Stardew Valley Paths: Different Types, Designs, Decay, and More

Do you want to familiarize yourself with different paths in Stardew Valley? In search for answers regarding the issue about the decoration? How about distinguishing the different types? Read this FULL GUIDE to know more about every decorative path in the game!

The player  standing in the middle of different decorative paths in Stardew Valley.
Decorative Paths come in five types: Cobblestone, Crystal, Gravel, Stepping Stone, and Wood.

With your farm having little to no decoration, it will grow boring as time passes by. Function over form is ideal in most situations, but there’s a reason why the developer included the art of decoration in Stardew Valley. Enter paths – a piece of craftable furniture with different designs you can place inside or outside the farm.

In this guide, you’ll know the different decorative paths in the game. We’ll include the crafting ingredients, how to unlock the recipe, and bust some myths surrounding the item.

Paths in a Nutshell

A path is one of the many farm decors for creating a walkway on the surface. It gives a 0.1 speed boost when walking or running, but it’s more than the looks.

Since tons of debris appear randomly every new season, a path can block that spawn point. Thus, there is less problem with cleaning the farm soil and a lower chance of bumping into a random stone or tree sapling. On top of that, it can be your ultimate lifesaver if you lose your visual and it’s almost past your bedtime.

Different Types of Path

Currently, there are five available paths in Stardew Valley. Each has a different design and necessary resources for crafting. Throughout the game, you’ll unlock these floor accessories:

Wood Path

The wood path - one of many decorative paths in Stardew Valley.
Wood Path looks mediocre in terms of visuals.

The recipe for wooden paths is already on the starting kit once you start playing the game. Crafting one will need a single piece of wood, although I don’t recommend you do it in the early game. It’s best to keep your lumber in storage as it’ll have different uses, according to this separate guide.

Of course, it’s purely decorative, so giving this to any villager will cause them to hate you. Selling them won’t do you good as well.

For the visuals, it’s a log split in half. It’s not the most attractive type, but it has its functions.

Gravel Path

The player standing at the Gravel Path.
Rather than spending your stone on gravel, there are better paths you may want to consider.

Like the previous type, a gravel path’s recipe is a bonus to kickstart your game. Meaning a piece of stone is all you need to make one. Although it says you can spruce up your flooring, it’s the ugliest type. The sound is irritating, and the sprite looks like someone spilling their wet concrete.

Cobblestone Path

The cobblestone path in Stardew Valley.
Fun fact: A cobblestone path has the same sprite as its crystal counterpart.

When you have some stones to spare, it’s better to turn them into cobblestone than gravel. The two recipes are both starters, but the sound it makes is excellent. Not to mention the design it has, which is pretty decent. 

It’s less colorful than crystal paths, but this one’s cheaper.

Stepping Stone Path

Stepping stone path in a blanket of yellow sand, with the player standing above it.
Stepping stones are arguably the most eye-pleasing decorative path in the game.

For only 100g, you can get the recipe for this decor, and you’ll only need the same resource. It’s a cheap but beautiful design, perfect for a mini backyard full of butterfly hutches and Blue Jazz. Moreover, it genuinely sounds like a block of concrete when walking over it, but that’s not the crazy part.

Placing the stepping stone will have a one in four chance of you getting a different appearance. It’s a plus point for looks.

Crystal Path

Crystal path in the same beach with the player standing above it.
Not the best path for the resource needed, but still, a perfect solution if you hate clicking the craft button for too long.

The final type on the list has to be the most expensive to make. Crystal Paths require refined quartz to craft five pieces of the item. New colors and visuals can be refreshing but not enticing enough. It resembles the cobblestone path’s sprite but with different colors.

Robin sells the crafting instructions for 100g, and you can start making them. Your final problem is dealing with refined quartz, but this guide will help you restock the resource.

Debunking a Myth

The use of paths in Stardew Valley is basic knowledge to common players. Sooner or later, beginners will get the hang of the decoration, but they sometimes think it decays. The answer is no – it’s not a fence that won’t last the test of time (or weather).

A path is immovable unless hit by lightning or spreading weeds takes it over. Yes, you can remove annoying debris from plain sight, but that won’t discourage them. However, the Gold Clock can help you with your problem if you have tons of gold.

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