Dinosaur Egg: Uses, Benefits, and Everything You Should Know

You read that right, you can get dinosaur eggs in Stardew Valley! But how exactly can you acquire one? What can you use them for? Can you use them for cooking? These are just a few questions this article will answer for you!

Finding your first dinosaur egg is amazing.

There are many kinds of eggs in the game with tons of different uses. From cooking and crafting to completing quests and bundles, they’re an animal product you can benefit greatly from. The dino egg is one many players might be curious about, so here’s everything you should know about it.

What is a Dinosaur Egg?

It’s an animal product you will get from the dinosaur, a farm animal you can care for in the Big Coop. You can purchase almost all animals from Marnie except for a dino. 

This item is also an artifact, so there are several other ways you can get it in the game, which we’ll discuss later. It’s inedible and you can’t use it in any recipes, but there are other uses for it.

You can put this into an incubator in a Big or Deluxe Coop. It will hatch a dinosaur 12 days later, while it will only take six days with the Coopmaster Profession. 

Player putting the dinosaur egg into the incubator.
Place a dino egg into the Egg Incubator to hatch a dinosaur.

It can also be donated to the local museum to complete the collection. However, it would be smart to not donate your first one and incubate it instead so you’ll have an endless supply. Once your dinosaur produces an egg, you can then donate that one.

Player holding the dino egg, suggestion to donate it to the museum.
Don’t donate your dinosaur egg to the museum just yet!

How to Find It?

You can find it in the following ways:

  • The Mountains and the Quarry. Dig up an Artifact Spot, a spot that looks like a bunch of worms (0.6% chance)
  • FIshing Treasure Chests. With at least a Fishing skill level 2 (0.7 to 0.8% chance)
  • Pepper Rex enemies. As a drop after previously finding at least one artifact (10% chance)
  • Skull Cavern. By foraging on Prehistoric Floors
  • Movie Theater. By winning it as a prize on the Crane Game (only after completing the Community Center or the JojaMart Community)

And of course, if you have a dinosaur, it will produce one egg every seven days as long as it’s fed well.

Selling Prices

While this item is inedible, you can sell it for 350g per piece, but you can sell it for more depending on its quality.

Here is a table for comparison:

QualitySelling Price
You can sell the dinosaur egg for a price depending on its quality.

Artisan Goods

A dino egg can be used to make Dinosaur Mayonnaise. Simply place it into a Mayonnaise Machine and wait three hours. You can sell the mayo for 800g at normal quality, but you can get more for it with the Rancher Profession (20%) or Artisan Profession (40%). See the table below for comparison.

Base PriceRancher ProfessionArtisan Profession
The Rancher or Artisan Profession increases the value of your mayo.


Using it in the spool of a Sewing Machine will create a Dino Hat. It can also be used as a green dye in the dye pots.


Almost every Villager will dislike being given a dino egg except for Dwarf and Penny.

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