Stardew Valley Geologist or Miner: Which is Better?


Mining in Stardew Valley is a truly valuable skill. Like every skill, Mining comes with levels, experience, and the possibility to pick a profession after reaching a certain level in the game. The mining skill is associated with breaking rocks. 

The majority of your rocks in The Mines will be blocked during the first couple of days as you begin the game.

However, you don’t have to worry, Joja Corp will clear the landslide blocking The Mines, finally giving you access to it. That will happen after four days into a game.

When you reach level 5 in mining, you will get to choose between a Miner or a Geologist. This can often be mind-boggling if you are new to the game, so let’s get to know is Geologist or Miner better!

Stardew Valley Level 5: Miner

The miner profession is very easy to comprehend. 

It goes like this – every vein you mine will give you +1 ore. This can be helpful for the early and late stages of the game. Remember, you will need lots of ores and bars to build stuff early on. However, later on, rarer ores such as Iridium won’t be a hassle to stockpile in the late game.

So, let’s say you have chosen a Miner and you have reached level 10. Now, you will get to make another choice – Blacksmith or Prospector. The Blacksmith will help you by making your metal bars worth 50% more. 

While it is a valuable thing to have, Prospector, on the other hand, doubles your chance to find coal, which is a lot more helpful in the long run.

Stardew Valley Level 5: Geologist

Geologist gives you a 50% more chance for gems to show up in pairs in nodes and geodes, you acquire from breaking rocks. Gems are perfect gifts, as you probably know from real life. However, Stardew Valley is not an exception. Also, gems are a great source of income too. If you find yourself in need of money, especially early on in your journey, selling gems can infuse your budget very well. 

There you are, at level 10. Now, you can choose between Excavator and Gemologist. Excavator doubles your chance to find geodes. Gemologist, on the other hand, makes gems worth 30% more. 

Practically Excavator is a better one to choose. By choosing Excavator, you can easier fill out your library or museum with artifacts and minerals.

Gems worth more is superbly nice, but when we take a look at a bigger picture, Excavator brings more to the table.

Stardew Valley Geologist Or Miner 2020

Well, well…

The time has come to make a final decision – Stardew Valley Geologist or Miner?

Okay, if you’d rather skip the early game ore grind, go with a Miner. Some players hate the grind, while others enjoy delving into the mines. On the other hand, we have those players who adore having an abundance of gems to sell or give as gifts. 

Therefore, when you dive deeper into the subject you realize that Mining is the skill where your preferences are the key. 

So, ask yourself, would you rather have a surplus of – ore or gems?

That is such a beautiful doubt to have!

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