Solar Essence: Uses, Crafting, Quests, And More

Did you happen to pick up a bright yellow item in the Mines after landing the final hit on a monster? Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance because the Solar Essence has many uses. Continue reading this item guide to learn everything about this loot in Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley Solar Essence appearance
If you’re looking for Solar Essence, look for this bright yellow item!

Many Stardew Valley players like to go deeper into the Mines to obtain valuable resources, thus, inevitably battle monsters along the way. Upon slaying these monsters, they often drop loots, including the Solar Essence, which you can pick up and use to your benefit. Read more, and we’ll teach you where to get and use this monster drop in the game.

What Is Solar Essence?

Solar Essence (S.E.) is a monster loot described as a glowing golden sphere with four spikes and is warm to the touch. You can sell this for the price of 40g per piece. Additionally, the best way to farm this item is by killing high-drop rates monsters, or by spawning it using its code, 768.

How To Get Solar Essence

There are many ways you can get this monster drop; one of them is by buying it from the friendly monster, Krobus, for 80g. You can also obtain it from your Fish ponds with ten sunfish.

However, if you want to get the most amount of this resource, you can refer to the list below to know what monsters drop it in the Mines:

  • Blue Squids (75%)
  • Ghosts (95%) or (10%)
  • Haunted Skull (1.3%)
  • Hot Heads (65%)
  • Iridium Bats (50%)
  • Metal Heads (65%)
  • Metal Heads (dangerous) (65%)
  • Mummies (99%) or (15%)
  • Squid Kid (75%)
  • Squid Kid (dangerous) (75%)


Solar Essence Crafting Stardew Valley
Craft all these items with this valuable essence!

This ingredient is used for many Crafting Recipes in Stardew Valley. With its aid, you can make useful things that will assist you in farming, mining, fishing, and many other tasks. For additional information on how to use this, see the table below:

ItemsIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Glowstone Ring S.E. (5)
• Iron Bar (5)
Mining Lvl. 4It increases your area for collecting items by emitting a steady light beam.
Mega BombS.E.(1)
• Gold Ore (4)
• Void Essence (1)
Mining Lvl. 8It produces a strong explosion.
Iridium BandS.E. (50)
• Iridium Bar (5)
• Void Essence (50)
Combat Lvl. 9It glows, draws in objects, and boosts attack damage by 10%.
Barrel Brazier S.E. (5)
• Wood (50)
• Coal (1)
Carpenter’s Shop (800g)It radiates a moderate amount of light.
Quality BobberS.E. (5)
• Copper Bar (1)
• Sap (20)
Willy (Special Order)It increases the quality of the fish you capture.
Mini-ObeliskS.E. (20)
• Hardwood (30)
• Gold Bar (3)
Wizard (Special Order)It’s a warping device used by placing two of these on the farm.
Hyper Speed-GroS.E.(1)
• Radioactive Ore (1)
• Bone Fragment (3)
Mr. Qi (30 Qi Gem)It’s combined with tilled soil to stimulate leaf production by increasing the growth rate by 33%.


Tailoring Solar Essence
Use Solar Essence to elevate your wardrobe!

You can also use the Solar Essence in the spool of a sewing machine to make a Yoba shirt. Aside from this, you can also use this loot for dyeing other clothing items. This essence helps produce yellow dye in the dye pots.


It’s not a crowd-favorite gift among the NPCs in Stardew Valley. The Wizard is the only Villager in Pelican Town who loves receiving it as a gift. While the Dwarf is the only one who feels neutral about it.


You can complete the following quests with this important item:

  • The Mysterious Qi Quest. This four-part quest begins after opening the secret lockbox containing a note with instructions signed by Mr. Qi. Only the third part directs you to give S.E. to the Sand dragon as his last meal in the Calico Desert. Your reward for completing this is a Club Card granting you full access to the Casino in the Oasis. 
  • Fish Pond quest. If you’re looking to expand the capacity of your fish pond, this item will come in handy someday. Your fishes may request five S.E. from you. Once you accomplish their request, your pond’s capacity will increase from seven to ten occupants.


You can use this monster loot to finish the Adventurer’s Bundle in the Boiler Room. In this bundle, you can choose among four items that include this item to complete it. Once you’ve successfully filled in the required slots, you’ll receive one Small Magnet Ring as a reward.

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