How to Get Married in Stardew Valley?


Are you looking for ways to build relationships and get married in Stardew Valley?

Well, you are in the right place because this Stardew Valley marriage guide will give you all the information you need about romance, relationships, marriage, and even divorce in Stardew Valley.

Sit back and let us go over the key points that every Stardew player needs to know.

Which Characters Can You Marry in Stardew Valley?

Before we dive deeper into how you can get married in this game, you need to know which NPCs are even eligible for that.

Our Stardew bachelors are:

Stardew Valley bachelorettes are:

That in total makes up to 12 potential marriage candidates. All of them have very different personalities, so it will be up to you to decide which NPC fits your character the most!

If you’d like to spend more time with various Stardew NPCs, you can take a look at our guide where you will learn about the locations of Stardew Valley characters.

How to improve Stardew Relationships?

Did you know that becoming great friends (or more) with other characters in Stardew Valley is not that hard at all?

Basically, you need to spend a bit more time with your chosen NPCs and give them gifts. It might take you some time to figure out what kind of items are liked or loved by different Stardew Valley candidates, so you might want to check out our Stardew gifts guide to learn more about that.

If you give a gift on someone’s birthday, then the relationship will improve faster.

However, keep in mind that you will be counted only as friends if you haven’t reached the 8 hearts event with some NPC. That’s when the romance can begin.

If you decide to go forward with the relationship, you will need to buy a flower bouquet from Pierre’s General Store and give it to the bachelor or bachelorette. That’s how you get a boyfriend or a girlfriend in Stardew Valley.

How to Get Engaged to an NPC in Stardew?

Once you reach the 10 hearts event, you can start thinking about getting married in Stardew Valley!

It’s a very lovely occasion, but there is still plenty to take care of.

First of all, you will need to get your hands on the Mermaid’s Pendant as an engagement gift. You can buy it from the Old Mariner, but keep in mind that this will cost you quite a lot – 5000 gold coins. Marriage is not cheap!

How to Get married to an NPC in Stardew Valley?

So, you’re looking for an answer about how to get married in Stardew Valley? Here are the main things:

Once you propose, the wedding will happen in 3 days (unless there is a town-wide event on that day). It’s actually quite sweet that it will always be sunny during a wedding, no matter when it happens.

Also, getting married doesn’t require much work from the character itself. You will just change clothes and start enjoying the beautiful ceremony.

Stardew Valley marriage ceremony

After the wedding is over, your married life will start in Stardew Valley!

How to Get Divorced in Stardew Valley?

Now that you know how to get married in Stardew Valley, you might want to know more about the process of Stardew divorce just in case.

Some marriages just end in divorce, and there is nothing characters can do. If you decide that you have chosen a wrong candidate, you can simply go to the Mayor’s Manor and sign the divorce papers.

Just keep in mind that marriage and divorce won’t be cheap! You will have to pay 50k gold coins just to end your marriage. Of course, if you change your mind, you can still cancel the process until the end of the day.

It might sound weird, but if you had children, you can also choose to turn them into doves. That’s right. If you visit the Witch’s Hut in Stardew Valley, you will be able to end your marriage and get rid of the kids.

This can be a rather simple way to restart your Stardew Valley life.

Have you already chosen a perfect marriage candidate? Spend some time with them, build a strong bond, and pick a perfect bachelor or bachelorette in Stardew Valley!

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