Bone Fragment: Guide to Crafting, Milling, and More Uses

What are bone fragments in Stardew Valley? Where can you get them? What are they used for? All these and more will be answered in this guide, so read on.

bone fragment in stardew valley
A bone fragment is more than just a piece of bone.

When you pick up a bone fragment for the first time in Stardew Valley, it might confuse you as it’s not obvious what they’re used for. Some players’ first instinct might be to throw them away because of this, but it’s actually an indispensable crafting material. Find out more about this item right here.

What’s this Item?

It’s a resource and crafting material in the game. It looks like a small piece of bone that certain monsters drop when slain. You can also find it by destroying certain items.

Where to Find It?

This item can be found by doing the following:

  • Slaying Skeletons from levels 70 to 79 in The Mines
  • Killing Lava Lurks in the Volcano Dungeon (20-50% chance)
  • Destroying Bone Nodes on Ginger Island
  • Destroying crates and barrels in Skull Cavern
  • Finding 2-5 BF in Artifact Spots (20% chance) but only after completing Fragments Of The Past

Selling Price

You can sell one for 12g.


You can use this crafting material for trading in The Island Trader on Ginger Island:

  • Two pieces for one Taro Tuber
  • Thirty pieces for the Banana Pudding recipe


This material is used in crafting the items in this table.

ItemCrafting SourceIngredients
Bone MillGunther’s special order “Fragments Of The Past”BF (10)Clay (3)Stone (20)
Skull BrazierRobin’s Shop for 400gBF (20)
Dark SignKrobus at 3 heartsBF (10)Bat wings (5)
Thorns RingCombat Level 7BF (50)Stone (50)Gold bar (1)
Ostrich IncubatorProfessor Snail’s surveyBF (50)Hardwood (50)Cinder Shards (20)
Hyper Speed-GroMr. Qi for 30 Qi GemsBF (3)Radioactive Ore (1)Solar Essence (1)
You can craft a lot of items with a bone fragment.


Once you’ve crafted your Bone Mill using the recipe above, you can now create various kinds of fertilizer using the fragments. Simply put at least five of them into the mill and wait for it to produce any of the following:

  • 5 Speed-Gro
  • 3 Deluxe Speed-Gro
  • 10 Quality Fertilizer
  • 5 Tree Fertilizer
Player in front of bone mill holding a bone fragment
Place a bone fragment inside a Bone Mill.

There’s an equal chance for each of these fertilizers to be created from the mill.

Player getting a fertilizer from the bone mill
Ta-da! It’s a Deluxe Speed-Gro.


You can also create the Skeleton Shirt by using it in the spool of the Sewing Machine. It can be used as a yellow dye as well.


Not one Villager will appreciate receiving a bone fragment as a gift.


You’ll need this item in the following quest:

  • Fragments Of The Past – Gunther’s special order. The task is to collect 100 bone fragments within seven days. Once completed, you’ll receive a reward of 3,500g and the recipe for the Mill.


You may need ten pieces of this item for the remixed Adventurer’s Bundle in the Boiler Room.

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