Stardew Valley Bug Meat: Everything you need to know!

Bug Meat is a farmable item you can get from killing insects and mutant ones, mostly in The Cave in Stardew Valley.

Oh yeah, before everything else. You need to take note that this isn’t the type of item you’ll normally give to NPCs. Most NPCs will take this item as an insult if you tried gifting it to them. Be extra careful of using this item as a gift since a lot of NPCs hate this item.

If you want to get this item, you can try farming some bugs and cave files. However, this item isn’t just limited to those bugs. You can actually farm them from grubs and their mutant variant, as well as mutant flies.

There are several ways to get farm these items aside from cave hunting and farming. I’ll guide you through the ways you can farm them.

Try checking out this farming layout for the greenhouse!

Stardew Valley Bug Meat Fast Farming

As a regular farming phase, you can just take the easiest route by going through The Cave and slay some Cave Flies. Or you can get some from the Bugs in The Mines.

However, there’s an easy trick you can get around the game to farm bug meat. The Mines have 120 levels and you don’t need to go through all of them. From levels 15 to 40, you can already farm a lot of bug meat since there are a lot of flies going round and round in these levels.

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You can also check out some ponds in the game. If they have one of these three types (Pike, Lingcod, Dorado) of fishes, you can get around 15+ bug meat once a certain pop cap has been met.

Also, Bug Meat is heavily used in the creation of baits. Check out this fishing guide if you want to know more.

Bug Meat Quest

There’s a certain bug within one of the quests in the game. If you want to know more, you can check out this Reddit post. It seems like Willy’s ‘Juicy Bugs Wanted’ Special Quest is bugged. This means that you won’t be able to collect it. However, the Redditors actually managed to come up with a better solution.

Bug Meat as Bait

Once you start farming Bug Meat, you can store them in your chest or any storage for future use. Bug Meat can be used in multiple crafting options in the game. That includes the creation of baits, which you can use for fishing.

One of the best things about Bug Meat is that you can use it to essentially create more copies of magic bait. The magic bait works wonders since you can catch any type of fish, regardless of the season. You can also use Bug Meat as a catalyst in the creation of Pink Striped Tees.

Hopefully, this guide helped you understand how Bug Meat is used and farmed. We have all types of guides for Stardew Valley. I suggest checking out our latest posts. We cover everything from guides, mods, tips and tricks, and many more! Happy farming!

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