Everything You Need to Know About the Deluxe Barn in Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley has tons of different things to do and building to create, each with its own set of pros and cons. The building we are going to focus on today is the Deluxe Barn. The Deluxe Barn is by far one of the biggest investments you can make in Stardew Valley. New players to the game may find themselves confused about what the Deluxe Barn is and how it will help them push their farm to the next level.

How to get a Deluxe Barn?

The deluxe barn is a type of farm building that can be purchased from Robin in the carpenter shop. In order for Robin to build you this barn you have to purchase both the basic barn and the big barn from her in advance. Once you have the Big Barn it will take two days for Robin to upgrade it to the Deluxe Barn. While this barn upgrade process may seem easy, it costs quite a lot to complete and will take a while to prepare for.

Deluxe Barn Costs

Deluxe Barn

The Deluxe Barn costs a whopping 25,000g, 550 wood, and 300 stone to purchase. While that itself sounds like a lot, there’s even more needed because to purchase the Deluxe Barn from Robin you need to have both the basic barn and the Big Barn upgrade. The Basic Barn costs 6,000g, 350 wood, and 150 stone in total. Similarly, the Big Barn upgrade costs 12,000g, 450 wood, and 200 stone. Overall, the total cost to build a Deluxe Barn comes out to; 43,000g, 1,350 wood, and 650 stone. This may seem like too much at first glance however, the benefits certainly outweigh the cost in the long run.

Is a Deluxe Barn Worth It?

With a price tag that high it’s hard to see how the Deluxe Barn is even worth it. However, because of the various features and the addition of new animals the Deluxe Barn is absolutely worth it and will improve your Stardew Valley experience in a ton of different ways.


While the price tag looks terrifying, I assure you that all of the features that come with the Deluxe Barn make it well worth your money and resources. First of all, the number of animals that are allowed to stay in the barn increases. The Deluxe Barn has an increased animal capacity of 12 which is 4 more than the Big Barn and 8 more than the Basic Barn. Additionally, the Deluxe Barn takes up no extra space meaning that it stays at the original 7×4 building size so there is absolutely no downside to the upgrade space-wise. Second, The Deluxe Barn allows you to purchase both sheep and pigs from Marnie’s ranch which will increase your farm’s profits by a ton in the long run. Finally, not only does the Deluxe Barn allow for pregnancy, but it also has the ability for you to install the Auto-feed System which will instantly refill your hay hopper whenever a space becomes empty.

Optimizing Your Deluxe Barn!

Deluxe Barns are easily one of the most optimizable aspects of Stardew Valley. These farm buildings can be nearly completely automated using Auto-Grabbers once you reach farming level 10. Not only that but they can be paired with other farm buildings like Silos to be optimized even further


Silos are a type of farm building that allows you to turn cut grass or wheat into hay to feed your animals. This building can be purchased from Robin at the Carpenter Shop just north of town and is quite cheap all things considered. To buy a Silo from Robin all you need is 100g, 100 stone, 10 clay, and 5 copper bars. Each silo stores up to a maximum of 240 hay which sounds like a lot but, hay can add up quite quickly so it’s always nice to build 2 or more Silos when farming barn-dwelling animals. Silos pair quite well with the Deluxe Barns Auto-Feed system as they allow for long-term storage of large amounts of hay. This means that all you need to do is cut your grass and forget about the rest as the Auto-Feed system takes care of placing that hay into the animal’s Feeding Bench. Silos are a great step towards fully automating your barns in Stardew. Similarly, Auto-Grabbers are another way to achieve automation in your Stardew Worlds.

The Auto-Grabber

The Auto-Grabber is a machine that automatically collects animal products from Barns and Coops. This item can be purchased from Marnie on her ranch for a grand total of 25,000g each and can only be bought after you reach farming level 10. Although the Auto-Grabber boasts a hefty price, it’s definitely worth it when paired with the Deluxe Barn. The auto-feed system of the deluxe barn paired with the Auto-Grabber makes for an almost entirely automated barn setup. I say “almost” because you still need to pet your animals in order to keep their friendship levels up. The Auto-Grabber is a worthwhile investment and will save you so much time each day.


Animals are one of the most important parts of Stardew Valley. They allow the player to produce amazing artisan goods like cloth, oil, cheese, goat cheese, etc., and sell them for large profits. And the quality of each product depends on your friendship with the animal and its mood, for more detailed information check out the article about the Big Barn where I go more depth.

Each Barn has its own set of animals that are available to purchase and the Deluxe Barn is no different. The initial barn unlocks the cow, the big barn unlocks goats, and the Deluxe Barn unlocks sheep and pigs. You can also find and incubate an Ostrich if you get to Ginger Island. To learn more about the other barn animals check out this article about the Big Barn Upgrade where I go more in-depth, but for this article, we will be focusing on the sheep and pigs.

Animal Info/Products

Animals in Stardew Valley produce their own unique items which sell for various amounts of money. For instance, sheep can produce wool which sells for 340g minimum and pigs produce truffles which sell for a staggering 625g minimum. Furthermore, each of these animal products can be turned into other items using machines like the oil maker and the loom. Now that we’ve gone over the basics of animals and animal products, let’s talk specifics.


Sheep are barn-dwelling animals that can be purchased from Marnie at her ranch for 8,000g each. Mature sheep can be sheared for their wool, after shearing a sheep its wool will take 3 days to grow back.

Wool sells for anywhere between 340g and 680g depending on its quality and can be turned into cloth when placed in a Loom. Wool with a quality of silver or higher has a chance to produce 2x the cloth when placed in the Loom. Wool with the quality of silver gives a 10% chance, wool with the quality of gold gives a 25% chance, and wool with the quality of iridium gives a 50% chance. Cloth can be used for tailoring various clothing items or can be sold for 470g each. See the chart below for specific information about wool and cloth prices.

Sell Price340g
Sell Price
w/Rancher (+20%)
Sell Price
w/Artisan (+40%)
Quality Wool
Quality Wool
Quality Wool
Chance to get
x2 cloth


Pigs are barn-dwelling animals that can be purchased from Marnie at her ranch for 16,000g each. Similar to the Deluxe Barns, pigs in Stardew are a worthwhile investment so even though the price tag is high they are worth every penny. Furthermore, pigs are one of the most interesting animals in Stardew Valley. These little creatures don’t “produce” anything like the other animals, instead, they forage truffles from beneath the ground. As such, they don’t receive a price increase with the rancher profession but do benefit from the Gatherer and Botanist proffessions.

Truffle foraging happens when a pig is allowed out of the Deluxe Barn during the day. After being let out of the barn your pigs have a 0.02% chance to dig up a truffle each frame. This means that there is a 99.99% chance that a pig will dig up a truffle daily. Not only does this ability to forage for truffles make pigs one of the most unique barn-dwelling animals in the game, it also makes them the best to farm. Keep in mind that you can only get truffles if you allow your pigs to go outside. On a day where it is raining, or during the winter, you won’t be getting any truffles at that time.

Truffles sell for a minimum of 625g and a maximum of 1,250g which makes them the best farm animal in terms of profits. Furthermore, truffles can be turned into Truffle Oil using the Oil Maker which makes the base price go from 625g to 1,065g per truffle. Not only does Truffle Oil sell for quite a bit but it can be used to craft Rain Totems once you reach Foraging level 9. See the chart below for detailed information on Truffle and Truffle Oil prices.

ItemTruffleTruffle Oil
Sell Price625g
Sell Price
w/Artisan (+40%)

Other Farm Animals

The barn isn’t the only farm building in Stardew Valley. One of the first farm buildings you are introduced to in the game is the coop and its inhabitants: chicken, duck, rabbit, dinosaur, and others. If you are interested in learning about the coopbig coop, or deluxe coop, click on the link!

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