Everything You Need To Know About Lance – Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) is the largest unofficial mod and “expansion pack” for Stardew Valley. SVE was released in 2019, and added a large amount of new locations, events, items, and characters. 

Lance was introduced as a romanceable male character in the Stardew Valley Expanded 1.14 update, and is first met by players after they traverse and explore Ginger Island. He is a member of the First Slash Clan, a guild of adventurers dedicated to protecting the Fern Islands. He works as a First Slash Adventurer and lives in Castle Village. Lance travels to Pelican Town two days a week to work and is friends with Marlon. His birthday is on the 8th of Spring.

Players meet Lance upon reaching the Volcano’s Forge, located in the 10th room. During his introduction cutscene, he appears confident and knows the player to be a capable adventurer of some renown. He gives the Player his schedule before leaving the conversation for future contact. 

Lance’s Schedule

Lance’s location depends on the day of the week, as he rotates between four locations. 

  • On Monday, he is on lookout duty at the Castle Village Outpost. 
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday, he roams around the Adventurer’s Guild in Pelican Town.
  • On Thursday and Friday, he guards Ginger Island. 
  • On Saturday and Sunday, he wanders the Highlands. 

Time Table

DayTimeGeneral LocationSpecific Location
Monday06:00 AMCastle Village OutpostStands on top of the Castle Village Outpost, facing the north.
Tuesday06:00 AMAdventurer’s GuildAt Marlon’s counter inside the Guild.
12:00 PMOn Adventurer’s Summit near the Guild, overlooking the river on the cliff.
05:00 PMReturns to Guild’s counter.
09:00 PMStands outside the Guild.
11:00 PMReturns to the Guild at the end of the night,
Wednesday06:00 AMAdventurer’s GuildAt Marlon’s counter inside the Guild.
09:00 AMGuards the ladder going down into the Pelican Town Mines.
12:00 PMStands guard to the left of the Guild, watching the stream.
03:00 PMMoves to stand on the boat dock on the river.
07:30 PMReturns to Marlon’s counter for the rest of the day.
Thursday06:00 AMGinger IslandGuards the entrance to the volcano caldera dungeon on Ginger Island.
12:00 PMMoves to the opposite side of the entrance.
06:30 PMStands to the right of the entrance of the volcano for the rest of the night.
Friday06:00 AMGinger IslandGuards the entrance to the volcano caldera dungeon on Ginger Island.
07:00 AMWatches out over the cliff to the left of the volcano.
02:00 PMMoves to watch the volcano entrance.
08:00 PMStands to the left of the entrance, guarding for the night.
Saturday06:00 AMHighlandsAt the desk in the Outpost.
07:00 AMMoves to the opposite end of the desk
11:00 AMStands outside the Outpost, watching the area.
07:00 PMStands outside the Outpost entrance.
09:30 PMReturns to stand inside the Outpost.
Sunday 06:00 AMHighlandsStands at the desk in Outpost.
07:00 AMWatches the Highlands from the platform outside the Outpost.
11:00 AMStands at the stream southeast of the Outpost.
03:00 PM Returns to the platform to keep guard on the Highlands.
05:20 PM Goes to the desk inside the Outpost.
08:30 PMRevisits the stream.
11:40 PMGoes back to the Highlands Outpost desk for the night.


Same as other Stardew Valley residents, Lance has gifts that he loves, likes, neutrals, dislikes, and hates. To progress your friendship and relationship with Lance, you will need to give him gifts.  


Aged Blue Moon WinePurchased from Blue Moon Vineyard
DaggerfishFishing – Location: Highlands
Galaxy SoulPurchased – Qi’s Walnut Room or Island Trader / Monster Loot dropped during the Danger in the Deep and Skull Cavern Invasion quests.
GemfishFishing – Location: Highlands Cavern
Golden PumpkinSpirit’s Eve Maze Completion Reward / Artifact Troves
Green MushroomGreen Dust Spirit
Monster MushroomForaging – Location: Highlands
Swirl StoneForaging – Location: Crimson Badlands
Torpedo TroutFishing – Location: Fable Reef
Tropical CurryCooking
Void ShardMonster Loot, dropped by Apophis
Ornate Treasure ChestMonster Loot, dropped by the Bully Rex

Lance’s Dialogue Response: “This will serve me well. You have my gratitude.” 


  • All Universal Likes (excluding Flowers, Desserts, and Spaghetti)
  • All Elixirs and Potions
  • All Monster Crops
  • All Warp Totems (excluding the Island Warp Totem)
  • All Legendary Fish (excluding Mutant Carp and Glacierfish)
BonefishFishing – Location: Crimson Badlands
ButterfishFishing – Location: Shearwater Bridge
Dewdrop BerryEnchanted Grove
DoradoFishing – Location: Forest River
Dwarf GadgetTilling Soil in the Mines (Floors 40 – 79) / Magma Geodes, Omni-Geodes, and Artifact Troves
Dwarvish HelmTilling Soil in the Mines (Floors 1 – 39) / Magma Geodes, Omni-Geodes, and Artifact Troves
Dwarf Scroll ITilling Soil in the Mines / Monster Drops
Dwarf Scroll IITilling Soil in the Mines / Monster Drops
Dwarf Scroll IIIMonster Drops
Dwarf Scroll IVTilling Soil ; Monster Drops
Golden Ocean FlowerFable Reef
GoldenfishFishing – Locations: Sprite Spring, Junimo Woods
Ice PipFishing – Location: Floor 60 of the Mines
King SalmonFishing – Location: Forest West
KittyfishFishing – Location: Shearwater Bridge
Lava EelFishing – Location: Floor 100 of the Mines, Volcano Caldera
Life ElixirRestores health to full
LunalooFishing – Location: Ginger Island
Maple SyrupCrafting – Tapped from Maple Trees
Meteor CarpFishing – Location: Sprite Spring, Junimo Woods
PearlArtifact Trove
Prismatic ShardVarious Sources Including: Mining, Fishing, Monster Drops, and Treasure Rooms
PuppyfishFishing – Location: Shearwater Bridge
Radioactive BassFishing – Location: Sewers
Radioactive OreMining during certain quests – Location: The Mines, Skull Cavern
Razor TroutFishing – Location: Pelican Town, only available after viewing Morris’ 10 heart event.
Shiny LunalooFishing – Location: Ginger Island Ocean
StonefishFishing – Location: Floor 20 of the Mines
Tiger Slime EggMonster Loot, dropped by Tiger Slimes
Treasure ChestFishing – Treasure Chest / Artifact Trove
UndeadfishFishing – Location: Crimson Badlands
Void EggFarming – Void Chicken / Purchased from Krobus

Dialogue Response: “Ah, this is incredible. Thank you.”


  • All Universal Neutrals (excluding Bread)
  • All Non-SVE Fish (excluding Angler, Crimsonfish, Dorado, Lava Eel, Legend, and Stonefish),
  • All Milk and Eggs
  • All Non-Fruit Tree (including Mangoes and Bananas)
  • All bombs
Baby LunalooFishing – Ginger Island Ocean
ClownfishFishing – Ginger Island Ocean
Duck FeatherFarming – Duck / Purchased from the Traveling Cart
MinnowFishing – Freshwater Sources (e.g. Farm, Mountain, Shearwater Bridge)
Sea SpongeFishing – Ginger Island Ocean
SeahorseFishing – Ginger Island Ocean
Sea UrchinForaging – Pelican Town Beach
Solar EssenceMonster Drop
StarfishFishing – Pelican Town Beach, Ginger Island Ocean
Void EelFishing – Location: Witch’s Swamp, Mutant Bug Lair
Void EssenceMonster Drop / Purchased from Krobus

Dialogue Response: “Perhaps I’ll find a way to make use of this.”


Cave CarrotForaging – Location: Mines, Garbage Cans
Coffee BeanMonster Loot / Purchased from Traveling Cart
Fire QuartzForaging – Location: Mines / Magma Geodes, Omni-Geodes
Fossilized LegMining – Location: Ginger Island Dig Site
Fossilized RibsMining – Location: Ginger Island Dig Site
Fossilized SkullGolden Coconuts
Fossilized SpineFishing – Location: Ginger Island Dig Site
Fossilized TailPanning – Location: Ginger Island Dig Site
FrogFishing – Location: Mountain
Frog LegsCooking
Mummified BatMining – Location: Volcano Dungeon
Mummified FrogMining – Location: Volcano Dungeon / Cutting weeds in Ginger Island Forest
Snake SkullMining/Fishing – Location: Ginger Island Dig Site
Snake VertebraeMining – Location: Ginger Island Dig Site

Dialogue Response: “I suppose I could practice my magic on this…”


  • All Universal Hates (excluding Ginger Island Fossils, Sea Urchin, Treasure Chest, Tiger Slime Egg, and Warp Totems)
Blackberry CobblerCooking
Blueberry TartCooking
BreadCooking / Purchased at the Saloon
ClayTilling dirt, sand, and Artifact Spots / Mining / Geodes
Cranberry CandyCooking
Ice CreamCooking / Ice Cream Stand / Oasis
Magic Rock Candy Desert Trader / Museum Reward / Monster Drop
Pink CakeCooking / Chef’s Bundle / Monster Drop
PizzaCooking / Purchased from the Saloon
Plum PuddingCooking
Pumpkin PieCooking
Purple MushroomThe Mines / The Cave / Mushroom Tree
Rhubarb PieCooking
SpaghettiCooking / Purchased from the Saloon

Dialogue Response: “I’m afraid this doesn’t suit me.”

Movie Theater Preferences 

After restoring the abandoned JojaMart or purchasing all the community upgrades from Morris, the Movie Theater is built, allowing players to watch movies (alone or with a guest). The following are Lance’s loved, liked, and disliked movies to help you earn more friendship points with him. 

Note: Movies disliked by guests will not earn nor cost them any Friendship Points.


There are eight different movies in total. They repeat on a two year cycle, based on the season in which the Movie Theater is unlocked. All “Year 1” movies will cycle and then are followed by “Year 2” movies (and so on). Asking a guest to a movie can give 0 – 200 Friendship Points depending on the guest’s preferences. The following is Lance’s loved, liked, and disliked movies. 

ReactionNameSeason/YearFriendship Points
LoveNatural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant WorldSpring/ Year 2+200
LikesBrave Little Sapling Spring/ Year 1+100
Journey of the Prairie King: The Motion PictureSummer/ Year 1+100
Miracle of the Coldstar RanchWinter/ Year 1+100
DislikesWumbusSummer/ Year 2+0
MysteriumFall/ Year 1+0
It Howls in the RainFall/ Year 2+0
Zuzu City ExpressWinter/ Year 2+0


At the movie theater, players can buy snacks for their guests at the concession counter. Like gifts, an NPC earns various Friendship points from concession snacks. Unlike gifts, disliked snacks neither cost nor earn friendship points. 

ReactionNamePriceFriendship Points
LovesJasmine Tea50g+50
Panzanella Salad200g
Salmon Burger150g^
Stardrop Sorbet1250g
Truffle Popcorn180g+50
LikesApple Slices100g+25
Hummus Snack Pack90g
Kale Smoothie120g^
Rock Candy150g^
Salted Peanuts120g
Joja Cola (large)40g^
Joja Cola10g+25
DislikesBlack Licorice25g+0
Cappuccino Mousse Cake220g
Chocolate Popcorn1130g^
Cotton Candy50g
Ice Cream Sandwich150g^
Personal Pizza150g^
Sour Slimes80g
Star Cookie150g+0

Heart Events 

Heart LevelTimeMapSeasonWeatherRequirements
0AnyGinger Island, Volcano ForgeAnyAnyEnter the Volcano Forge
2.106:00 AM – 10:00 AMFarmAnySunnyPlayer needs to have at least one free inventory slot to initiate.
2.2AnyHighlandsAnyAny2.1 cutscene
2.3AnyFarmhouseAnyAnyPlayer must have completed the Lance’s Monster Crop quest. Scene starts when the player enters the house.
2.4AnyFarmAnyAny2.3 cutscene
406:00 AM – 06:00 PMGinger Island WestAnySunnyPlayer needs to reach the Ginger Island Volcano, complete the Enchanted Grove questline, and has fixed the island’s house, bridge, and resort.
6AnyHighlands OutpostAny SunnyHighlands zone needs to be unlocked.
8AnyGinger Island FarmAnySunnyThe Highlands zone and the Ginger Island Farm needs to be unlocked.
10.1AnyFarmAnyAny8 cutscene
10.2AnyFable ReefAnySunny10.1 cutscene
12.108:00 PM – 02:00 AMFarmAnyAnyPlayer must have a fully upgraded farmhouse and bought the magical staff, the Return Scepter, from Krobus for 2,000,000g.
12.2AnyTownAnyAny12.1 cutscene

Schedule Change

After the 12th Heart Event, Lance has a schedule change and will not travel to Fable Reef on two Wednesdays during each season. His updated time table for the 10th and 24th on every season is:

TimeSpecific Location
06:00 AMInside the Farmhouse
05:00 PMLeaves the house to head to Cindersap Forest
06:30 PMEnters Cindersap Forest
07:40 PMStands near the sewer entrance until 2AM.


After marriage, like all NPC candidates, Lance moves into the farm, and has his own side room. He will also have an outside area where he grows seasonal monster crops.  

He’ll most of his time on the farm, and the other days following his original schedule with slight variations. As a player’s spouse, Lance will start attending the various seasonal festivals and the Night Market on Winter 17th.  

His new schedule will limit him to visit the Adventurer’s Guild, First Slash Guild, and the Highlands. On Wednesday, Lance sleeps at the First Slash guild hall instead of returning to the farm. 

Schedule Change

Day TimeLocationSpecific Location
Tuesday07:00 AMAdventurer’s GuildLeaves the farm to join Marlon at the Guild.
03:00 PMStands at the cliff overlooking the river on Adventurer’s Summit.
05:00 PMBegins the walk home to the farm.
Wednesday07:00 AMFable ReefLeaves the farm to go to the First Slash Guild on Fable Reef.
03:00 PMEnters the First Slash Guild.
06:30 PMStands by one of the tables in the First Slash Guild.
09:30 PMGoes to bed in the guest room of the First Slash Guild.
Sunday07:00 AMHighlandsLeaves the farm to guard the Highlands from the platform outside Highlands Outpost.
04:00 PMBegins the trip home to the farm.

Additionally, on the day of the Night Market, Winter 17th, Lance remains at the farm from 06:00 AM to 03:00 PM, then walks to the night market.

Note: Sometimes, Lance gifts you Rain Totems. On Winter 25th, Lance will gift you a Galaxy Soul.

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