Stardew Valley gold clock will make farming easier, as it prevents debris from appearing on your farm. Furthermore, it protects fences from decaying, so you won’t have to repair them at all. However, to obtain this pretty useful item, you will have to make sure you have 10,000,000 g.

Gold clock – where to find one?

To buy a gold clock and take your farming to the next level you will have to contact a Wizard. The Wizard studies a spiritual world from his tower, and you can find him there from 6 AM to 11 PM.

To strengthen your friendship with Wizard you should give him gifts twice per week, plus on his birthday. When picking a suitable present for him, think in terms of Purple Mushroom, Solar Essence, or Void Essence.

Is the gold clock worth buying?

You have no reason to hesitate on purchasing a gold clock if you have enough money and hate manual work.

Moreover, the gold clock will help you with debris that grows on the farm. That means you will never have to clean up again. It takes care of the cosmetic things and frees up a bit of your time, allowing you to do other, more exciting things.

However, if you are okay with repairing fences and debris growing, then the gold clock will not provide you with any substantial value. Therefore, if you have other things you would like to spend money on, skip buying the gold clock.

Stardew Valley gold clock mod

When it comes to aesthetics, a giant gold clock building can look a bit weird on the farm. Especially, if you care about your Stardew Valley’s house design and overall farm look. Therefore, for those of you who want to create a real farming environment, this gold clock mod will do an amazing job. 

By installing this mod, you will achieve a more realistic look, as this gold clock is designed as a farmhouse. Therefore, it will blend in perfectly with the rest of the farmhouses.

Stardew Valley gold clock ID

For those of you who like good stuff, and you like it for free, we hate to say it, but there is no ID for gold clock.

Some players get confused because they treat gold clock as an item, and all objects in the game have ID. However, it is important to understand that the gold clock is defined as a building. The ID is used for items you can carry around in your backpack, not for buildings.

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