Stardew Valley Truffles: Why Pigs Are Worth Having On Your Farm


If you are looking to make a ton of gold from your Stardew Valley farm, or if you are just staring at the Community Center Bulletin Board wondering how to find an elusive truffle, this guide is precisely for you. Here is everything you need to know about truffles in Stardew Valley.

A Stardew Valley truffle waiting to be picked up outside of a deluxe barn.
A Stardew Valley truffle waiting to be picked up outside of a deluxe barn.


Truffles are described as being a gourmet-type of mushroom with a unique taste. They are mushrooms, but they have some strange quirks because they fall into a middle ground between animal products and forageables.

Truffles are not classified as animal products, like eggs from birds or milk from cows or goats. Due to this, they will not gain the price increase from the Rancher profession.

On the other hand, truffles also do not count as foraged items. They cannot be found around the map normally like other kinds of mushrooms. Also, truffles do not count as a forage items in the grange display contest in the Stardew Valley Fair. This being said, they also give foraging experience whenever they are picked up and benefit from the Gatherer or Botanist professions.

A Stardew Valley truffle
A Stardew Valley truffle

Truffles can be sold at a base price of 625 gold. As you increase in quality, the gold per truffle increases as well with silver truffles selling for 781 gold. Gold quality truffles are 937 gold, and iridium quality truffles are 1,250 gold per truffle.

How to get Stardew Valley Truffles

There are two ways to get truffles on your farm. You can purchase a pig from Marnie’s Shop, then wait for it to grow up and begin rooting truffles out of the ground. Alternatively, you can purchase these special mushrooms from the Traveling Cart. Each of which will be described in more detail below.

Obtaining Truffles from Pigs

The most cost-effective way of getting truffles is to first buy a pig. Once the pig grows up, it will produce an unlimited supply of mushrooms that will easily offset the expensive upfront cost of this animal and its housing.

Though before you can buy a pig, you need to make sure that you have a proper building for your new animal. You will need deluxe barn on your farm with enough space for your new animal. You can buy buildings from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop north of Pelican Town. Deluxe barns house up to 12 animals and cost 25,000 gold, 550 wood, and 300 stone.

Once you have the required building, you can now buy a pig from Marnie’s Ranch. Her shop is located in the northeastern area of Cindersap Forest, right above Leah’s house. Her shop is open from 9 AM to 4 PM every day (except Mondays and Tuesdays). As you enter the shop, Marnie will be straight ahead behind the wooden counter.

Interacting with her brings up a menu where you can choose to purchase animals. Pigs cost 16,000 gold each, so they are definitely not a cheap investment. You will then be able to name your new animal and choose which barn it lives in. You do not have to worry about transportation, as soon as you buy your pig it will be teleported straight to your farm.

A Stardew Valley Pig

How To Harvest Your Truffles

If you feed your pig every day, it will take 10 nights to mature. Continuing to feed your animal and keeping it happy will allow it to “produce” or dig up one or more truffles every single day. Just being fed, and happy are not enough though, it also needs to be let outside of the barn, during any month that is not winter. It cannot be raining or storming outside. Lastly, there needs to be an available tile outside for the truffle to spawn.

Any truffles that are not picked up in a day will not despawn immediately overnight. Truffles will remain on the ground until the end of a month. If they have not been picked up before the 1st day of a new season, then they will disappear before the morning.

Once your pig’s friendship and mood levels are high enough, there is an increased likelihood of it producing more than 1 truffle in a day. At max friendship there is a 66% chance of creating an extra truffle. On average, at max happiness, your pig should produce around 3 truffles a day which makes your daily output for that pig at least 1,875 gold.

To learn more about how to increase friendship with your animals, check out our complete animal friendship/mood guide.

Purchasing from the Traveling Cart

To buy a truffle from the Traveling Cart, you will need to travel to the Cindersap Forest on a Friday or Sunday. The Cart is located in the northwestern area of the Forest, above and to the right of the Wizard’s Tower. The Traveling Merchant opens at 6 AM and closes shop at 8 PM. Also, her wares and prices for items change every day she is open. On any day you visit the Traveling Cart, there will be 10 randomly selected items from a set list.

If a truffle is for sale, it can vary in price anywhere between 1,875 to 3,125 gold per mushroom. Keep in mind that the prices do vary each day, so if the price is too high remember you can always check back another day.

The Traveling Cart being pulled by its trusty fez-wearing pig.
The Traveling Cart being pulled by its trusty fez-wearing pig.

What To Do With Stardew Valley Truffles

Since truffles are mushrooms, you can eat them. They give you between 13 to 33 energy points and 5 to 14 health points depending on the quality of the truffle. Since these are very meager bonuses, it is definitely not the best use for these gourmet shrooms.


Despite truffles being called gourmet-type mushrooms, they are not used to craft any cooking recipes.

The only artisan good that truffles can be crafted into is truffle oil. To craft this gourmet cooking ingredient you just need to put a truffle into an oil maker and wait 6 hours in-game time. This product then sells for 1,065 gold or 1,491 gold if you have the Artisan profession. This extra step more than doubles the price of the basic quality truffle.

Stardew Valley truffle oil
Stardew Valley truffle oil

Truffles can also be used to craft a dyeable dark bandana shirt using the sewing machine, or as orange dye in the dye pots. Both of these are located inside Emily and Haley’s Home inside Pelican Town, 2 Willow Lane.

The Dark Bandana Shirt crafted with a truffle.
The Dark Bandana Shirt crafted using a truffle.


There is only one villager who loves receiving truffles as a gift, Pelican Town’s resident artist: Leah. Keep in mind though that they are not the cheapest gift to give to Leah as she also loves wine.

Everyone else is neutral to getting gifted truffles, except for Maru who hates them.


Truffles are a mandatory item in the Chef’s Bundle for the Bulletin Board. Other items needed are a maple syrup, a fiddlehead fern, a poppy, a maki roll, and a fried egg. Completing this bundle will give you three pink cakes immediately, but the real prize comes from finishing the Bulletin Board as a whole.

After finishing the board, your friendship score with every non-datable villager will be boosted by two whole hearts. This is a huge bonus in friendship that is worth every item put into the bulletin.

The only quests truffles are used in are Help Wanted quests. They can be requested during any season, after you have a pig on your farm, from the Help Wanted board. This board is located on the front of Pierre’s General Store, next to the calendar. Completing this request gives 1,875 gold and 150 friendship points.

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