Squid: Where to Catch One, Fish Pond, and More

Do you know what a squid is in Stardew Valley? Are you looking to fetch some for yourself? Or you’re curious about everything about the fish? Read this FULL guide to know more about the smart cephalopod!

A squid in Stardew Valley.
Here’s what a squid looks like in Stardew Valley.

One of the many fishes to catch in Stardew Valley are squids. Although they may look hard to reel in as octopuses, it’s the opposite. This sinker has a 75 difficulty level, and any skilled angler can easily catch this intelligent marine animal.

Because of legendaries, beginners may take the squid for granted from their first catch. However, there’s more to the sea creature. This fish guide will cover everything from catching locations and tips to uses, cooking, and more.

What is a Squid and Where to Catch Them?

Squids are one of the most uncommon fishes in the game. You can only spot them at the Ocean during Winter, and you have to reel them from 6 PM to 2 AM regardless of the weather. However, you can dig one from the trash can or buy 240 – 1000g from the Traveling Cart.

Alternatively, using magic baits makes it possible to catch this fish anytime in the waters.

These sea creatures can grow from 12 to 49 inches, which affects the quality, selling price, and healing effects. It’s not the most profitable, but you can get a 75% total selling bonus from the Fisher and Angler profession.

Here’s a complete list of every quality’s price with the professions, catching XP, and the bonus health and energy upon consumption. 

Squid QualityEnergyHealthExperience PointsBase PriceFisher Price (25%)Angler Price (50%)

Fish Pond Farming

The player standing between two squid ponds.
With Fish Ponds, you’ll get one of the uncommon goods every day – Squid Inks.

Most fishes in Stardew Valley produce roe that you can preserve. However, squids instead give squid inks necessary for cooking Seafoam Pudding and Squid Ink Ravioli. It’s the only loot you’ll have with the possibility of increasing daily drops with the number of fish.

From one to ten squids, it’ll take a season or two to fill the pond’s capacity. Their requested items aren’t hard to fetch either as you’ll only need Corals (3) or Sea Urchin (1) and Sardines (2)! Along the way, you’ll get 35 fishing XP and have their produce available daily.

Cooking Recipes

Sashimi, Maki Roll, and Fried Calamari at the player's kitchen.
Here are some of the tasty dishes you can make with the fish!

A squid has different culinary uses in the game, albeit at a low-level price. It’s not the most profitable and perkiest, but it’ll help if you need extra energy. Here are the tasty meals you’ll get from cooking the catch:

Food ItemDish Recipe Source/sRaw Ingredients (squid included)EnergyHealthSelling Price
Fried CalamariJodi (Mailed upon reaching three hearts)Oil (1), Wheat Flour (1)+80+36150g
Maki RollYear 1, Summer 21 – The Queen of SauceStardrop Saloon for 300gRice (1), Seaweed (1)+100+45220g
SashimiLinus (Mailed upon reaching three hearts)Any Fish (1)+75+3375g

Gifting and Tailoring

The player wearing a Sailor Shirt (top), and giving a squid to Elliott (bottom).
Squids could be a liked gift for Elliott or made as a Sailor Shirt.

Although Pierre is fond of Fried Calamari, the shopkeeper hates the slimy catch. The same goes for everyone around town except Elliott, who shows some interest in the squid.

If you have the Sewing Machine, however, you can make a dyeable Sailor Shirt. It’s not the best-looking outfit, but you’ll feel the deep seas by wearing the clothing. 

Quests and Bundles

Regular and Remixed Community Center bundles need some fish donations, but the fish isn’t a part of the request. However, it’s an essential item in Stardew Valley as it progresses quests and cutscenes. Here are they:

  • Special Order Board – Demetrius will ask you to catch ten squids if it’s Winter. You’ll get gold and Farm Computer recipe after finishing the mission.

  • Help Wanted Board – During Winter, someone will request a squid for 240g and 150 friendship points. Moreover, Willy or Demetrius may ask the same fish where you’ll get 80g each (you’ll keep the catch).

  • Fishing Quest – On Winter 2, Willy will ask you for the item, and you’ll get 800g and a friendship heart for completion.

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