Stardew Valley Emily: Schedule, Gifts, And More

Have you been looking to get to know Pelican Town’s most charming eccentric, Emily? If you want to develop a friendship with her, keep reading to know her schedule, gift preference, and more!

Her dreams reflect her quirks and fun fantasies.

The beauty of Stardew Valley is that it’s not just about farming crops for days on end. It’s not just putting effort into creating an efficient and cost-effective farm and becoming a small town’s prominent business mogul. No.

It can be about taking time to smell the roses (literally). Walking around Pelican Town, meeting and befriending the villagers, and celebrating life and all its stunning complexities with them. Like in reality, you can’t just make friends, but you can also fall in love, be in a relationship, and marry someone in Stardew Valley!

But before we get into that,


Emily is one of the more unique characters in Stardew Valley. She’s definitely not your typical girl next door and is a particular fan favorite for that very reason. Before we get too deep, let’s discuss who exactly this girl is.

Where does Emily live in Stardew Valley?

She is a villager living at 2 Willow Lane in Pelican Town. Emily is most recognizable for her electric shock blue hair and warm reddish brown eyes. She is frequently seen around the valley wearing a bright red long polo dress.

Her birthday is on Spring 27. She would be happy if you gave her a gift she loves or likes on that day. The girl is really friendly and would welcome anyone with good intentions.

She loves making clothes and collecting rare gems. She even has a room dedicated to her sewing, which she lets you use after you get to know her a little bit better. In there, you can create new clothing items and dye existing ones.

Family and Relationships

Emily lives with her sister, Haley. The two have a truly complex relationship because they are polar opposites. They have very different ideologies, interests, and attitudes in life. It causes them to fight and hinders their relationship from growing. Despite this, they still take care of their home together while their parents are traveling.

Emily’s closest friend is Sandy from the Calico Desert. They often mention each other when talking to you and can be seen hanging out in the desert. On Sandy’s birthday (Fall 15), she leaves her store, the Oasis, and walks around the desert with her friend.

One of the villagers and town blacksmith, Clint, has a crush on Emily. She is oblivious to his feelings and sees him as a friend. She isn’t romantically linked to anyone in the vallley, but she does partner up with Shane during the Flower Dance in Spring.

What is Emily’s Schedule?

Luckily for us, she has a pretty regular and uncomplicated schedule. Here’s her detailed schedule for normal days, rainy days, and other special occasions:

Regular schedule

9:00 AMInside her room at 2 Willow Lane.
12:00 PMGoes out of her room and stands in the sitting room.
3:30 PMGoes to work at The Stardrop Saloon.
12:30 AMFinishes work and heads home.


9:00 AMIn her bedroom.
12:00 PMExits her room and hangs out in the living room.
3:30 PMGoes to work.
1:00 AMEnds her work and goes to the house.


9:00 AMIn her room at home.
10:00 AMSets off for aerobics class at Pierre’s General Store.
1:00 PMThe workout regimen starts.
4:00 PMExits the store and goes to work.
12:30 AMEnds work and heads home.

Friday, Community Center completed

9:00 AMIn her room at her house.
10:00 AMSets off for the Community Center and stays in the Crafts Room.
3:30 PMExits the center and goes to her job at the saloon.
12:30 AMLeaves the bar and goes home.

Fall 15

9:00 AMInside her room.
10:30 PMDeparts from home to Calico Desert to celebrate her birthday with Sandy.
12:00 AMHeads home for the day.

Winter 11

9:00 AMWithin her bedroom.
10:30 AMGoes to Harvey’s Clinic and stays in the waiting room for a bit.
1:30 PMProceeds to the examination room.
4:00 PMExits the clinic to go to work at the saloon.
12:30 AMEnds work and heads home for the day.

Winter 15

9:00 AMInside her room at home.
12:00 PMHangs out in the living room for a while.
2:30 PMSets off for the Night Market.
12:30 AMWalks home after the event.


After marrying Emily, she doesn’t leave the farmhouse except for Mondays and Fridays. She usually visits her old home with Haley or the docks at the beach. She still goes to work sometimes at the Stardrop Saloon.


8:30 AMLeaves the farmhouse and visits to her old home at 2 Willow Lane
and stands in the kitchen
11:00 AMGoes to stand east of the Community Center to look out into the river.
3:00 PMProceeds to her job at the saloon.
10:00 PMHeads home to the farm.


8:30 AMLeaves the farmhouse and walks to the docks left of Willy’s Fish Shop.
1:00 PMWalks from the beach to go to the General Store.
3:00 PMExits Pierre’s and proceeds to her job at the saloon.
10:00 PMHeads home to the farm.

What are the best gifts to give emily?

People in Stardew Valley love receiving presents, and Emily is not an exception to this. If you want to get to know her, develop a friendship with her or romance her, giving gifts is a great way to achieve that. The best thing to do is familiarize yourself with her schedule so you can find and interact with her conveniently.

With all the people you meet in Stardew Valley, they have an empty ten-heart bar you can fill up once you’ve gotten to know them better and even start to like each other. There are two main ways you can do it: (1) talk to them every day and (2) give them a maximum of two gifts every week.

Each gift varies on the number of friendship points depending on whether they like, love, are neutral about, dislike, or hate the item you’ve given. Birthday gifts will have an (x8) multiplier, and Feast of the Winter Star gifts will have a (x5) multiplier on friendship points.

Giving Her An Emerald


DaffodilForaging in Spring
QuartzForaging in the Mines
All Universal Likes
(except Fish Taco, Fried Eel, Ice Cream,
Maki Roll, Rice Pudding, Salmon Dinner,
Spicy Eel, & Sashimi)


ClothRanching Animals
(Putting Wool into a Loom)
WoolRanching Animals
(Rabbits and Sheep)
Survival BurgerCooking:
Bread (1)
Cave Carrot (1)
Eggplant (1)
Prismatic ShardMining
Fishing Treasure Chests
Monster Drops
Omni Geodes
Golden PumpkinCompleting the Maze during Spirit’s Eve
Artifact Trove
Magic Rock CandyMuseum Reward for 90 items donated
Desert Trader
Haunted Skull drop
PearlMermaid Boat during Night Market
Artifact Trove
Blobfish Pond
Rabbit’s FootRabbit
Traveling Cart
Serpent drop


DandelionForaging in Spring
LeekForaging in Spring
Wild HorseradishForaging in Spring
MorelForaging in Spring
ChanterelleForaging in Fall
Common MushroomForaging in Fall
HazelnutForaging in Fall
Snow YamForaging in Winter
Winter RootForaging in Winter
Purple MushroomForaging in the Mines
GingerForaging in Ginger Island
Magma CapForaging in Volcano Dungeon
All Eggs
(except Void Eggs)
Ranching Chickens in a Coop
All Fruit
(except Fruit Tree Fruits and Salmonberry)
Fruit Bat Cave
All MilkRanching Cows and Goats
in a Barn
All Universal Neutrals
(except Wool)


Fried EelCooking:
Eel (1)
Oil (1)
Ice CreamCooking:
Milk (1)
Sugar (1)
Rice PuddingCooking:
Milk (1)
Sugar (1)
Rice (1)
SalmonberryForaging in Spring
Spicy EelCooking:
Eel (1)
Hot Pepper (1)
All Universal DislikesForaging


Fish TacoCooking:
Tuna (1)
Tortilla (1)
Red Cabbage (1)
Mayonnaise (1)
HollyForaging in Winter
Maki RollCooking:
Fish (1)
Seaweed (1)
Rice (1)
Salmon DinnerCooking:
Salmon (1)
Amaranth (1)
Kale (1)
Fish (1)
All Universal HatesForaging

Movie Theater: Favorite Movies and Concessions

The Movie Theater is a brand new addition to the Stardew Valley Community. You can now watch movies once a week alone or with a guest. The building is unlocked by either completing the Community Center or Joja’s Community Upgrades. It’s a really fun addition to the town!

Emily may have her sewing projects and job at the Saloon, but she still enjoys a bit of fun at the movies. Here’s a list of movies and snacks she likes and dislikes:



  • The Miracle at Coldstar Ranch


  • Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture
  • Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World
  • The Brave Little Sapling
  • The Zuzu City Express
  • Wumbus


  • It Howls In The Rain
  • Mysterium



  • Kale Smoothie
  • Stardrop Sorbet


  • Apple Slices
  • Cappucino Mousse Cake
  • Chocolate Popcorn
  • Cotton Candy
  • Hummus Snack Pack
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Jawbreaker
  • Panzanella Salad
  • Rock Candy
  • Sour Slimes
  • Star Cookie
  • Truffle Popcorn


  • Black Licorice
  • Fries
  • Joja Cola
  • JojaCorn
  • Nachos
  • Personal Pizza
  • Popcorn
  • Salted Peanuts

Inviting a villager to a movie they love will gain you 200 friendship points, 100 friendship points with one they like, and no points for one they dislike. Be sure to check out what’s showing every so often! Movies change based on the seasons and when you unlock the theater, so try to take them when their favorite is showing.

Like the movies, the snacks at the concession counter randomly rotate. Giving a villager a snack they love will earn you 50 friendship points, 25 friendship points for one they like, and no points for one they dislike. As long as you steer clear of something they don’t like, you’re good!

Heart Events

Befriending a villager by talking to them, spending time with them, and giving them presents they like will result in an increase in hearts in your friendship bar or heart meter with them. You get to trigger a special heart event or cutscene with the blue-haired girl. It happens every time you reach two more hearts with her.

No. Of HeartsHeart Event
0-14You may get a gift in the mail from Emily at any point in your friendship. The chance of getting the mail gift increases as the number of hearts you get with her.

You may receive either Cloth, Sea Urchin, or Wool, along with a letter from her.
2Go inside Emily’s house at 2 Willow Lane.

You’ll find Emily sleeping in her room and you’ll be pulled into her dream. It’s a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, and sceneries. You’ll find her floating and chanting in the middle of a purple stone platform. You appear out of nowhere, surprising her. She questions why you are in her dream and then a rainbow streaks across like a sign from above.

You leave her dream after. She wakes up and tells herself that you’re special and that both of your destinies are tied to each other in some way.
3She will send you the recipe for Salad in the mail.
4Go into town on a sunny day during any season except Winter.

Emily exits her house as three parrots fly by. She greets them as friends. Another parrot flies by and injures itself hitting the window of the house. She rushes to the poor bird and promises to take care of it.

After, she has the parrot in her room. If you go up to it and interact with it, the parrot will jump around and squawk. Moreover, if you marry Emily, the parrot will also move into the farm with her.
6Go inside Emily’s house at 2 Willow Lane when she’s there.

You’ll find her in her bedroom where she excitedly tells you about her secret hobby that she’d been working on for a while. She’ll put some music on and then begin dancing for you. After, she’ll turn to you and ask what you thought of her performance.

You are given the choice to respond in three ways:
• You tell her that it was amazing!
• You say it was embarrassing.
• You say nothing and just do a slow clap.

The first and third responses will give you an added 25 friendship points, the second option will subtract 50 friendship points with her.
7 She’ll send you the recipe for Red Plate in the mail.
8You’ll receive a letter in the mail from Emily, inviting you to her “Clothing Therapy” session at the Mayor’s house.

Go inside Mayor Lewis’ Manor.

You’ll find the Mayor, Abigail, Shane, Robin, and Clint in attendance. Emily will explain that she wants to help the townspeople express themselves through clothing. She then tells them to pick out items that speak to who they are and display themselves to the world fearlessly.

You get to see the villagers picks. Shane goes completely goth while Robin welcomed her more girly side. Mayor Lewis is as always a fancy-pants-man. Abigail, ever the eclectic, chose to don a suit of armor. Clint, was apprehensive at first, but after a bit of encouragement from Emily, showed up in pink shorts and a beret!

After the show, she comes to you with romance in mind. Clint interrupts you both, feels awful, and makes some pointed statements. Emily is left bewildered about the whole thing.
10You’ll receive a letter inviting you to meet Emily at the Secret Woods after 10 PM.
Note: You’ll need a Steel Axe for this event to trigger.

You go camping together in the woods. She snuggles up to you, feeling cold. You both hear an unusual sound in the forest, and then a bear suddenly appears. It makes a loud sound, and you both jump into the tent in fear. The bear leaves after a while. One sleeping bag is left outside, but the both of you are unwilling to go outside to get it. You share one sleeping bag in the tent for the night.

The next day, you’ll receive a letter from Emily saying she was glad the bear showed up after all.
10-Heart Event
The Group 10-Heart Event triggers after you’ve given all the bachelorettes a bouquet, gained 10 hearts, and experienced the 10-heart events with them.

If you gave Haley the last bouquet, you’ll trigger a cutscene at 2 Willow Lane, wherein all the bachelorettes are together and very angry at you.

Make sure to have a Rabbit’s Foot with you to prevent them from finding out that you’re dating all of them. They’ll get mad at you and ignore you for the whole week. Also, they won’t accept any gifts from you anymore.

Note: this won’t occur if you’ve already offered someone the pendant or got married before.
14Leave your farmhouse anytime from 6 AM and 8:20 AM.

Emily will appear outside of your home with a quest for you to bring her 200 pieces of fiber.

Three days after completing the quest, enter your home anytime from 8 PM and 12 MN. She will present you with a whole new outfit she made herself. You’ll receive Emily’s Magic Hat, Emily’s Magic Boots, Emily’s Magic Shirt, and blue Genie Pants.


After offering the Mermaid’s Pendant and having your wedding, Emily moves into the farmhouse. She’ll have her spouse room beside the bedroom, and she’ll have a crystal garden behind the shipping bin. She sometimes goes there to meditate and relax.

Once married, your spouse may give you gifts. Her small presents differ depending on the day, but here’s a table of what she may give you:

At Home All DayRainy MorningsRainy Nights
ClothClothRice Pudding
WoolWoolBlueberry Tart
Duck FeatherDuck FeatherCookie
Refined QuartzRefined QuartzChocolate Cake
Bean HotpotBean Hotpot
Omni Geode


Emily shows up with quests sometimes and she may on occasion appear on the “Help Wanted” board. Fulfilling the request gives you 150 Friendship Points and some gold worth 3x the item’s base price.

Her most well-known quests are “Fresh Fruit” and “Rock Rejuvenation.”

  • Fresh Fruit: appears around Year 2 where she asks for an Apricot in exchange for 600g and one friendship heart.
  • Rock Rejuvenation: appears on the “Special Orders” board in front of the Mayor’s Manor. She asks for one Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Amethyst, and Jade. Her reward for completing this is 1000g, 250 friendship points, and a Sewing Machine.

Emily’s truly a wonderful girl to get to know. Ultimately, this is a full and comprehensive guide to her schedule, gift preferences, favorite movies, snacks, heart events, and marriage.

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