Top 12 Best Spring Crop in Stardew Valley

If you’re contemplating which crop you should grow this Spring in Stardew Valley, this guide can help you. We’ve ranked the best spring crops cultivated during this period. Read further to learn more about it!

A farm filled with spring crops in Stardew Valley.
May your chosen Spring Crop bring you a fortune!

Before growing the best summer crops in Stardew Valley, you must first focus on setting up your farm for Spring. You’ll need some scarecrows to prevent crows from feasting over your crops and sprinklers to lessen your daily tasks. Adding fertilizers to them is also viable as it gives you a great quality crop.

However, have you picked a crop for the season? You can check this guide to know the best Spring Crop if you’re having difficulty choosing. We’ve ranked them based on their uses and values!

Top 12 Best Spring Crops

12. Coffee Bean

A player surrounded with coffee beans in Stardew Valley.
Its product makes a great energizer!

You can grow a Coffee Bean during Summer or Spring. It only takes ten days to cultivate them and two days to regenerate their yields.

However, despite its development’s brief duration and regrowth, this Spring Crop still ranks the lowest among them. Aside from having the lowest selling price, getting them is also challenging. You can get it through the following methods:

  • Purchasing from the Traveling Cart. You’ll occasionally find it on their Special Stock for 2500g
  • Slaying Dust Sprites. These mobs only have a 1% chance of dropping it.

Unfortunately, unlike other spring crops, it doesn’t benefit from the Tiller Profession. They’re also inedible unless you turn them into Coffee by placing them in a Keg. Here’s its price list based on its grade:

QualitySelling Price

11. Tulip

A player surrounded with tulips in Stardew Valley.
Colorful flowers make the best gifts.

It’s a flower from Tulip Bulbs which grows in various colors. It only takes six days to develop, and you can finally place it in a Bee House to extract its benefits. You may find its seeds in these shops around Pelican Town:

  • Pierre’s General Store- 20g.
  • JojaMart- 25g.
  • Traveling Cart- 100g to 1000g.
  • Night Market in Winter 15- 20g.

Moreover, it also benefits from the Tiller Profession and adds 10% to the regular selling price of each crop. Here are the costs of each Tulip and their offered healing effects.

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller 

10. Blue Jazz

A player surrounded with blue Jazz in Stardew Valley.
Who knew that you could use it in cooking?

These flowers are from Jazz Seeds. It only requires seven days to develop, and you can finally use them in cooked dishes and Artisan Goods recipes. You can purchase its seeds easily from the following places:

  • General Store- 30g.
  • JojaMart- 377g.
  • Traveling Cart- 100g to 1000g.
  • Night Market in Winter 15- 30g.
QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller

9. Unmilled Rice

A player surrounded with unmilled rice in Stardew Valley.
It’ll make great dishes once you place it in the Mill.

It’s a Spring Crop grown from Rice Shoots. They take eight days to fully mature if not irrigated. However, if you apply enough water supply, it’ll grow within six days. Placing it in a Mill produces Rice that helps make various dishes. You may get its seeds from:

  • General Store- 40g.
  • Traveling Cart- 100g to 1000g.

Consuming or selling them gives you these advantages:

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller 

8. Green Beans

Green Beans aren’t everyone’s best friend, but you may want to try growing them.

You can get them from a Bean Starter. Growing this spring crop takes ten days to develop and three days to bear new beans fully. You can use it to make Demetrius’ favorite dish- Bean Hot Pot- and make small profits by harvesting its produce. You may find a Bean Starter in these bazaars:

  • General Store- 60g
  • JojaMart- 75g
  • Traveling Cart- 100g to 1000g
  • Night Market every Winter 15- 60g

These are the benefits you’ll receive by planting them:

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller

7. Parsnip

A player surrounded with parsnips in Stardew Valley.
It’s your first crop in Stardew Valley, remember?

This vegetable crop is from Parsnip Seeds that only take four days to mature. It may be quick to grow, but it’s only a one-time harvest good. Nonetheless, you can still make dishes like Farmer’s Lunch and Parsnip Soup with this vegetable. 

You may purchase its seeds from these shops:

  • General Store- 20g.
  • JojaMart- 25g.
  • Traveling Cart- 100g to 1000g.
  • Night Market in Winter 15- 20g.
QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller 

6. Garlic

A player surrounded with garlic in Stardew Valley.
Discover more dishes with this ingredient!

It’s a vegetable grown from Garlic Seeds. You can use it on different dishes; it only takes four days to harvest. However, you can only get it from Pierre’s General Store in your second year in Pelican Town.   

These are the benefits of eating and marketing this spring crop:

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller 

5. Potato

A player surrounded with potatoes in Stardew Valley.
What are you going to make with your first potato?

Growing this Spring Crop requires Potato Seeds, while its development only takes six days. Depending on your daily luck, you may get more potatoes from one plant. You may occasionally get its seeds from these shops:

  • General Store- 50g.
  • JojaMart- 62g.
  • Traveling Cart- 100g to 1000g.
  • Night Market in Winter 15- 50g.
QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller

4. Kale

A player surrounded with Kale in Stardew Valley.
Make sure to bring your scythe when harvesting them!

ItIt’slso a vegetable crop with a growth time of six days. You can sell them for a reasonable price and also use them in making different dishes. If you wish to grow this vegetable, you can visit these stores to purchase Kale Seeds:

  • General Store- 70g
  • JojaMart- 87g
  • Traveling Cart- 105g to 1000g
  • Night Market in Winter 15- 70g
QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller 

3. Cauliflower

A player surrounded by cauliflower in Stardew Valley.
This vegetable is full of surprises. Do you want to see its giant counterpart?

You can cultivate this vegetable crop by planting Cauliflower Seeds. ItIt’sne of the most profitable crops in Stardew Valley, as it has a 1% chance of turning into a Giant Crop like Pumpkins and Melons. This season crop’s massive counterpart may yield 15 to 21 pieces when harvested with an axe. 

Moreover, this spring crop only takes 12 days to mature fully. You can also make a Cheese Cauliflower with it, MaMaru’savorite dish. You may purchase its seeds in these stores:

  • General Store- 20g.
  • JojaMart- 25g.
  • Traveling Cart- 100g to 1000g.
  • Night Market in Winter 15- 20g.
QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller

2. Rhubarb

A player surrounded by Rhubarb in Stardew Valley.
ItIt’sery lucrative, but why is it in second place?

It’s a fruit crop that takes 13 days to grow. This Spring Crop is lucrative, but it’s a one-time harvest good that ranks second on this list. But if you have plenty of its seeds, then we can consider it the best Spring Crop since its Artisan Goods are more profitable.

You may purchase it from these stores:

  • Oasis- 100g.
  • Traveling Cart- 150g to 1000g.

You can’t consume this fruit, but selling them gives you the following profit:

QualitySelling PriceWith Tiller

1. Strawberry

A player surrounded by Strawberry in Stardew Valley.
Meet the best Spring Crop in Stardew Valley!

Cultivating it requires Strawberry Seeds. It takes ten days to mature, and it can regrow fruits every four days. It doesn’t take part in recipes, but you can turn it into Artisan Goods to earn more.

Moreover, it’s a well-loved item by the villagers in Pelican Town. You can easily gift it to them to earn enough Friendship Points. These benefits make it the best Spring Crop in Stardew Valley. You may only purchase it during the Egg Festival every 13th of Spring for 100g.

QualityEnergyHealthSelling PriceWith Tiller


Ancient Fruit

A player surrounded by Ancient Fruits in Stardew Valley.

It’s a multi-season crop that you can grow every Spring, Summer, and Fall. Finding it is pretty challenging since you’ll need to get the Ancient Seed artifact before obtaining the plantable Ancient Seeds. It takes a growth time of 28 days and seven days for its crops to regrow.

However, it doesn’t belong in the Spring Crops category. You’ll find it in the Special Crops section instead. Like Rhubarb, this crop is inedible, but you can profit from it by selling its fruits or making Artisan Goods.

QualitySelling PriceWith Tiller

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