. 

Moreover, you can use it as ammunition for Slingshot to inflict 25 to 101 damage on mobs. While using it in a Master Slingshot turns the damage dealt by monsters from 50 to 202.

Where to Get an Iridium Ore?

You’ll primarily obtain them by mining, but here are other methods you can consider alongside their locations:

  • Statue of Perfection. You’ll get this furniture in Year 3 after Grandpa’s Evaluation, and it gives two to eight pieces of this item daily.
  • The Quarry. You’ll find Mystic Stones and Iridium Nodes in this area.
  • Cracking Magma Geodes and Omni Geodes. There’s a 5% chance of getting this resource in these rocks at the bottom of the Mines. Additionally, the second geode may give one to 11 pieces of it. You can ask the Blacksmith to open it or use a Geode Crusher to do the task.
  • Fishing Treasure Chests. You may get one to two amounts of it when fishing at Zone 5 (1.1%).
  • Meteorite Event. There’s a 1% chance for this event to occur on your farm, you can break it with a Gold Pickaxe, and it’ll give six of this loot.
  • Slaying High-Level Monsters at Skull Cavern. It’s a drop from Purple Slimes (8%), Iridium Bats (1 to 4, 97%), and Iridium Crabs (1 to 3, 50%).
  • Super Cucumber. It may produce one to three of them once the Fish Pond reaches a population of nine.
  • Panning. You have a 1% chance of getting it based on your daily luck and food buff.
  • Traveling Cart. They occasionally sell it for 300g to 1000g.


Lis of item you can trade with the Desert Trader in Stardew Valley.
Make great barter with the Desert Trader.

Trading five of it with the Desert Trader gives you a Mega Bomb.


A player in two different locations in Stardew Valley.
These two items save you from doing more tasks!

Aside from trading and selling it, you can craft these items with the help of this loot:

ItemIngredientsRecipe Source
Deluxe ScarecrowFiber (40)
I.O (1)
Wood (50)
You’ll get it via mail upon collecting all Rarecrows.
Warp Totem: DesertCoconut (1)
Hardwood (2)
I.O (4)
Barter ten Iridium bars from the Desert Trader.


A player placing an iridium ore in the furnace of Stardew Valley.
It’s a one-step away from achieving the best tools!

Melting five pieces of Iridium Ore and one coal in the furnace transmutes it into a bar. This process takes eight hours in Stardew Valley.


A shirt produced in a sewing machine in Stardew Valley.
This radiates very positive energy.

Placing it as a spool in the Sewing Machine produces an Iridium Energy Shirt. It also makes a great purple dye for pots.


It isn’t the best gift for NPCs, but Clint feels neutral receiving it.


One Iridium Ore may get requested by the following fishes in the Fish Pond to increase their population from seven to 10:

  • Rainbow Trout
  • Spook Fish
  • Void Salmon
  • Super Cucumber


It helps complete the Engineer’s Bundle in the Boiler Room (remixed).

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