The 10 Best Fall Crops in Stardew Valley

Is it Fall again in your game? Do you want to know how to maximize your profits and plant crops with the best yields during Fall? This list covers the best crops for this season in Stardew Valley and everything you need to know about each one of them.

player in stardew valley during fall
Fall is a beautiful season in Stardew Valley.

The primary means of earning income in the game is through farming and selling the crops you’ve harvested. A crop is any plant that you grow from a seed. You can sell them for profit, consume them for health and energy restoration, or give them as a gift to the residents of Pelican Town.

Just like in real life, crops are seasonal in Stardew Valley. Certain crops can only be planted and grown during their designated season (28 days). The plants from the previous period wither and die on the first day of the next season. On the other hand, there are multi-season crops that grow no matter the time of year.

Top 10 Fall Crops

Fall is the third period you’ll play through, and it comes after Summer. There are a total of 14 plants you can grow during this time, but not all of them are equal. In this article, we’re ranking the top ten profitable crops that you should grow in Fall.

crops planted during fall in stardew valley
There are several different crops you can plant in Fall.

10. Sunflower

player holding sunflower crop in stardew valley
The Sunflower is a beautiful flower crop.

The Sunflower falls under the multi-seasonal category, but it only grows in Summer and Fall. If you plant one during the Summer, it won’t die once Fall begins.

This beautiful flower crop grows from Sunflower Seeds, which you can get from the following:

  • Pierre’s General Store (200g)
  • JojaMart (125g)

It takes eight days for it to grow and be ready for harvesting. For every flower harvested, you can get one Sunflower and 0-2 Sunflower Seeds. You get a total of three Sunflower harvests per season.

Eating it will result in healing effects with varying results based on its quality. You can also sell this flower for 80g, but you can get a higher price depending on the quality. The Tiller Profession also adds 10% to its value. 

See the table below for more information.

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller
Sunflowers have restoration effects and can be sold for varying prices.

9. Beet

player in stardew valley holding beet
Beets are sweet vegetable crops.

The Beet is a sweet and earthy root vegetable that produces up to four harvests per season. It takes six days to grow from Beet Seeds, which you can get from the following:

  • Desert Oasis (20g)

The table below shows the health and energy effects of Beets, as well as its various selling prices.

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller (+10%)
Eating a beet has restoration effects.

8. Eggplant

player holding an eggplant in stardew valley
Eggplants take five days to reach maturity.

This crop is a vegetable that grows from Eggplant Seeds every five days. You can buy the seeds from the following:

  • Pierre’s General Store (20g)
  • JojaMart (25g)

Normally, you’ll get one Eggplant every five days after the bush reaches maturity, but there’s a random 0.2% chance for more. This bush produces up to five harvests.

Check the table below for the Eggplant’s healing effects and selling prices.

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller (+10%)
An eggplant has restorative effects for your energy and health.

7. Bok Choy

stardew valley player holding bok choy in farm
Bok choy is a leafy vegetable best planted in Fall.

This leafy vegetable grows from Bok Choy Seeds, which you can purchase from the following:

  • Pierre’s General Store (50g)
  • JojaMart (62g)

You can harvest one Bok Choy after four days, with a maximum of six harvests in a season. It’ll sell for 80g, plus 10% more with the Tiller Profession. The base selling price also depends on the quality.

Eating it will restore your health and energy, as seen in the table below.

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller (+10%)
A bok choy has many benefits.

6. Amaranth

player holding amaranth in Stardew Valley
This purple grain is fitting for the Fall season.

Amaranth is a purple grain with roots from an ancient civilization and is harvested using a scythe. You can grow one every seven days, up to three times per season. Amaranth Seeds can be purchased from the following:

  • Pierre’s General Store (70g)
  • JojaMart (87g)

The table below shows the increase in selling price according to its quality and its healing effects as well.

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller
An amaranth has varying selling prices and health effects.

5. Cranberries

player harvesting cranberries in stardew valley farm
Cranberries aren’t just beautiful, they have many benefits for you, too.

These red berries aren’t just beautiful; you’ll only have to plant them once. The Cranberry crop grows after seven days and they’ll keep producing two Cranberries every five days. However, there’s a 10% random chance that you’ll get one or more extra berries. You can harvest this crop for up to five times.

You can get Cranberry seeds from the sources listed below:

  • Pierre’s General Store (240g)
  • JojaMart (300g)

The varying restoration effects of Cranberry is shown below, along with its selling prices.

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller (+10%)
You can restore your energy and health by eating a cranberry.

4. Grape

player harvesting grapes in stardew valley
Grapes will keep producing fruits every three days.

Grapes are another multi-harvest crop, which means they’ll keep producing fruit once they’ve matured. After ten days of growing them, you’ll get to harvest Grapes every three days, for up to six times in Fall.

You can find the Grape Seeds at the following, with corresponding seed price:

  • Pierre’s General Store (60g)
  • JojaMart (75g)

You can either eat Grapes for varying boosting effects or sell them for different prices according to their quality, as seen in the table below.

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller (+10%)
Eat grapes to restore your energy and health.

3. Artichoke

player holding artichoke in farm on stardew valley
You can harvest an artichoke after eight days.

Artichoke is a vegetable that has spiny leaves. It takes eight days to grow from Artichoke seeds, which you can obtain through the following:

  • Pierre’s General Store (30g) after Year 2 

See the table below for the Artichoke’s restoration effects and selling price.

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller (+10%)
An artichoke restores your health and energy, plus can be sold at higher prices with the Tiller Profession.

2. Fairy Rose

stardew valley player produces fairy rose honey
Fairy Rose attracts fairies and produces Fairy Rose Honey.

According to an old folk legend, this beautiful flower’s sweet smell attracts fairies. But the Fairy Rose isn’t just that; it can also produce Fairy Rose Honey if grown within five squares of a Bee House. While a jar of honey costs 100g, Fairy Rose Honey is worth 680g — even increasing by 40% with the Artisan Profession (952g).

You can purchase Fairy Seeds from the stores below:

  • Pierre’s General Store (200g)
  • Joja Mart (250g)

From planting the seeds, a Fairy Rose takes 12 days to grow. You can harvest it twice per season.

Aside from producing valuable honey, Fairy Rose has healing effects and is also highly valuable. See the table below for more information.

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller (+10%)
A fairy rose is a highly valuable crop.

1. Pumpkin

player harvesting pumpkin in stardew valley during fall season
The Pumpkin is a fall favorite.

A Pumpkin is a vegetable that we associate with Fall the most. It’s one of the three crops (alongside melon and cauliflower) in Stardew Valley that can grow into a Giant Crop. Three Pumpkin crops planted in a 3×3 pattern have a 1% chance to combine to make a Giant Crop, which drops 15 to 21 items when harvested.

It takes a Pumpkin 13 days to grow into maturity, but a Giant Crop won’t necessarily appear on the 13th day, as it can happen at any point.

You can purchase Pumpkin Seeds from the following:

  • Pierre’s Store (100g)
  • JojaMart (125g)

Although it isn’t meant to be eaten, the Pumpkin is used in several recipes and bundles at the Community Center.

One Pumpkin costs 320g, which is one of the highest base prices for plants in Stardew Valley. The price goes up depending on the quality and whether you have the Tiller Profession (+10%). See the table below for comparison.

QualitySelling PriceWith Tiller
A pumpkin can’t be eaten but it can be sold at high prices.

Bonus: Sweet Gem Berry

player holding sweet gem berry in stardew valley
The Sweet Gem Berry grows from Rare Seeds.

The Sweet Gem Berry is a crop with the highest value among the Fall crops. It sells for 3,000g at base quality and even higher if it’s silver, gold, or iridium quality. See the table below for comparison.

QualitySelling Price
A sweet gem berry has the highest profit of all fall crops.

However, we can’t officially include it in this list because it can’t be eaten (therefore, no healing effects), or used in a Keg or Preserves Jar to produce artisan goods. It doesn’t get the Tiller Profession bonus either.

Plus, it’s grown from a Rare Seed, which you can either purchase from the Traveling Cart for 1,000g or produce by placing a Sweet Gem Berry in a Seed Maker. It takes 24 days to grow a Sweet Gem Berry from a Rare Seed.

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