Crystal Fruit: Sources, Uses, and More

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Did you know about the Crystal Fruit (C.F.) in Stardew Valley available during Winter? How about its uses and sources? Read this complete guide to learn more!

The player holding a Crystal Fruit in Stardew Valley.
The most delicious Winter fruit in Stardew Valley.

You’re correct if you’ve thought the frost wouldn’t let you get any harvest. However, there are unique loots and sometimes chances to give you extra profit while most plants die. This way, your farm won’t be that inactive and lose the thriving possibility.

What’s known about C.F. is its value to Stardew Valley beginners during Year 1. It’s suitable for selling, consuming, or even as a collection. But we’ll talk about the item first and confirm its uses through this simple introductory guide.

What is a Crystal Fruit

Despite all the heavy snow on Stardew Valley, you’ll see this foraged fruit popping out. It’s attractive both to the eyes and mouths of some villagers, and there’s a reason why:

C.F.’s QualityEnergyHealth

How to Find a Crystal Fruit

In general, you can find this item by regular foraging during Winter. However, you can still get them through these:

  • Killing Dust Sprites – Strictly to floors 40 – 80 only (2%)

  • Wild Seeds (Wi) – Planting this seed in front of the Farmhouse or Greenhouse and waiting for seven days.

For beginners, your best choice is venturing below the ground and wearing Lucky Rings and other luck buffs to get drops. However, it’s also practical to harvest every Winter forage first and craft it into a Wild Seed (10x) at Level 7 Foraging.

Selling Prices

Since this forage is still a fruit, you can turn it into Alcohol and Jam with Kegs and Preserves Jar with the Artisan profession. Moreover, you can age its Wine with Casks.

QualitySelling PricesJamsWines
Normal with Artisan 490g630g
Silver187g 562g
Silver with Artisan  786g
Gold225g 675g
Gold with Artisan  945g
Iridium300g 900g
Iridium with Artisan  1260g

It’s close to a Fiddlehead Fern’s properties but without the Tiller profession.


The player farming Wild Seeds in the Winter.
This item is what you’ll need during out-of-season farming.

You can use C.F. to craft one item:

ItemCrafting SourceIngredients
Wild Seeds (Wi)Level 7 Foraging• Crocus (1)
• C.F. (1)
• Snow Yam (1)
• Winter Root (1)


In-game interface of the Sewing Machine and Dye Pots.
The Clothing looks comfy!

A piece of cloth with a single Crystal Fruit in the spool of the Sewing Machine will give you a Shirt. Its blue color is perfect for dyeing in the Dye Pots.


Everyone would appreciate this small gift except Abigail, Haley, Jas, Maru, and Vincent.


C.F. is used in the following quests:

  • Help Wanted at Pierre’s General Store. Anyone from the town may request it for 450g and 150 Friendship points during the season.

  • Ice Pip (Fish Pond). One will be needed to increase the pond’s capacity from five to seven.


This foraged good is required to complete the Winter Foraging Bundle at the Crafts Room inside the Community Center.

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