Crystalarium: What is it and How to Get One Fast?

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Do you want to replicate gems and make more gold in Stardew Valley? Have you thought of gifting a villager, but you don’t have the priced mineral? A Crystalarium can help you, and this guide will teach you how to find or craft one in no time!

The player in Calico Desert standing near a crystalarium.
Fun fact: Placing a Crystalarium outside the farmhouse is possible. However, be mindful of Emily’s path as she visits Sandy on her birthday.

Exploring the caves to forage or dig valuable rocks is enjoyable despite the risk. Not only will you scale your mining skills, but you can also gather valuables below the surface. But what if there’s a long-term solution for this hobby without risking your head?

If there’s a mineral-copying machine in the game, Crystalarium would be your handy tool. Gem Sea’s brilliant minds give birth to the luxurious equipment that even copies the most expensive Diamonds.

In this beginner’s guide, you’ll learn everything about the machine. Getting one can be intimidating as well. That’s why we’ll give you valuable tips to increase your chance of having the item in early-game.

Crystalarium Overview

The player standing four dozens of crystalarium.
Here’s a perfect Crystalarium layout for farming gems.

Here’s the magic about a Crystalarium: it can replicate a single gem endlessly. If you load Quartz, inserting another is unnecessary as you only have to collect its copies. The process will continue as long as you don’t break the machine or insert another gem or mineral.

To make a Crystalarium, you need to reach Level 9 in Mining to unlock the crafting recipe. Afterward, you’ll need 99 pieces of stone, five gold bars, two iridium bars, and a battery pack for a single machine.

How to Get a Crystalarium Fast

The player donating minerals to the Museum, opening a treasure chest, and buying the 25,000g bundle to unlock a crystalarium.
Here are the different ways to get Crystalariums in Stardew Valley.

Although the Crystalarium gives you an edge for gift-giving and profiting, getting one can be tricky. Instead, you may want to consider these easy and proven methods:

The local mines are home to many riches you won’t see in the ground. Alongside ores and stones, you can dig minerals and gems that Gunther would love to add to his collection.

Twelve foraged minerals and gems in total are available for digging. The rest will fall into Clint’s hands when breaking geodes – and this will be another challenge. Fortunately, bombs speed up mining, save you time, and can efficiently find a geode for you to collect.

Vault’s 25,000g Bundle

It’s an odd trade, but you’ll get a Crystalarium for paying 25,000g. Follow this separate guide if you need help in getting gold fast.

Find a Crystalarium Inside Treasure Rooms

Once you have the key for Skull Caverns, there’s a chance to find a Crystalarium in the Treasure Room. Drops depend on your luck, so make sure to bring lucky food items and rings! Assuming you have fixed the Bus, getting the Skull Key will be your final challenge – but we’ll help you with this guide.

If you don’t want to go through these missions, here’s your final resort: craft one. Once you have the Statue of Perfection, getting iridium ores and turning them into bars would be easier. But if you’re in your first year, consider relying on the alternatives above.

Setting Up a Crystalarium

A crude note report in Stardew Valley.
Here’s a book featuring the gem-copying machine in a Stardew Valley report.

Now that you have a Crystalarium, you need to place one of your gems, geode minerals, or foraged minerals inside. All you have to do now is wait as the machine does its work.

You might want to keep yourself busy, as replicating a gem or mineral will take hours or days. With that said, here’s a complete list of every item you can duplicate, their selling price, and the time it takes to finish the process:

Gem/MineralNormal PriceGemologist PriceTime to Make
Aerinite125g162g3d 11h 20m
Alamite150g195g3d 11h 20m
Amethyst100g130g22h 40m
Aquamarine180g234g1d 13h 20m
Baryte50g65g3d 11h 20m
Basalt175g227g3d 11h 20m
Bixite300g390g3d 11h 20m
Calcite75g97g3d 11h 20m
Celestine125g162g3d 11h 20m
Dolomite300g390g3d 11h 20m
Earth Crystal50g65g13h 20m
Emerald250g325g2d 2h
Esperite100g130g3d 11h 20m
Fairy Stone250g325g3d 11h 20m
Fire Opal350g455g3d 11h 20m
Fire Quartz100g130g21h 40m
Fluorapatite200g260g3d 11h 20m
Frozen Tear75g97g18h 40m
Geminite150g195g3d 11h 20m
Ghost Crystal200g260g3d 11h 20m
Granite75g97g3d 11h 20m
Helvite450g585g3d 11h 20m
Hematite150g195g3d 11h 20m
Jade200g260g1d 16h
Jagoite115g149g3d 11h 20m
Jamborite150g195g3d 11h 20m
Jasper150g195g3d 11h 20m
Kyanite250g325g3d 11h 20m
Lemon Stone200g260g3d 11h 20m
Limestone15g19g3d 11h 20m
Lunarite200g260g3d 11h 20m
Malachite100g130g3d 11h 20m
Marble110g143g3d 11h 20m
Mudstone25g32g3d 11h 20m
Nekoite80g104g3d 11h 20m
Neptunite400g520g3d 11h 20m
Obsidian200g260g 3d 11h 20m
Ocean Stone220g286g3d 11h 20m
Opal150g195g3d 11h 20m
Orpiment80g104g3d 11h 20m
Petrified Slime120g156g3d 11h 20m
Pyrite120g156g3d 11h 20m
Ruby250g325g2d 2h
Sandstone60g78g3d 11h 20m
Slate85g110g3d 11h 20m
Soapstone120g15g3d 11h 20m
Star Shards500g650g3d 11h 20m
Thunder Egg100g130g3d 11h 20m
Tigerseye275g357g3d 11h 20m
Topaz80g104g18h 40m

Gifting and Profiting Tips

Profit-wise, Diamonds will be your best choice, and getting one won’t be hard either. At the end of the seventh day, you’ll generate 750g. It can even get higher with another 225g bonus with the Gemologist profession! Talk about a self-sustainable profit machine without needing a constant replacement.

On top of that, several villagers from Stardew Valley love valuable gems. Everybody loves Prismatic Shard, but here’s a simple table of everyone’s gem and mineral preferences:

ItemLoved By
AmethystAbigail, Clint, Dwarf, Emily
AquamarineClint, Emily
DiamondEvelyn, Gus, Jodi, Krobus, Marnie, Maru, Penny, Willy,
EmeraldClint, Dwarf, Emily, Penny
Frozen TearSebastian
JadeEmily, Dwarf
Lemon StoneDwarf
RubyClint, Dwarf, Emily
TopazClint, Dwarf Emily

Although Crystalariums can be a reliable side income in Stardew Valley, they won’t work with Prismatic Shards. The reason? It gives a negative EMF reaction to the machine. Set aside the science, you’re at a minor disadvantage because a single prismatic shard has different game-changing purposes.

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