Stardew Valley: 20 Most Expensive Items to Sell For Profit!

Some items in Stardew Valley have tons of advantages that players use. But did you know there’s also a way to profit from them? Here are 20 of the most expensive items you can sell in the game!

Wine-making and catching Legendary Fishes - some of the most expensive items and careers to pursue in Stardew Valley.
More items are below in this list!

It’s unsurprising how money makes or breaks your gameplay in Stardew Valley. Starting with 500g and some Parsnip Seeds are decent for four days until you have to reinvest in farming. As a result, most players have little freedom to buy stuff until their wealth builds up in Year 2.

If you know what to sell, you can rack up money fast. Imagine the potential: more farm animals, more seeds and crops, and massive amounts of wine from a Shed full of Kegs! It’s huge money (and some items belong to this list), but we’ll discuss all 20 of them!

We’re prioritizing what item sells the most and do a ranking of them. Our criteria are simple: the selling price should be massive. If materials tie up, we’ll base them on their functions, so you can use them to your advantage!

How to Sell in Stardew Valley?

The player talking to Pierre, Marlon, and Willy about business.
Your return is always anticipated because of business!

There are different merchants in-game that you can find on other parts of the map. We have Pierre, who will happily take your crops for a reasonable price. On the Beach is Willy, who buys any fish, and Marlon, who trades weapons and rings from the Mountains.

You don’t have to worry about running out of money because the villagers have seemingly endless currency! But can you sell lots of them and drain their riches? Impossible. Mayor Lewis is the perfect example: you can put any items in the Shipping Bin, and he’ll give you money before the day ends.

20 Best Items to Sell

Now that you’re familiar with the selling mechanic, it’s time for the long-awaited reveal. If you’re short on cash and happen to farm these items (or accidentally discover them), you can amass money in no time!

20. Caviar

The player holding a Caviar in Stardew Valley.
This luxurious artisan good tastes like the ocean.

This artisan good is one of the most valuable items in-game, not just for its price. It’s also a key to unlocking the Movie Theater, letting you watch films and increase friendships. Moreover, it’s easy to reproduce them that you can farm a batch inside a Shed.

All you need are Preserves Jars and enough space to start. Afterward, throw a Sturgeon into the Fish Pond (you can build multiple) and harvest their eggs. However, you’ll need to give items they’ll request after the “!” icon appears!

Selling a regular Caviar costs 500g and 700g if you have the Artisan profession.

19. Fairy Rose Honey

The player near a Fairy Rose and Fairy Rose Honey.
The most expensive flower and flavored honey to sell in Stardew Valley.

Out of many flowers in Stardew Valley, Fairy Rose is one of the most expensive and proven to give massive profits. But optimizing their use is ideal as you only need one of them, and the rest are Bee Houses.

Since Wild Honey doesn’t compensate for the cost of making your Apiary, it’s better to wait four days. Afterward, you can start making a profit between 680g to 952g. It’s the highest-selling Honey, after all.

18. Dinosaur Mayonnaise

The player holding a Dinosaur Egg inside a Shed full of Dinosaur Mayonnaise.
Do they taste like the Jurassic period?

What will you do if you find your first Dinosaur Egg? Will you sell it or make it into a spread? If you talk to professional Stardew Valley players, they’d put it into the Incubator and wait for a week before hatching. That’s the greatest takeaway you can apply to start your Dinosaur Mayonnaise business.

Albeit not lucrative, it costs 800g and takes three in-game hours to create. However, the Rancher buff gives 960g while Artisan makes it 1,160g. That’s fair enough if you feed your little Pepper Rex!

17. Goat Cheese

The player holding a Goat Milk inside a Shed full of Goat Cheese.
We guarantee some villagers in Pelican Town would like to taste a Goat Cheese.

Who doesn’t remember Goats in the game? They’re the perfect replacements for Cows because of more profit potential. If you have a Barn, consider taking care of Goats as they produce milk later.

Afterward, you can place those raw products into the Cheese Press. Here are the selling prices for all qualities:

QualitySelling PriceWith RancherWith Artisan

16. Rabbit’s Foot

The player holding a Rabbit's Foot at the Bus Stop.
Notice: No Rabbits were harmed during harvesting

It’s unclear whether or not Rabbits in this farming simulator shed their foot and grow it back. Whatever the reason, they yield some of the most incredible loot at the comfort of your farm.

A Rabbit costs 8,000g from Marnie, and they live at the Deluxe Coop. They need constant feeding and caring to raise a healthy relationship, leading to more quality drops. Although the loot rate is low (where Wool is a dominant guarantee), the selling price is still nice.

QualityBase PriceWith Rancher

15. Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil - one of the most expensive items in Stardew Valley - as held by the player.
Keep those swine in good condition to get these expensive items to sell.

Pigs are the superstars of Barn, and Truffle Oil is the reason. Marnie sells a piglet for 16,000g that you can house on the Deluxe Barn. They also need food and care to maintain their happiness and quality drops.

These big boys are natural hunters, and they can find Truffle – a special type of mushroom. Although the luxurious item sells great, its oil version has better value.

Here’s a complete breakdown of Truffle’s selling prices:

QualitySelling Price

The prices are impressive, but they can go higher on a scale. If you have an Iridium quality, we recommend selling it as the regular Truffle Oil is only 1,065g. Plus, making them takes six hours using the Oil Maker. The profit comes in if you have the Artisan profession, boosting its price to 1,491g.

14. Golden Eggs

The player holding a Golden Egg near a Deluxe Coop.
It’s beautiful!

Alongside the Ginger Island update are various items included to spice up Stardew Valley. One of them is Golden Egg – one of the most expensive animal products that appear only after achieving Perfection. You can track progress from Qi’s Walnut Room if you’re interested.

There are four ways to get the item:

  • Fishing Treasure Chest – 0.12% chance of getting, even if you’re fortunate.
  • Marnie’s Ranch – costs 100,000g a piece.
  • Qi’s Walnut Room – values at 100 Qi Gems. This method is the best as some special orders are less demanding but give great rewards.
  • Random Event – a golden witch will fly over a Coop and leave the rare drop inside.

It’s crucial to reproduce them first to grow your Golden Chicken farm exponentially. They lay eggs when fed and cared for properly, so stack Hay in your Silo and pet them.

Here’s a Golden Egg’s selling prices on different qualities:

QualitySelling PriceWith Rancher

While the raw product sells great, you can get the median value by turning a Golden Egg into Mayonnaise. Prepare your Mayonnaise Machine and wait for three hours. Afterward, you’ll earn 3x gold-quality Mayo which values at 855g. However, it can reach up to 1,026g to 1,197g depending on the profession.

13. Ostrich Eggs

The player with an Ostrich and its egg.
That’s a big egg you’re looking at!

An Ostrich Egg is an enormous shell that has an outstanding market value. In Stardew Valley, selling a piece means catching an Ice Pip or Blobfish but less the hassle. But that’s after figuring out where to find them in the first place.

First, you must solve the Journal Scrap #10 from Ginger Island. It’s actually on this exact spot near the Volcano. However, you may also find them inside Volcano Dungeon rare chests (11.1111% chance).

After completing his fossil collection, it’ll take 9.5 days to hatch the Egg using an Ostrich Incubator – a special tool from Professor Snail. However, it’ll take less with the Coopmaster profession at 4.75 in-game days. 

Here’s the item’s selling prices:

Egg QualitySelling PricesWith Rancher

Putting an Ostrich Egg at the Mayonnaise Machine will produce ten Mayonnaise. Also, the egg’s quality is transferred to the artisan goods. If you place an Iridium quality (costing 1,200g), you’ll net 12,000g!

Let’s take a look at the prices:

Mayonnaise QualitySelling PricesWith RancherWith Artisan
Normal190g (1,900g)228g (2,280g)266g (2,660g)
Silver237g (2,370g)284g (2,840g)331g (3,310g)
Gold285g (2,850g)342g (3,420g)399g (3,990g)
Iridium380g (3,800g456g (4,560g)532g (5,320g)

As one of the most expensive items to sell in Stardew Valley, Ostrich Egg is also somewhat difficult to get. That’s because you’ll need to reach Ginger Island first, find the appropriate Journal Scrap, and wait days before making a hard profit. But don’t worry. You can still build your stream with other items on this list.

12. Blobfish

The player holding a Blobfish near the Fishing Submarine at the Docks.
Perhaps the Blobfish is a convincing candidate for the top best things that happened in Stardew Valley?

In reality, Blobfish has the same selling value as Ice Pip. However, the latter is more favorable because of its Fish Pond produce that you’ll see later.

Blobfish is available to catch once the Night Market takes place from Winter 15 to 17. You’ll need to take a submarine ride for 1,000g and cast your Fishing Rod at the hatch. However, you may also fish near the Fishing Submarine with a Magic Bait equipped. 

Although this sea creature ranks third on the best fish to catch in Stardew Valley, it isn’t challenging to obtain. With only 75 difficulty despite its Floater behavior, any expert angler can bag Blobfish effortlessly.

QualitySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

For Fish Pond products, here are what you can expect from a Blobfish:

  • 1x Roe
  • 2x Roe
  • 1x Pearl
  • 5x Warp Totem: Farm

Note that drop rates will increase depending on the pond’s capacity. However, it’s needed to complete the Blobfish’s item requests first before any expansion happens.

11. Ice Pip

The player holding an Ice Pip in Stardew Valley.
Ice Pip is one of the most priced fish in-game.

Found on the 60th floor of the Mines, Ice Pips live on the frozen underground, swimming rapidly to avoid any Fishing Rod. With its Dart behavior and 85 difficulty, it’ll be challenging to get this cave fish. Moreover, you’ll need to optimize your fishing level and equip a Curiosity Lure to get higher chances of obtaining them.

QualitySelling PriceWith FisherWith Angler

Dropping an Ice Pip to the Fish Pond produces a more reliable and valuable loot. Since you can find them on the Frozen Earth part of the Mines, expect to get items within that zone. Specifically, you’ll get the following:

  • 1x Diamond
  • 1x Frozen Geode
  • 5x Frozen Geode
  • 5x Frozen Tear
  • 5x Iron Ore
  • 1x Roe

Complete the cave fish’s request, and you’ll expand the capacity, bringing more loots daily.

10. Slime Eggs

The player surrounded by different-colored Slime Eggs in Stardew Valley.
Don’t forget the Tiger Slime Egg!

A Slime is all but an evil ball of gooey matter always trying to kill you. But what if it just wants cuddles, and your flesh isn’t adaptable to its behavior? It may be true, as the Slime Charmer Ring stops damage no matter how many times they jump.

Congratulations if you’re stacking their drops after slaying them. We won’t blame you for self-defense. However, you’ll find it helpful to grab Slime Egg-press and place 100 Slimes (the monster loot) inside. Wait 20 in-game hours for the magic to happen, and you may receive the following:

ColorSelling PriceChance to Make (%)

Rarer colors are more valuable than normal ones (Green and Blue). Although you’ll always get less-priced Slime Eggs, it’s possible to get the best ones. Make sure to farm them inside the Slime Hutch and wear the ring. Put sprinklers on them to produce drops until you accumulate 100 Slimes.

If you’ve visited the Ginger Island West, you might’ve encountered orange-colored Slimes. A Tiger Slime Egg costs 8,000g, making them the most profitable monster drop. Unfortunately, the Slime Egg-press won’t produce them. But you may obtain one from killing Tiger Slimes at the Volcano Dungeon or their Grove near the Island Farm.

A Lionfish inside a Fish Pond will also work, with a 1.7% to 1.9% chance to produce.

9. Lava Eel

Lava Eel - one of the most expensive items in Stardew Valley.
Wouldn’t that burn your tongue? Just sell it instead!

Although not a legendary fish, Lava Eel is one of the most expensive items to sell in-game because of its rarity. It’s available on the 100th floor of the Mines – meaning you’ll have to traverse down either on foot or with Staircases. However, you’ll also need to deal with its Mixed 90 behavior and difficulty!

The trick is by using an Iridium Rod and loading Baits. Tackles like Trap Bobber and Cork Bobber are your best choices, as they can help with slower fish escape or longer fishing bar, respectively. Yet, you’ll have a problem with its bite rate as Curiosity Lure plays a significant role, if not indispensable. 

Thankfully, all you need is practice, and expensive tackles won’t be necessary next time. Here are Lava Eel’s standard selling prices, with Fisher, and with Angler:

QualitySelling PricesWith FisherWith Angler

Not to discredit Blobfish and Ice Pip, but if you have a Lava Eel, fill every Fish Pond you have. It’s okay to start with one, as you can fish them manually using any Fishing Rod later. There’s no need to enter the mini-game, use baits, or consume expensive tackles.

As the best fish for fish pond and selling, its products have more potential. The primary reason is its Roe and Aged Roe prices, ranging from 380g (raw) to 760g to 1,064g. It’s the best-valued fish eggs in Stardew Valley, and notice how little it takes to get them from a Preserves Jar.

The following are decent items to complement the potential gold rush you might get with Lava Eel:

  • 5x Gold Ore
  • 5x Magma Geode
  • 10x Magma Geode
  • 1x Roe
  • 2x Roe
  • 3x Roe

8. Starfruit

The player in a farm of Starfruit.
Extra money incoming!

Profit is a sweet thing that can happen by using a Starfruit. This summer plant is the second most profitable crop after Sweet Gem Berry. They’re also easy to grow and manage, with their seeds available from the Oasis for 400g each! The only prerequisite is to have Calico Desert access, and you’re good to go!

Planting a Starfruit Seed takes 13 days before harvesting. However, you can cut the time by eight days with the Agriculturist profession and a sprinkle of Hyper Speed-gro. That’s the fastest possible way before earning massive profit in this amazing plant!

QualitySelling PricesWith Tiller

7. Prismatic Shard

The player holding a Prismatic Shard near the Statue of True Perfection that produces the same rare, most expensive mineral in Stardew Valley.
Free Prismatic Shard every day!?

So, you’re up to find the most lucrative mineral to sell despite the low drop rate? You’ll have to encounter different ups and downs before getting one, but we’ll help you. Don’t donate it to Gunther yet, it’ll be helpful for other purposes. Not with duplicating (as Crystalariums won’t copy them). It’s the Galaxy Sword – one of the biggest investments to progress further.

After all, there are multiple sources you can rely on if you consume the Prismatic Shard’s power:

  • Mystic Stones (25%)
  • Iridium Node (4%)
  • Omni Geode (0.4%)
  • Fishing Treasure Chest (0.012%)
  • Killing Serpents (0.1%)
  • Slaying Mummies (0.1%)
  • Defeating Shadow Brutes and Shadow Shaman (0.05)
  • Rainbow Trout (Fish Pond) (0.09%)
  • Skull Cavern Treasure Room (4%)
  • Volcano Dungeon Forge (100%)

Of course, if you managed to impress Grandpa with all the efforts in achieving a 100% Perfection, you’ll get the Statue of True Perfection. It’s a luxurious item that dispenses a Prismatic Shard daily. That’s free 2,000g after you wake up or 2,600g if you have the Gemologist Profession.

6. Sweet Gem Berry

The player in a farm of Sweet Gem Berry in Stardew Valley.
Looks like someone has stood up to the test of time!

Remember when Old Master Cannoli rewards you with a Stardrop for offering him the Sweet Gem Berry? Quite mysterious, but the reason is its price. It’s the highest-selling crop in Stardew Valley, albeit not a fruit or vegetable.

You’ll need to buy Rare Seed from the Traveling Cart during Fall or Winter for lower prices to get the crop. You’re lucky If you get it for 600g. Otherwise, you’re left with 1,000g, but it isn’t bad considering the profit.

We recommend planting the Rare Seed in the Greenhouse. It’ll take 24 days before harvest, and it’ll be a huge problem when placed outside the farm during Fall. Ginger Island would be an alternative, but spreading weeds may take over if you’re not careful.

QualitySelling Prices

5. Wine

The player inside a Shed full of Wine while holding an Ancient Fruit.
Here’s an example of an ideal wine farm in the game.

Every player who has spent at least fifty hours exploring Stardew Valley might be familiar with Wine. It’s one of the most expensive items to sell, easiest to make, and available in the mid-game. Now you have a reason not to drink them!

Prepare your equipment first before starting the lucrative business. Make sure Kegs are in place, and fruits are ready. It’ll take seven in-game days, so ensure the quantity of artisan equipment and crops. 

Want to maximize a Wine’s profitability? It’s time to age them using Casks! After purchasing the final upgrade from Robin, you’ll unlock a Cellar.

Here are the top sellers you should consider:

LiquorNormal Price + ArtisanSilver + ArtisanGold + ArtisanIridium + Artisan
Starfruit Wine2,250g (3,150g)2,812g (3,936g)3,375g (4,725g)4,500g (6,300g)
Ancient Fruit Wine1,650g (2,310g)2,062g (2,886g)2,475g (3,465g)3,300g (4,620g)
Pineapple Wine900g (1,260g)1,125g (1,575g)1,350g (1,890g)1,800g (2,520g)
Melon Wine750g (1,050g)937g (1,311g)1,125g (1,575g)1,500g (2,100g)

Remember that wine-aging can take up to 56 days or two seasons before reaching iridium quality.

4. Radioactive Bars

The player smelting Radioactive Bar outside  the Farm.
Now you have more reasons to save Iridium Bars.

After ConcernedApe introduced Radioactive Bars, it became a far superior option to Iridium Bars. Although not as helpful on tool upgrades as the latter, this toxic material (as Zuzu City officials describe) sells lucrative. However, you’ll have to deal with finding it in the first place, which can be a lengthy process.

Ginger Island is the first step, as you amass 100 Golden Walnuts in total before entering Qi’s Walnut Room. You also need to challenge yourself with Danger in the Deep, where the Mines are in a dangerous state. Elevators will reset, new mobs will spawn, and there’s where Radioactive Ores come.

You can farm them with good daily luck as their spawn rate is low. Depth and luck buffs also play a role, albeit low.

A pure bar costs 3,000g – thrice the price of an Iridium Bar. But with the Blacksmith profession, the value will soar up to 4,500g! Making a Radioactive Bar takes ten in-game hours, which is pretty fair for the price.

3. Treasure Chest

The player near a stash of Treasure Chest in Stardew Valley.
Every Pirate’s dream house must be full of Treasure Chests!

This lucrative item costs 5,000g if you get one! Although you have a low chance of getting one, it’s one of the best bonus gold if your luck is good. Here are different ways to get them:

  • Artifact Trove (3.7%)
  • Fishing Treasure Chest (0.24%)
  • Solving Secret Note #16
  • Spook Fish in the Fish Pond (0.3%)

Farming multiple Spook Fish on different Fish Pond increases your chances of finding a Treasure Chest. With its 0.3% overall spawning chance, getting one may take a while. But indeed, the item is one of the most expensive to sell in Stardew Valley.

2. Magic Rock Candy

The player holding a Magic Rock Candy - one of the most expensive things in Stardew Valley.
Why do items related to rainbow colors always get the most value?

Surprisingly, most farmers have zero interest in Magic Rock Candy, which is understandable for many reasons. For one, most beginners might be playing on the mobile version – and ConcernedApe is yet to release updates. Moreover, it’s one of the most expensive to buy, costing a Prismatic Shard.

Are you seeing the profit potential? One Prismatic Shard costs 2,000g to 2,600g, while the Magic Rock Candy is at 5,000g! That’d be almost easy money if you unlocked the Calico Desert.

Magic Rock Candy might be your best moneymaker if you pass with buffs and prioritize money.

1. Legendary Fishes

The player near a loot of all Legendary Fishes in Stardew Valley.
Legendary Fishes are the most difficult to obtain.

If you’ve long been eyeing some rare fish in Stardew Valley, it’s time to get them! Just be warned that obtaining them is the most difficult. But assuming you have them all, passed the most challenging part, and are not interested in keeping them, it’s profit time.

Here are all Legendary Fishes in order with their selling prices:

Legendary FishNormal Price + Fisher & AnglerSilver + Fisher & AnglerGold + Fisher & AnglerIridium + Fisher & Angler
Legend Fish5,000g (6,250g – 7,500g)6,250g (7,812 – 9,375g)7,500g (9,375g – 11,250g)10,000g (12,500g – 15,000g)
Crimsonfish1,500g (1,875g – 2,250g)1,875g (2,343g – 2,812g)2,250g (2,812g – 3,375g)3,000g (3,750g – 4,500g)
Glacierfish1,000g (1,250g – 1,500g)1,250g (1,562g – 1,875g)1,500g (1,875g – 2,250g)2,000g (2,500g – 3,000g)
Mutant Carp1,000g (1,250g – 1,500g)1,250g (1,562g – 1,875g)1,500g (1,875g – 2,250g)2,000g (2,500g – 3,000g)
Angler(fish)900g (1,125g (1,350g)1,125g (1,406g – 1,687g)1,350g (1,687g – 2,025g)1,800g (2,250g – 2,700g)

In the right profession, you can accumulate tons of cash. Prioritize picking what’s close to your hobbies (Fishing or Crab Potting), to make the most out of it.


In the end, you may have all means to sell the most expensive items in Stardew Valley. It’s a matter of playtime and how well you progress forward using available resources. Remember: luck also plays a role, so if you time them at the right moment, that’ll be perfect.

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