The Best Stardew Valley Portrait Mods in 2021

Are you looking for a character makeover or just here to scan the best fan-made portraits? Don’t worry, we have the best Stardew Valley portrait mods list just for you.

The vanilla designs aren’t that bad. If you’ve been playing the game for long, you’ll see that even the original design has its own charm and that’s not a bad thing. But over time, you’ll really get tired looking at the same thing over and over again.

You might as well give the game a total makeover. So here’s our handpicked Stardew Valley mods that you’ll really love.

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Best Stardew Valley Portrait Mods

Character Portrait Overhauls

Character Portrait Overhaul is where it’s at. A redesigned version of all of the characters in the game, making it feel a bit more authentic and given enough love. But to be honest, I still like the vanilla.

This portrait mod is exceptional for its lovable design, a stylized art style, and the modern look that it has going for it. It’s perfect for the age group that are fans of the game. Give your characters a completely different look by trying this mod out.

Villagers Anime Portrait

Anime and Stardew Valley really goes well together. It’s no surprise that people will be modding this game out with anime portrait designs. Stardew Valley is a reminiscent of the old JRPGs that people used to play. This mod turns the ordinary designs of the villagers into an anime-style sprite.

Honestly, when I started playing Stardew Valley, I remembered that it looks a lot like Harvest Moon x Legend of Mana to some extent. If you ever feel like you need to get a better mod, try this mod and see if it’s gonna bring the nostalgic memories back whilst enjoying a good harvest.

Variant Anime Portraits

One of the most popular Stardew Valley mods, Variant Anime Portraits allows you to have multiple portraits for a single character.

This exceptional work has been the product of the love of the community, both for the game and anime itself. It’s a wonderful take on vanilla portraits, adding multiple types of available portraits for you to select. If you feel like having just a single portrait sprite ain’t enough, then check the V.A.P. mod for yourself.

Einari’s Portrait Mods – All Villagers

Einari’s Portait Mods is a classic mod of the community. This portrait mod redesigns the original artwork of the game’s portrait for all the villagers in the game with Einari’s own art style, a unique take on the game’s design itself, adding multiple variants for each character’s emotions.

It’s amazing how Einari did it in under a month of the game’s release. It’s still the top choice for a lot of Stardew farmers and one of the best mods out there. Check this mod out for yourself.

Leyalluna’s Portraits

Leyalluna’s Portraits is one of the recent designs that came out and we’ll be damned, it’s actually stunning.

Aside from the complete redesign of the portrait, she’s added multiple variants of the faces, adding a layer of emotion and personality for each character, which is pretty unique to themselves. Stop by Leyalluna’s mod by check following this page.

Seasonal Anime Portraits II

Seasonal Anime Portraits II is a sequel to the first version of the mod series. Although it initially started as an add on for the Seasonal Villager Outfit, it retained its own design and complimented the mod itself for its unique take on the portraits of the NPCs in the game.

The mod itself creates a different portrait for each season, including the variant of the portraits themselves. This mod was heavily based on another modder’s take on the Anime mod, by OhoDavi and another seasonal portrait mods by FlashShifter.

Portrait Anime Styled

A polished anime-style design, this mod is one of the best Stardew Valley portrait mods for a long time.

It adds a series of anime portrait variants that’s really taking a turn into a more polished JRPG portrait design. It’s really good and a must-try mod.

DCBurger’s High Res Portrait Mod

Currently one of my personal favourites, DCBurger’s mod is just so damn good.

The high resolution art is really mesmerizing and fresh to look at. Sure, the game itself isn’t high-res and is all about those pixels, but damn. You have to appreciate the looks of this gorgeous mod and why it deserves praise simply for its beautiful art design.

Kal’s Marriage Candidates Portraits

Kal’s mod really feels authentic and unique. I mean, all of these mods are pretty unique to themselves, but this one feels a little more cartoonish and Disney-like? I don’t know.

Kal’s Marriage Candidates is a pretty awesome mod that turns your characters into lovable portraits with a well-refined art style.

SHIE’S Portraits

Shie’s Portraits is just a good example of original takes without having to go with the game’s direction in art style yet give the same vibe and atmosphere.

This mod is an aesthetically-pleasing portrait mod that sets the perfect mood for farming and mining.


Portrait mods are awesome, but you know what’s more awesome? That’s right, fishing and clothing mods! And if you’d love to see more of these awesome mods, check out our Best Stardew Valley Mods!