Wild Seeds: What are They and How to Craft Them?

Are you wondering how to craft wild seeds in Stardew Valley? Would you like to learn about winter, fall and summer wild seeds? You want to know how to get wild seeds in Stardew Valley? Here’s our FULL GUIDE answering your questions!

Wilds Seeds Stardew Valley
A wild seed in Stardew Valley varies depending on the season.

Every time a season changes in Stardew Valley, you can forage new items that cannot be grown through regular farming. These season-specific wild produce are limited, but you can craft them into Wild Seeds. You might have heard of the item but haven’t crafted it yet. Don’t worry. We’re saving that part as we’ll discuss everything about a wild seed, ways to have it, and what it can do for you.

What are Wild Seeds in Stardew Valley

A wild seed is a craftable item with an assortment of seasonal forages inside. It sells for 35g each and yields forageable produce when planted and harvested. Although crafting is the primary way for obtaining it, you can also find it from the Desert Trader, Skull Cavern Treasure Rooms, Traveling Cart, and Foraging Bundles in Crafts Room.

In contrast to its regular counterpart, a wild seed does not appeal to crows. Hence, there’s no need to build scarecrows. Their seven-day growth period will be safer too if you mind putting fences. However, if you want to cut a significant amount of growth time, using fertilizers would be a brilliant idea.

Four types of Wild Seeds are in the game. These are:

Spring Seeds

(Left) Spring Wild Seeds planted by the player (Right) harvesting the crops.
Here are what it takes and what you’ll get from planting spring seeds.

A few swings of your axe and pickaxe from your first day of playing Stardew Valley is enough to get a Spring Seed the following day. Once your foraging skills reach level 1, you’ll need Daffodil, Dandelion, Leek, and Wild Horseradish for crafting.

Unfortunately, foraging takes too long, and walking on foot can be tiresome. If you want to save time, consider building a Seedmaker and put a Wild Horseradish to get 1-3 seeds.

Summer Seeds

(Left) Summer Wild Seeds planted by the player (Right) harvesting the crops.
Summer seeds produce vibrant fruits and flowers you can gift.

With Summer Seeds, you can harvest the sweetest and most aromatic forage out of every season in Stardew Valley. Spice Berry, Grape, and Sweet Pea – these three are what you need to flood your farm with pungent, summer fragrance. However, you’ll need to scale your foraging skills to the 4th level to make them. 

Otherwise, you can load a Spice Berry inside the same machine to get a generous amount it usually gives. But I doubt you haven’t reached level 4 yet, so consider this an alternative.

Fall Seeds

(Left) Fall Wild Seeds planted by the player (Right) harvesting the crops.
These crops from fall seeds are used as ingredients for different dishes in the valley!

As leaves fall in the Autumn, so do Blackberries, Common Mushrooms, Hazelnuts, and Wild Plums! Watch out for these sweet and earthy treats, as you’ll need them for crafting a Fall Seed whenever you’re level 6 in Foraging.

Your mushroom cave can also take part in your seed-making journey if you’re short on ingredients. Simply gather Common Mushrooms, place them to the Seedmaker, and get 1-3 packs as a result.

Winter Seeds

(Left) Winter Wild Seeds planted by the player (Right) harvesting the crops.
With a winter seed, growing wild crops is possible.

If you think crops don’t thrive in the snowing valley, think again. A Winter Seed offers cold harvests such as Crocus, Crystal Fruit, Snow Yam, and Winter Root. And the best part? You can reproduce more of them with the same ingredients.

Alternatively, you can hop some Winter Roots in your handy Seedmaker to get 1-3 seeds.

valuable Strategies for Using Wild Seeds

While the profit you get from planting this type of seed is typically low, you can boost its selling price with the Botanist profession. Take a look at the complete price comparison between a normal and iridium quality forage:

ForageNormal Quality PriceIridium Quality Price
Wild Horseradish50g100g
Spice Berry80g160g
Sweet Pea50g100g
Common Mushroom40g80g
Wild Plum80g160g
Crystal Fruit150g300g
Snow Yam100g200g
Winter Root70g140g

On the other hand, many Stardew Valley players refuse to take that profession because of other perks. If you have a load of spares in your chest, you can turn your raw ingredients into a seed and plant them at the end of the season so you’ll never have to worry about tilling soil, debris, and fertilizers.

If you’re on the conservative side, feel free to hoard. You’ll never know when someone from the town will need a Spice Berry or two.

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