Best Profession in Stardew Valley: Forester or Gatherer?


It might a little difficult to choose your profession between being a forester or a gatherer in Stardew Valley, but we’re here to help you decide.

Both of these skills have their own pros and cons and we’re gonna discuss which route is the best for you and which one you can take. But it’s completely dependent on your own playstyle. We’ll have to consider a lot of things, but generally, it all comes down to preferences.

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Stardew Valley Forester or Gatherer for 2021

When you’re looking for a better skill and performance ratio, you have to weigh various factors.

But to give a simple look, let’s look at the chart down below.

1Field Snacks, Wild Seeds (Spring)
2Survival Burger
4Charcoal Kiln, Wild Seeds (Summer)
5Profession Fork
Forester: +25% on chopped wood
Gatherer: 20% to get twice the foraged items
6Lightning Rod, Warp Totem: Beach, Wild Seeds (Fall)
7Tree Fertilizer, Warp Totem: Mountains, Wild Seeds (Winter)
8Warp Totem: Farm
9Cookout Kit, Rain Totem
10Profession Fork
Botanist: Highest quality on foraged items
Lumberjack: Hardwood drop rate increased

Tapper: +25% on Syrups’ prices
Tracker: Forageable items revealed on the map

As you can see, the Forester profession earns 25% more on chopped wood, while the Gatherer gets you twice the foraged items at a 20% chance.

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Stardew Valley Forester or Gatherer 1.5

With the new update on 1.5, you might be wondering, which profession is actually the best in the long run.

In my opinion, Forester can only get you so far into the game. You don’t always need hardwood or any other materials that the Forester profession will provide. In the long run, you’ll be foraging items longer than you are cutting trees.

Just think about it, you don’t need extra lumber when you can always cut down some more trees. Sure, it’s time-consuming, but on a long-term basis, you’ll still want to consider having more items than having more wood.

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Choosing between Forester or Gatherer

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. If you look at the professional forks at the skill table, you’ll see that you’ll ALWAYS get the highest quality of foraged items. What this means is, that if you’re looking for a long-term investment in the game, you’ll really want to be a gatherer.

I still have no idea how come being a forester will be good for you. But that’s just a suggestion. After all, it’s all about preferences.

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