Morels: Recipes, Gifting, Bundles, And More

Have you encountered Morels in the Secret Woods of Stardew Valley? They’re odd-looking for a mushroom, but they can be helpful too! Here’s a guide that’ll teach you how to use them.

Foraging goods in places like The Secret Woods will always offer you surprises. If you’ve found a weird-looking mushroom that first seemed like a coral, don’t discard them yet. 

These foraged items are Morels, they may look weird, but they can be useful in tailoring, gifting, and other things! Here’s a guide that’ll help you make them functional in Stardew Valley.

A player holding morels in Stardew Valley
Here’s what a Morel looks like in Stardew Valley

What Are Morels in Stardew Valley?

Morels are forageable goods with a unique nutty flavor. You’ll find them in locations like The Secret Woods and Forest Farm in the Spring Season.

You also have an 8.1% chance of discovering them in The Cave. But it’s only possible if you picked Mushrooms over Bats when Demetrius gave you an option of your cave preference.

Moreover, consuming them will provide you with a +20 Energy and +9 Health. Aside from these perks, you can also sell them for a reasonable price.


They are sold for 150g but getting a silver, gold, and iridium quality give you more profit and healing effect.

The selling price of High-Quality Morels:

Silver Star+28+12187g
Gold Star+36+16225g
Iridium Star+52+23300g

However, if you didn’t get these high-grade goods, you can use your cooking skills to enhance them.


A Fried Mushroom on a table with a player looking at it.
Fried Mushroomsa healthy dish that you can try!

Fried Mushrooms

If you’re in for some healthy and cheap dish using this item, you should consider making a Fried Mushroom. However, you’ll only get its recipe upon earning three friendship hearts with Demetrius.

Additionally, consuming this food gives you a buff for seven minutes and some healing effect. You can enhance its quality by adding a Qi Seasoning from Qi’s Walnut Room.  

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Fried Mushrooms with and without Qi Seasoning:

RecipeBuffsBuffs w/ Qi SeasoningEnergy Energy w/ Qi SeasoningHealth Health w/Qi SeasoningPricePrice w/ Qi Seasoning

Morel (1)
Common Mushroom (1)
Oil (1)
+2 Attack+3 Attack+135+243+60+109200g300g
A Life Elixir on a table with a player looking at it.
Life Elixirs– a quick way to restore your health!

Life Elixirs

You can also make a Life Elixir that restores your health to full. Here’s everything you need alongside its benefits:

IngredientsRestoresRecipe ResourcePrice    
Red Mushroom (1)
Purple Mushroom (1)
Morel (1)
Chanterelle (1)
+200 Energy
+89 Health
Combat Level 2500g

These methods allow you to gain more coins. But you can also increase your friendship points with some villagers by giving them this foraged item.


These loots serve as excellent gifts to Harvey, Leah, and Linus since they like them. However, most villagers are neutral when receiving it, and others dislike it. While giving this to Leo is a bad idea because he hates it.

A player standing in the middle of a room.
Morel Shirt- posh your outfit with a mushroom


You can add some spice to your clothes by making a Morel Shirt out of them. Nonetheless, you also have the option to turn them into orange dyes for your pots.

Bundles and Quests

This item is an option to complete the Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room.

Unfortunately, you can’t use them in completing quests.

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