Stardew Valley Sewers: What Are They?

Stardew Valley Sewers: Say Hi to Krobus!

Have you already wondered what the Sewers are in Stardew Valley and what happens in this place? Well, you’re in the right place! Let’s take a look at this location and its access. 

First things first, if you want to unlock this place, you’ll need a Rusty Key. You can get it after giving away 60 items to the Museum. The Sewers might be a slightly creepy place, but you won’t be alone there! That’s where you can visit Krobus, who is a friendly monster. You might remember Krobus from the “A Winter Mystery” quest cutscene.

What is the Statue of Uncertainty?

Have you ever felt unsure about your career? Well, Stardew Valley understands how you might feel. In the Stardew Valley Sewers, you can find the Statue of Uncertainty which allows you to change professions. It might cost you a lot of money, but it’s definitely a nice opportunity.

What’s Happening Near the Stardew Valley Sewers

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should keep the Sewers in mind while playing the game!

The Trash Bear

If you want to see the lovely Trash Bear in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to head over to the Spring Onion patch near the entrance to the Sewers. He will give you plenty of quests, so definitely try to find the fat animal on the first non-rainy day of year 3. 

The Dark Talisman Quest

During this task, you will have to go talk to your friend Krobus in the Stardew Valley Sewers. After that, you will gain access to another location which is called the Mutant Bug Lair. Yes, it doesn’t exactly sound lovely, but that’s where you can get the needed talisman. 

Also, this place is where you can fight bugs. It might not be very easy in the beginning, but it’s an interesting activity.

Fishing: Not Just at the Beach

Some people might be used to fishing only in the regular areas, however, that might be a mistake! Of course, you’ll get some nice simple fish in your old fishing places, but how about a Mutant Carp? That’s something you can get only in the Sewers.

Why would you want to catch a mutant fish? Well, you need to remember that a Mutant Carp is one of the 5 legendary fish in Stardew Valley. Apart from the Mutant Carp, you’ll need to catch a Crimsonfish, an Angler, a Legend, and a Glacierfish. Of course, they have a high difficulty when it comes to catching them, but they’re definitely worth it.

Now you know how to gain access to the Sewers! This is definitely an interesting location, so keep in mind that you can go there later in the game. It might have some creepy bugs and weird statues, but it’s so worth visiting it at least a few times.

P.S don’t forget to visit Krobus once in a while! He’s one of the nicest monsters you’ll encounter in Stardew Valley.

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