Surprising Things You Need to Know About Artifact Spots

Do you have difficulties in finding Artifact Spots in Stardew Valley? Don’t give up yet. Here’s a helpful guide for you to find them and know the possible loots!

Four frames of the player standing near Artifact Spots on the Desert, Farm, Beach, and Ginger Island.
Artifact Spots exist anywhere in the game.

While strolling around and keeping yourself busy with your tasks, you may encounter a weird-looking worm or twigs. If you see it as pests, you might miss the opportunity to get a random artifact. 

These worms are “artifact spots”, and they mark areas with valuable items ranging from standard to rare loot. The objects’ value depends on their location, but here’s a guide that’ll help you determine what you’ll find and where you can get them.

What is an Artifact Spot?

An artifact spot is a marked tile that hides an item underneath. Stardew Valley players usually call it worms, but Livin’ Off the Land described it as “little brown stems.” You can dig them up using a hoe and find artifacts, random items such as stones, copper ore, clay, coal, or even a lost book. 

Getting random resources or lost books can be disappointing. However, getting the book is inevitable as it has a 28% to 32% chance. You can also find it anywhere but your farm, and once you find 20 of them, you’ll get mixed seeds instead. 

To increase the odds of finding an artifact, you can apply an enchantment on your hoe.

You can choose between Generous and Archeologist. The first perk gives you a 50% chance of getting two artifacts on one spot. While the latter doubles the probability of finding a good treasure. 

Getting a nicely enhanced tool is just the beginning because the true adventure starts with searching for these artifact spots.

Where to Find Artifact Spots?

Two frames of the player standing next to an Artifact Spot.
Here’s a close-up shot of what Artifact Spots look like in Stardew Valley.

An artifact spot randomly appears outside as their spawn points depend on the map. Their average spawn rate on Cindersap Forest and Bus Stop is 0.1/day, while it surfaces 1/day in the Desert.

Although they’re available in all seasons, it’s still best to look for them in winter since they generate higher prices this time.

During winter, artifacts spots’ average production starts from 0.4/day in the Railroad and 1.4/day in the Desert. You’ll also find them in grass-type tiles, which typically appear on tillable soils in other seasons. 

Note that they lessen if many still exist on the map since two is the maximum spawn rate, while one also appears on your farm. Nonetheless, their population rises to five in winter.

After removing an existing artifact spot, the spawning calculation begins. You won’t see them in permanent and concealed spaces, but you sometimes get them on unexpected sites. 

Getting the Tracker profession makes it easier since it’ll give arrow guides to find them.

Undetected Artifact Spots remain for a long while, but there’s a 15% chance for them to disappear overnight. It may increase at 28% by the end of the season and rise to 39% Sunday morning.

What Treasure Can You Find From Artifact Spots?

The player inside the library with a clay, lost book, and dwarf helm on top.
In general, you’ll get library books, resources, and treasure from an Artifact Spot.

Artifact Spots can be the key to uncovering treasures in Stardew Valley. But some artifacts can’t be found in them, like the following:

  • Dwarf Scrolls
  • Dwarvish Helm
  • Dwarf Gadget
  • Rare Disc
  • Skeletal Tail

You can get bonuses on other relics by completing orders and quests such as:

  • Completing Gunther’s Fragments of the Past” – Reward: 20% chance to find to two five Bone Fragments
  • Completing Qi’s Crop Quest. Reward: 25% chance to get two to five Qi Beans.

You’ll find rare or seasonal crops from an artifact spot every season.

Item drops range from rocks to snow yams. Moreover, Warp Totems replace clays in Summer 1 of Year 1. The type of totem you’ll get teleports you to the farm, beach, and mountain.

Here’s the complete table of items you can find in every season:

Seasonal Items (Stardew Valley)

The Bus Stop with Snow Yam, Farm Totem, and Rice Shoot.
The valley itself offers a variety of forage by digging “twigs”.

Here’s the complete table of items you can find in the valley every season:

ItemNo.Chances (%)PriceSeasonLocation
Gold Ore1-34%25gSummer or fall The Beach
Rice Shoots1-53%-6%20gSpringAnywhere but the desert or beach
Snow YamNA11%-16%300g (reward)WinterAnywhere but the Desert
Warp Totem: Beach110%20gSummerAnywhere
Warp Totem: Farm110%20gSummerAnywhere
Warp Totem: Mountain110%20gSummerAnywhere
Winter RootNA28%-50%140g (reward)WinterAnywhere but the Desert

Fossils and Forages (Ginger Island)

An aerial shot of Leo's Jungle with Taro Tuber, Lucky Ring, and Omni Geode.
Helpful tip: You can find more Bone Fragments and Omni Geodes on Ginger Island.

You’ll find artifact spots with tons of valuable loot in Ginger Island as well.

In this map, you’ll find some Bone Fragments that increase when Mining and Luck Levels improve. 

Also, beware of cracking a Golden Coconut. It upturns its spawn rate when opened and decreases the likelihood of other items like Taro Tubers and Artifact Troves. 

ItemsNo.Chances (%)Price Location
Artifact Troves1-210%-9%Not SellableAnywhere
Bone Fragments1-4 22.5%12gIsland North
Fossilized Ribs125%100gIsland South
Golden Coconut110% Not SellableAnywhere
Mahogany Seed15%100gAnywhere
Omni Geode1100%0gAnywhere
Snake Skull10%100gIsland West Island North
Snake Vertebrae122.5%100gIsland West
Taro Tubers2-433%-29.7%20gAnywhere
Wild Bait110%15gAnywhere

Secret Notes

The player standing next to the shadow person (Krobus) and a Secret Note on top of them.
The mysterious “Shadow Person” can help you get secret notes with a Magnifying Glass.

Secret Notes are a collection of messages which contain trivia, clues, or missions dropped all over Stardew Valley. To start finding them, you’ll need a magnifying glass from the Shadow Person (presumably Krobus) by confronting him in the bush. There’s only a 5% chance to get these notes, so make sure to increase your luck level.

Secret Notes HighlightsContent
#1: A page from Abigail’s DiaryList of items she loves.
#2: Sam’s Holiday Shopping ListBest gifts for his family and two friends.
#3: Leah’s Food BasketHer idea of a perfect dinner.
#4: Maru’s NotesList of parts for her greatest invention.
#5: Penny’s Items ChecklistA list of her loved ones’ favorite treats.
#6: Special Orders from Stardrop Saloon Lewis, Caroline, Demetrius, and Marnie’s favorite dish.
#7: Page from Someone’s DiaryList of Older Bachelors; enumeration of their weaknesses and likes.
#8: A Letter for Haley and EmilyA letter from their mom and dad sending their favorites.
#9: Alex’s Strength Training DietAlex’s Diet and his thoughts about it.
#10: A Message for You (Qi)A message from someone who’s waiting for you in the Skull cavern.
#11: An Old PhotoA vintage shot of a woman and a child in a barn.
#12: Dumpster Diving LootsList of good things to find around Pelican Town.
#13: Secret Plush QuestA note of brief instructions for the task at the end of any season.
#14: Community Center’s Hidden StatueA clue for a hidden item behind the community center.
#15: Mermaid ShowA combination of numbers that you can use to get a pearl in Night Market.
#16: Treasure Map: Railroad TracksPhoto with a red “X” marking near the Railroad Tracks.
#17: Treasure Map: Northern Part of JojoMartPhoto with a red “X” marking near the river and a guide to the task’s location.
#18: Treasure Map: Calico DesertPhoto with a red “X” drawing near a bench.
#19: Lewis’ Golden StatueA note containing a series of instructions that ultimately results in the acquisition of Solid Gold Lewis. Placing the statue will make the Mayor displeased, sending the player 750g for a discretion request.
#20: Rabbit’s Foot QuestA secret leading to the JojaMart truck driver. Giving the delivery person a Rabbit’s Foot will permanently increase your luck (Special Charm).
#21: A big bush near the bridge.A note hinting at the “secret meeting place” of Mayor Lewis and Marnie.
#22: Mr. Qi’s IntroductionsA cryptic instructions from Mr. Qi admiring to meet the player.
#23: Bear’s Knowledge QuestSomeone with little English writing knowledge lost a piece of paper telling the player to bring a Maple Syrup inside the Secret Woods.  
#24: The Myth of JunimosA page from M. Jasper’s book talking about the forest spirits’ existence and what they do in Stardew Valley.
#25: Lost NecklaceIt’s a confession of Abigail losing an Ornate Necklace given by Caroline.

Missing Library Books

Inside Gunther's library with a Lost Book that the player can dig from an Artifact Spot.
Although Gunther has a Library and Museum, it’s empty and it’s up to the player to restore the place.

These lost books can be a bore, but their contents are helpful for players who want to learn more about Stardew Valley.

These are the books you can use to improve your gameplay:

Tips on FarmingA guide to help you cultivate crops in Stardew Valley.
Marnie’s Ranching GuideUseful tips for a more efficient livestock farming.
On ForagingA helpful beginner’s guide for a forager.
The Fisherman, Act I,Gordy reveals the benefits of leveling up Fishing skills to Tex.
How Deep Do The Mines Go?Crazy speculations about the mysterious Mines in Stardew Valley.
An Old Farmer’s JournalA farmer’s wholesome experience befriending the villagers, including sharing gifts and recipes.
ScarecrowsFrom the importance and use to tile range and secrets of a scarecrow.
The Secret of the StardropProfessor R. J. Kutler’s assumptions about the Stardrop’s origin, source, and consumption effects.
Journey of the Prairie King — The Smash Hit Video Game!Facts about the Western-themed shooter video game.
A Study on Diamond YieldsJasper’s conclusion for a Diamond’s frequency in the Local Mines.
Brewmaster’s GuideContains the instructions for brewing beer, pale ale, and wine.
Mysteries of the DwarvesM. Jasper’s assumption about the mysterious dwarves.
Highlights From The Book of YobaThe story of Yoba creating the world (Stardew Valley’s deity).
Marriage Guide for FarmersA comprehensive guide on dating and marrying a town bachelors or bachelorette.
The Fisherman, Act IIA story about Gordy’s attempt to catch Legend. Tex’s curiosity led to a discovery about their father-son relationship.
Technology Report!A scientific breakthrough of Crystalarium. The invention can replicate any mineral/gem except Prismatic Shard.
Secrets of the Legendary FishDetails about the five exotic legendaries and places to catch them.
N/AGunther’s discovery in the tunnels of Pelican Town
Note from GuntherA brief note for library appreciation.
Goblins by M. JasperThe origins, history, and meal of surviving Goblins.
N/AA cryptic message which means Super Cucumber Town Duck Mayo Saloon Strange Bun Toy Box (secret items).

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