Stardew Valley Caroline | Schedule, Location, and More

Caroline is one of the citizens of the Stardew Valley. She helps Pierre intending to the store, Pierre’s General Store.

Caroline is very traditional in the sense that she’s quite fond and enjoys most of her time being at home, doing all the chores and all that. Caroline and Pierre have one daughter, Abigail, who’s also one of the romantic interests in the game.

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Stardew Valley Caroline Schedule

Caroline’s schedule in Stardew Valley can be quite hard to follow. I think mainly it’s because she’s a housewife, that’s why a lot of things are at least troublesome even for her.

Here’s a complete list of her schedules:

TimeFall 25Winter 16Raining
8:00 AMKitchenPierre’s General Store – Kitchen PGS – Kitchen
10:00 AMBedroomAisle, General Store
12:00 PMWaiting Room, ClinicTown Square
1:30 PMExamination Room, ClinicNight Market
4:00 PMLiving Room
9:00 PMBedroom
11:30 PMBedroom
TimeRegular ScheduleTuesdayWednesdayFridaySaturday (Community Center Restored)Sunday
8:00 AMPierre’s General Store – KitchenDresser, Living RoomKitchen, PGSSame as WednesdayPGS Kitchen
9:00 AMBedroom
10:00 AMSunroomSunroomSame as Wednesday
10:30 AMLiving Room
10:40 AMBookshelf, Bedroom
11:00 AMMain Room, Community Center
12:00 PMAisle, Genera StoreFountain, Community CenterMuseum
1:00 PMAerobics Class, Living Room
1:30 PMJodi, Town SquareAisle, PGS
2:40 PMTree, South of Community Center
4:00 PMLiving RoomLiving Room
5:00 PMLiving RoomLiving RoomReturns to Living Room
6:10 PMKitchen
6:30 PMBedroom
9:00 PMBedroomSleeping, BedroomBedroomSleeping, BedroomBedroomSleeping, Bedroom

Stardew Valley Caroline’s House

Caroline lives with her husband, Pierre, inside the Pierre General Store. You can see how busy she is by referring to the schedules above. One thing to note about Caroline’s house is that it sits on the north side of Town Square.

Take a look at the map and check it to reference where you’re at and locate her house by using the player indicator.

Stardew Valley Caroline’s Sunroom

There are times that Caroline will go to her sunroom to get some tea. Refer to the schedule above to know when and where she’ll be at.

But if you’re confused about where the hell is her sunroom, it’s basically in the kitchen of Pierre’s General Store. She’ll be in her sunroom sipping some tea like some bloke.

Caroline’s Greenhouse Location

If you’re wondering where the hell is the greenhouse location of Caroline in Stardew Valley, basically you’re way too late.

A Reddit post last year was posted with a screenshot of what happens from the greenhouse if you managed to get into it. You can check the post here.

Caroline’s Cheating Conspiracy [Spoilers]

One of the most bizarre events in Stardew Valley is about the concerns of Pierre about not being Abigail’s biological father.

Several Reddit threads and discussions were made regarding this issue. When you max your friendship both with Pierre and Caroline, you’ll be able to unlock a dialogue. This dialogue speaks of Pierre’s fear of not being Abigail’s true father.

Once you max out your friendship with Caroline, you’ll see that she’ll talk about her past, regarding the Wizard and her adventures to the tower. She even mentioned that you shouldn’t tell Pierre due to him getting overly jealous about it.

Maxing out your friendship with Abigail will lead you to a dialogue that she’ll tell you. It’s about the way her hair wasn’t always purple and Caroline remembering that it was chestnut brown or something like that.

This leads to the part where if you max your friendship with the Wizard, he’ll tell you that he believes one of the residents is his son/daughter. The most obvious choice will be, of course, Abigail.

Well, this pretty much sums up mostly everything for Caroline. If you’d like to see more guides or mods like this, be sure to check out our blog. We always have the best Stardew Valley guides for you.

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