4 Easy Dishes You Can Make With Cave Carrots

Have you found Cave Carrots in the Mines of Stardew Valley? They may look grimy, but they make great dishes. Here’s a guide that’ll help you turn them into something delicious.

A player holding a cave carrot.
A Cave Carrot in the Mines

Visiting The Mines means you’re in for the business of finding ores and unique artifacts. However, getting mucky cave carrots is inevitable, especially when you’re in higher levels. 

If you’ve casually thrown them away because of their low value, you missed the chance to make pricey dishes with them. Here’s a guide that’ll teach you how to make four tasty foods using this foraged item in Stardew Valley!

What are Cave Carrots?

Cave Carrots are nonseasonal foraged goods that you can find in The Mines with a hoe or in Garbage Cans. Getting more of this loot is possible if you reach Levels ten to 20 of Foraging.

Moreover, this grubby item is consumable, and it’ll give you +30 Energy and +13 Health. While selling them only gives you 25g, which isn’t much. 

Nonetheless, you can upscale its value with the help of your kitchen or cookout kit!

Dishes with Cave Carrots

You can purchase most of the expensive cooked dishes from Krobus‘ Shop or by visiting the Treasure Room of Skull Cavern. In which, you’re not just risking your life but also wasting your gold.

Here’s an easy way to get these high-priced meals with the help of Cave Carrots!

A Miner's Treat on a table with a player looking at it
A Miner’s Treat

Miner’s Treat

Meals like the Miner’s Treat cost you 1000g if you purchase it from the Dwarf. And if you like risky adventures, there’s a 4% chance for a Mummy to drop it.

However, you can still get it safely and inexpensively with your cooking skills. As you reach the 3rd Level of Mining, you’ll receive its recipe.

In making this treat, you’ll need two Cave Carrots, one sugar, and milk. But if you don’t have anything to craft sugar, you can buy some from Pierre’s General Store for 100g or at JojaMart for 125g. Occasionally, you’ll also find four to seven pieces of sugar on the Beach Farm’s Supply Crates in your upgraded farmhouse. 

Meanwhile, you can get the milk with a milk pail and a cow, or you can randomly receive one from Sandy. 

A Roots Platter on a table with a player looking at it
A Roots Platter

Roots Platter

The second dish you can make is the Roots Platter. Wherein, you have a 50% chance to get it in Volcano Dungeon Shop for 1200g.

However, if you want to save money, cooking it with one Cave Carrot and Winter Root will do the trick. But finding the second item can be complicated since it’s a seasonal crop. Nonetheless, you’ll earn its recipe at Combat Level 3.

A Stir Fry on a table with a player looking at it
A Stir Fry

Stir Fry

If you want to fill your plate with vegetables, you can make some Stir Fry! You won’t find this in any store, but you’ll get its recipe on The Queen of Sauce, Spring 7, Year 1.

The ingredients for this vegetable dish are one Cave Carrot, Oil, Kale, and Common Mushroom. You can get the Oil from Pierre’s General Store for 200g. Whereas you’ll only obtain the Kale by growing them on your farm every Spring. As for the last ingredient, you’ll get it through foraging or growing Mushroom Trees.

A Survival Burger on a table with a player looking at it
A Survival Burger

Survival Burger

Explorers will love this final recipe– the Survival Burger. You can get it for free during the Stardew Valley Fair since Gus prepares it during the event!

But if you want to sell this snack, its recipe is available when you reach Foraging Level 2. You can create it using a piece of Bread, a Cave Carrot, and an Eggplant. 

You’ll find the first ingredient at the Stardrop Saloon for 120g. But you can produce one using Wheat Flour, but you’ll need to cultivate and harvest the eggplants to complete the list.

Perks of Dishes

Now that you know how easy it is to cook them, here are the benefits that you’ll get upon consuming or selling them!

Additionally, adding Qi Seasoning in these concoctions gives you more profit and benefits. It makes their quality 50% better and adds +1 point to every buff except for Speed.

Side-by-side comparison of dishes with/without Qi Seasoning:

Dishes Health Health w/ Qi SeasoningEnergyEnergy w/ Qi Seasoning
Buffs Buffs w Qi SeasoningPricesPrices w/ Qi Seasoning
Miner’s treat+56+101+125+225Mining: +3
Magnetism: +32
Mining: +4
Magnetism: +33 
Roots Platter+56+101+125+225Attack: +3Attack: +4100g150g
Stir Fry+90+162+200+360NoneNone335g502g
SurvivalBurger+56+101+125+225Foraging: +3Foraging: +4180g270g

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