What is the Stone Path Behind the Farmhouse?

Have you always wanted to place objects North of your Shipping Bin but can’t do anything? Spoiler: it’s for your spouse. Find out more about what your partners will do on the Stone Path as you marry them!

Abigail playing the flute, Emily meditating, Haley taking photos with her camera, Leah sculpting wood, Penny reading a book, Maru tinkering with her robot, Elliott reading a book, Alex lifting weights, Harvey reading a book, Alex skating, Sebastian fixing his motorcycle, and Shane petting his chicken "Charlie".
Every marriage candidate in Stardew Valley has different hobbies they do in your backyard.

Aside from standard stone walkways you can craft for decorations, another one exists North of the Shipping Bin. Most beginning Stardew Valley players have no idea of its purpose. You can neither place any furniture nor object as the tile won’t allow it.

Farmland tiles are one of the most significant factors for your in-game success. However, this free space could be more space for profiting with Starfruit and Ancient Fruits. What is this farmland tile exactly, and why does it exist?

A Small Stone Path Behind the House

The player standing near the Stone Path (backyard) in Stardew Valley.
A concrete pavement North of the Farmhouse.

A few steps outside the door is a 4×2 paved concrete space. Its looks will differ depending on your farm layout, but still an unsuitable place for objects and buildings.

What is the Paved Path for?

While useless at first, it’ll be a spot for your spouse’s hobbies when you’re married. Out of 12 bachelors and bachelorettes, Abigail, Penny, Harvey, and Elliott have the same garden design and hobbies except for Abigail playing her flute.

From Spring to Summer, here is every marriage candidates’ backyard and what they do in their free time:


Abigail playing her flute with the player standing nearby.
Abigail playing her flute.

Abigail enjoys the yard with extra calmness, playing the same instrument as her four-heart event. Let the lady play her flute as it’s a form of natural meditation.


Haley taking photos with the player nearby.
Haley loves taking photos with her camera.

Haley’s aesthetic and modernistic side is showcased during her alone time in the backyard. She surely spends an enjoyable and relaxing day with mini coconut trees and a camera.


Emily meditating with the player trying to keep quiet.
Don’t disturb Emily if she has this session!

Opposite to her fashionista sister, Emily loves to connect with the surroundings through meditation. You’ll see weird yet colorful crystals on the paved area where she does her healthy ritual.


Leah hammering a wooden sculpture with the player nearby.
Leah working on her wooden sculpture.

If there’s someone more connected with nature, your relationship might work with Leah. The artistic and alluring lady crafts the same masterpiece as her perfection.


Maru fixing a gadget on the Stone Path with the player nearby.
Maru fixing her gadget.

Robot heads are something you won’t expect on your growing fields in Stardew Valley. One exception is marrying Maru, where she works on it all year round.


Penny reading a book on a Stone Path North of the Shipping Bin in Stardew Valley.
A real teacher is a lifetime student.

Since Pelican Town couldn’t afford a formal educational institution, Penny embodied knowledge for every child. However, don’t be surprised if she’s still reading books in your garden – she’s enjoying the atmosphere.


Alex lifting weights.
Alex doing muscle work.

Alex is a diehard fan of healthy breakfast and a workout station to keep his body in good shape.


Elliott reading a blue book.
Aside from piano, reading is one of Elliott’s favorites.

Innovative writer, talented pianist, long-brushed hair – you’ll find Elliott reading books and enjoying the season.


Harvey the Bookworm.
Killing time through good reads is Harvey’s favorite.

Another bookworm as a spouse and a full-time doctor in Town. 


Sam on the skating rink with his skateboard.
Some habits won’t die.

Sam is one of the cool boys in Stardew Valley. He spends time skating in front of their house, on a stone path behind the farm, and everywhere he goes!


Sebastian fixing his motorcycle.
Dark truth: marrying Sebastian will prevent him from going to the City.

While his dream is to get away from the Town and live a life in the city, it never happens once you marry him. But you get to see him on the tiles fixing his motorcycle sometimes.


Shane taking care of Charlie.
Charlie is Shane’s world (not you).

Although unstable and defensive, Shane is fond of chickens. You have no choice but to bring in Charlie and his mini-coop on the farm if you marry him.

Stone Path in Every Season

Every flower in the backyard changes depending on the season. If your spouse puts something as decor, it won’t change except the snow on top during Winter. Even though you can’t place on the 4×2 tiles, at least you’re giving some freedom to your special someone in Stardew Valley.

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