Stardew Valley Penny: Schedule, Gifts, and More

Have you seen that ginger-colored bachelorette in Stardew Valley? She’s Penny! She’s the villager who lives in the trailer. If you want to learn more about her preferred gifts and other things, keep reading this guide!

A player talking with Penny in Stardew Valley.
She has a simple and clean look.

Stardew Valley has several variations of villagers– we have a jock, geek, queen bee– you name it, they have it. Of course, you won’t miss a shy-type character like Penny’s. She’s a bachelorette who isn’t too ambitious but dreams of having a family. 

If you’re looking for a suitable candidate, perhaps she can catch your interest once you learn more about her. Here’s a complete guide to her schedule, best gifts, and more!

Who is Penny in Stardew Valley?

Penny’s a villager in Pelican Town residing in a small trailer located east of the town’s center and west of the river. She’s an obedient daughter who does her chores despite having a poorly lit room. Aside from being responsible, she also seems intelligent since she likes reading books from the local library. 

Moreover, Penny has a good side hustle, including tutoring Vincent and Jas in the town’s library. 

Penny’s Family and other Relationships

Penny is Pam’s daughter, and they seem to have a good relationship despite her mom’s fondness for alcohol. Aside from her familial relationships, she’s also good friends with Maru and Sam. And interestingly, if you neither ask Sam nor Penny at the Flower Dance Festival, they’d dance with each other instead.

Where Is Penny in Stardew Valley?

If you want to learn more about her whereabouts, here are the details regarding her schedule in town. Note that she doesn’t tutor the kids every Summer.


Monday, Thursday,and Sunday

8:10 AMLeaves her home and makes her way to the graveyard to read.
12:30 PMGoes back to her trailer and cleans the dishes.
4:00 PMLeaves the house to hang out with Maru on the bench close to the Saloon.
6:40 PMGoes home in the evening.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

10:00 AMLeaves her residence to visit the library. You’ll find her with Jas and Vincent.
2:00 PMExits the library and watches over the kids near the Ice Cream stand.
4:20 PMGoes to Vincent’s place and bids him goodbye.
5:50 PMDelivers Jas to her respective home and parts with her after saying goodbye.
6:30 PMGoes home.


9:00 AMStays in her room.
10:00 AMMeets up with Jas and Vincent in the graveyard/
12:00 PMDelivers and watches the kids play in the northern part of the plaza.
5:00 PMAccompanies Jas and Vincent to the town and drops them off in front of Haley and Emily’s home.
6:30 PMGoes back to her trailer.



8:00 AMGoes out and takes a walk by the river above JojaMart.
1:00 PMVisits the garden beside the Community Center and sits.
6:00 PMExits the Center’s garden and goes home to clean the dishes.
9:00 PMEnters her room in the trailer.

Monday and Thursday

8:00 AMGets out of bed and strolls around town to visit the river behind JojaMart.
9:30 AMObserves the river at the back of the store.
1:00 PMWalks back to town and heads to the Community Center.
2:30 PMSpends time on the bench located to the right of the center.
6:00 PMLeaves the area and goes home.
7:00 PMGets in the trailer for the night.


9:00 AMLeaves home and walks to the Museum.
10:00 AMSpends time in the Museum.
2:00 PMStands on the bridge outside the museum.
4:00 PMWalks Jas and Vincent home.
6:30 PMWalks away from Marnie’s Ranch and goes home.
8:00 PMReaches the trailer.


9:00 AMLeaves their residence and makes her way to the museum.
10:00 AMSpends time in the museum.
2:00 PMStands by the bridge near the museum in Pelican Town.
4:00 PMFound outside Willow Lane 2, as she delivers Vincent and Jas to their place.
6:30 PMExits Marnie’s Ranch to head home in the evening.
8:00 PMGet to the trailer for the night.


9:20 AMWalks out of the trailer and goes to the museum.
10:00 AMStays in the museum.
2:00 PMStands outside the museum on the nearby bridge.
4:00 PMAccommodates Vincent and Jas home
6:30 PMLeaves Jas’ home after accommodating her.
8:00 PMGets to her trailer for the night.


10:00 AMLeaves home to spend time at the graveyard.
11:00 AMStays with the kids by the cemetery.
12:00 PMAssists the children to the playground close to the Community Center.
1:00 PMBonds with the kids in the playground.
5:00 PMPasses by Emily/Haley’s house with Jas and Vincent.
6:00 PMStays in font of Emily’s home while still talking to the kids.
8:00 PMGoes back to her residence.
9:00 PMReaches the trailer for the night.


Sunday, Monday, and Thursday

8:00 AM Departs from the trailer and reads a book by the cemetery.
12:30 PMSets foot on the trailer and scrubs the dirty dishes.
4:00 PM
Hangs out with Maru by the bench located at the Stardrop Saloon every Sunday and Monday. But on Thursdays, you’ll find her alone in this spot.
6:40 PMGoes back to her place.
7:20 PMHeads to her mattress.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

9:00 AMWalks out of home and heads to the museum.
10:00 AMStays in the Museum as Vincent arrives by 10:30 AM and Jas at 11:00 PM.
2:00 PMLeaves the Museum and stands by the bridge near the river.
4:20 PMDeparts from 2 Willow Lane as she accommodates the kids in their home.
5:50 PMWalks Jas home to Marnie’s Ranch/.
6:30 PMLeaves the Ranch and walks her way home.
8:00 PMGets to the trailer and moves to the bed.


10:00 AMMeets Jas and Vincent by the tree located west of the cemetery.
12:00 PMLeaves the cemetery and heads to the playground with the kids.
1:00 PMStays at the park and watches over the kids. 
5:00 PMDeparts from the playground and prepares to drop off the kids at their homes.
6:20 PMReaches outside Emily’s residence.
8:00 PMThe kids safely reach their place and Penny makes her way home.
8:40 PMGets to her residence.


Winter 4th

9:00 AMGets out of bed and strolls around the trailer.
11:30 AMGoes to Harvey’s Clinic for an Annual Checkup.
1:30 PMProceeds to get her health checked.
4:00 PMStays by the bridge located to the west of the JojaMart after completing her checkup.
7:00 PMLeaves the area to go home and tend to the dishes.
9:00 PMGoes to bed.

Winter 15

9:00 AMYou’ll find Penny in her bedroom if the trailer is accessible.
11:00 AMGoes to the kitchen.
1:00 PMWorks on some dishes.
3:00 PMSits on the sofa and presumably watches the television.
4:00 PMVisits the Night Market.
11:50 PMGoes to bed to rest.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

9:00 AMDeparts from home and enters the museum.
10:00 AMSpends time in the Museum as Vincent subsequently arrives at 10:30 AM and Jas at 11:00 AM
2:00 PMExits the museum and goes to the bridge close to the establishment.
4:20 PMMakes their way to the kids’ place but stop for a while.
5:40 PMWalks Jas to the ranch.
6:30 PMLeaves Jas to her place and goes home.
8:00 PMReaches her lodging and goes to bed.


2:30 PMSpends time at the park with the kids.
5:00 PMTakes Jas and Vincent outside Emily’s home.
6:20 PMTalks to the kids near the mentioned house.
8:00 PMWalks to the trailer with Jas.
8:10 PMReaches her home in the evening.

Sunday, Thursday, and Monday (After the restoration of the Community Center)

9:00 AMMoves around the trailer after waking up.
10:30 AMGoes to the community center to read.
3:00 PMRoams around the center.
6:00 PMDeparts the center and goes home.
9:00 PMHeads to bed for the night.

Sunday, Thursday, and Monday (If the Community Center wasn’t restored )

9:00 AMRoams around the trailer after getting off bed.
10:30 AMGoes to the tree located west of the graveyard to read.
6:00 PMExits the museum and washes the dishes after getting home..
9:00 PMHeads to her mattress in the trailer for the night..


Like other villagers, Penny’s schedule also changes depending on the weather, season, and random days. Here are  some alterations that you’ll find once you keep track of her agenda:

Raining (Alternative A)

9:00 AMShe’s in her bedroom if the trailer’s open.
11:00 AMGoes to the kitchen.
1:00 PMWorks on some dishes.
3:00 PMRelaxes on the couch while presumably watching the TV.
6:00 PMGoes to her bedroom and reads some books on the shelf.
9:00 PMRetires for the night.

Raining (Alternative B)

8:20 AMGoes to the Museum to sit outside after leaving their house.
12:00 PMEnters the Museum and looks at the shelves.
4:00 PMLeaves the estbablishment and goes home to watch the TV.
7:00 PMAttends to some dishes.
9:00 PMSleeps for the night.

Day 9 & Day 23 (Occurs if you have less <6 Hearts with Sam)

9:00 AMRoams around the trailer.
11:00 AMGoes out and sits under the tree close to the graveyard.
4:00 PMGoes home to wash some dishes.
6:30 PMGets to bed for the night.

Day 9 & Day 23 (Takes place if you have <6 Hearts with Sam)

8:10 AMReads outside by the tree close to the cemetery.
12:30 PMWashes the dishes after going outside.
4:00 PMGoes out again to hang out with Maru by the bench outside the Saloon.
6:40 PMGoes home for the evening.



8:30 AMLeaves the farm and heads to the General Store.
11:30 AMExits the store and reads a book in town.
4:00 PMStays in town.
6:10 PMLeaves the aforementioned area and heads home.
10:00 PMGoes to sleep.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

8:30 AMGoes outside to visit the Museum.
2:00 PMLeaves the establishment and takes a walk with Vincent and Jas.
4:20 PMSpends some time outside Emily’s place as she accommodates the kids in their home.
5:50 PMDelivers Jas home.
6:30 PMLeaves the ranch and walks back to the farmhouse for the evening.
8:10 PMGets to the farm.
10:00 PM Goes to sleep.

Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

  • Stays at the farm all day.
  • Goes to sleep around 10:00 PM.

What does Penny like in Stardew Valley?

Penny receives a gift she loves in Stardew Valley.
She’s quite expressive when receiving gifts that she loves.

Now that you finally have her schedule per season, you’ll know how to track her whenever you have a gift that she adores. Mark your calendar every Fall 2 to get 8x worth of Friendship Points with her if you offer something from her best gifts section. 

Anyway, here’s the list of items you should and shouldn’t collect when picking a gift for Penny in Stardew Valley:

All Universal Loves except Rabbit’s FootAll Universal Likes excluding:

• Algae Soup
• Beer
• Mead
• Pale Ale
• Pale Broth
• Pina Colada
• Tom Kha Soup
• Wine
All Universal Neutrals aside from Duck Feather, Hops, and Wool.All Universal Dislikes except for Artifacts and Sandfish.All Universal Hates except Poppy and Red Mushroom.
DiamondDandelionAll Eggs excluding Void EggAlgae SoupBeer
EmeraldLeekAll Fruits aside from Fruit Tree Fruits, Grape, Melon, and Salmonberry.Duck FeatherGrape
MelonChanterellePale BrothHolly
PoppyCommon MushroomPurple MushroomHops
Poppyseed MuffinDaffodilQuartzMead
Red PlateGingerRed MushroomPina Colada
Roots PlatterHazelnutSalmonberryPale Ale
SandfishMagma CapWoolRabbit’s Foot
Tom Kha SoupMorelWine
Snow Yam
Winter Root

What Movies and Concessions does Penny like in Stardew Valley?

You can also earn points with her by inviting her out for a movie. It would be great to have Pam as well since Penny would love all movies if her mother is present. Nonetheless, here are her personal favorites from the movies in Stardew Valley.

The Brave Little SaplingThe Journey of the Prairie King: The Motion PictureIt Howls in the Rain
Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant WorldMysterium
The Miracle at Cold Star Ranch
The Zuzu Express

Moreover, you may also offer her the following concessions to earn 50 more points. Below are the list of items she likes in the Movie Theater’s snacks.


  • Cotton Candy.
  • Stardrop Sorbet.


  • Black Licorice.
  • Joja Cola.
  • JojaCorn.
  • Sour Slimes.


  • Everything else from the list.

Heart Events

A player's number of friendship hearts with Penny in Stardew Valley.
See? We’re on eight hearts!

Upon getting enough Friendship Hearts with Penny, you eventually learn about her story in Stardew Valley. You’d get to evaluate better if she’s a worthy spouse or not. Here are some events you should look forward to seeing with this NPC:

No. of HeartsEvents
2Entering the town on a Sunny day in the time between 9 AM to 12 PM; you’ll find George trying to reach something from the mailbox. Penny comes to his rescue and helps him out, but he eventually upsets and scolds her.

She sees you and asks if you are observing them. You may answer this in three ways:

• Admit that you saw everything and tell her she did a good job (+50 points). 
• Tell her she should’ve asked first if George needed help before interfering (-50 points).
• Deny what you saw. 

Penny responds to each comment you give differently. On the first one, she’ll thank you but also say that she’s unhappy since it made the old man upset. While the latter response would make her apologize to George. Lastly, she’d simply say, “I see.”

However, in the end, George would still apologizes to her. After George leaves the cutscene, Penny says it must be difficult to grow old. Your response won’t positively or negatively affect your relationship with her.

Say you’d rather not think about this matter. 
Response: She sort of agrees and affirms you can’t stress out over unchangeable things.

Tell her that it’s just a different perspective in life.
Response: agrees with you and asks why should you stress out over something unchangeable. 

Affirm that it’s the reason why we should give respect to older people.
Response: she agrees with you and adds that we should treat them the way how you wanted to be treated someday.

Bluntly tell her that you’d rather die young.
Response: she’ll say it was a hideous thing to say since life’s precious.
4If you enter the trailer anytime as long as she’s home and it’s open, you’ll find Penny complaining about the place being messy. You’ll offer to help her clean up the place. But upon doing so, Pam enters their home and scolds her daughter for letting someone else clean their place.

Pam also asks you to leave so that they could speak privately. While on the next day, she’ll send you an apology letter regarding the incident.
6Going inside their home when Penny’s present results in another cutscene of her telling you she made a new recipe. 

• She’ll ask you to try it out and you may respond with these three lines:
• Lie and tell her it’s delicious (+50 pts).
• Ask if you may get the rest for taking out (-50 pts).
• Tell her it’s unique and ask why it has a rubbery touch (no effect). 

Your first response delights her to the point that she names the dish after you, “Chili de <name>.” While the second and third responses make her disheartened since her recipe was a fail.

Whichever response you choose, your energy would still increase by 165 since she’ll ask you out for a movie.
8When you enter the Cindersap Forest between 9 AM to 4 PM, you’ll find Penny with the kids conducting a field trip. She’ll ask you if you want to speak about your experience of living in the countryside. 

Here are some responses you may choose from:
• Say you’d love to (+50 points).
• Just simply say “sure” (no effect).
• Tell her you don’t like kids (-1500 points).

The first and second responses result in her saying that she’ll call the kids over. While the latter shows a bit of her uneasiness which eventually ends the scene.

Anyhow, if you choose the first two options, Penny asks you if you’d like to be a parent. You may pick any of these dialogues:  

• Say you haven’t thought of it (no effect). 
Response: she understands since you’re currently busy with other things.

• Tell her that you want to have a big family (+20 points).
Response: she also wants that and tells you she’s glad that you feel that way.

• Say you suppose so since it’s a natural desire (+20 points).
Response: She agrees with you that caring for someone innocent and helpless makes sense.

• Speak your assumptions of probably not being a good parent (+10 points).
Response: She thinks you’ll make a good parent.

• Say no since you find the world crowded already.
Response: she thinks if everyone sees it this way, humans will die out.

• Tell her no since you don’t like being stuck with a family (-10 points).
Response: she tells you that it was a sad perspective, but she understands.
10Penny sends you a letter with a message saying to meet her at the spa’s pool area between 7:00 PM to midnight. Upon reaching the site, she asks if you know why she invited you. You may answer with any of these lines:

• Tell her there’s something she wants to tell you.
Response: you’re right.

• Say you have no idea.
Response: She’d say, “really?” followed by her assumption of noticing why she invited you.

• Affirm that she wants to see you in a bathing suit.
Response: she says, “No!”

After this dialogue, she then confesses her feelings for you. If you admit that you feel the same way about her, she’d say that she had her speculations but wasn’t sure about it. 

Moreover, if you’re a male player, her dialogue gets followed by her saying she’ll never forget this night. While you’re a female player, she’ll comment you look beautiful tonight. The cutscene ends with the two of you kissing.

However, she’d cry and end the scene if you say you don’t feel the same way.
Group 10-HeartsThis event reveals that you’re dating all bachelors or bachelorettes. You can evade this by bringing a Rabbit’s Foot when you enter Haley/Emily’s house (for Bachelorettes) or the Saloon (for Bachelors).

Not having this item results in giving you the cold shoulder for a week and refusing your gifts since you dated all of them. While if you managed to dodge this, you’ll hear about Marnie and Mayor Lewis’ relationship or have a friendly game of pool at the Saloon.
14She’ll ask you how your day went if you enter the farmhouse around 3 PM to 7 PM. You may say:

• “It was fine.” 
Response: she’d ask if it was just an ordinary day and also tell you she has a new recipe in the oven.

• “Not good.”
Response: she apologizes for your bad day and tells you she’ll do her best to make you feel better.

•“It was fantastic!”
Response: she tells you it was great that you enjoyed your work.

Later, Penny proceeds to tell you that she’d like to redecorate the room. She’ll also ask what style you prefer. Here are the choices you have:

• Forest and Moon: Peaceful Blue Theme
• Strawberry Home
• Pirate Theme

She tells you that she won’t touch your chest but would ask you to move your things out. You may also disagree with this depending on your preferences. 

Moreover, this gets done after three days. The renovation may depend on the farmhouse upgrade that you currently have.


A player in Penny's space in Stardew Valley.
Her interest in books is quite amazing.

Despite marrying Penny, she’d still keep her job at the Museum every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. She’ll also add a part of her room to your farmhouse like other candidates. While you’ll also find a small garden behind the house, this is her special place where she occasionally reads a book. 

She also occasionally gives you items depending on her schedule of the weather. Here are some things she may provide you:

On Rainy MorningsOn Mornings when She Stays at HomeOn Rainy Nights
Large MilkOmeletSalmon Dinner
EggsHashbrownsCrispy Bass
Mixed SeedsPancakesFried Eel
GeodeCarp Surprise
Vegetable Medley


Aside from making random requests at the “Help Wanted” board, Penny doesn’t partake in other quests. You’ll still receive 3x the price of her requested item’s base selling price and 150 Friendship Points. Nonetheless, this isn’t a preferred way to get hearts with her.


Is Penny Worth Marrying in Stardew Valley?

Personality-wise, yes; but when it comes to her offered gifts, no. She gives quite basic items that you can prepare in your kitchen. Nonetheless, if you really like her personality and you think her gifts are handy, then perhaps, she’s worth marrying in Stardew Valley.

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