Stardew Valley Coral: A Deep Sea Guide for Corals

Coral is a type of resource that you’ll see from the beaches in Stardew Valley. These items are typically used for at least 3 items in the game.

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Corals aren’t really seasonal. You will be able to get them all year round in the Beach section of game. At the other side of the bridge, you’ll be able to get some corals.

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What’s the use of Coral?

There are several uses of coral. One of which is for the Deluxe Speed-Gro. This item is necessary for the optimized crop growth and production. You can always get some from Pierre’s, the Oasis, or as a gift from the Winter festival.

You can also use the coral to build a warp totem, which will use 2 corals in order for you to speedrun coral farming.

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Stardew Valley Coral Pond

A coral pond or rather, a fish pond, is one of the buildings you can get from Robin’s shop. This resource-generating building will allow you to take care of fishes and get some items like the coral and sea urchins.

To build a fish pond, you’ll have to have at least 5000 gold in your hand, 200 stones, 5 green algae and seaweed.

You can’t have any other type of fish at the same time, but you don’t really need to think so much about fishes if you’re just trying to build a farming area for the corals.

Stardew Valley Coral Gift

Corals may be used as a gift to any of your romantic interests, except Evelyn and Harvey. They apparently hate corals. The rest don’t really care much about it and will have a neutral reaction to it.

Coral Farming

There are several ways to farm corals. One good thing is farming them everyday at the beach. They won’t go away, don’t worry. During the summer, there are a lot more corals. But you can also build a fish pond and you’ll be able to get some corals from a Crab Pot fish

Coral Island and Stardew Valley

Coral Island is tropical farming simulator with similar mechanics to Stardew Valley. Most, if not all, features of the game are pretty damn similar or even direct copies from the game’s original design. It’s pretty absurd and a lot of redditors are plain mad due to its blatant copying of the game’s overall design.

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