What is the Stardew Valley Golden Mask?

Have you already heard about one of the most fascinating items in Stardew – Stardew Valley golden mask? Do you know how to find it in the game? Or what should you even do with it? If you have questions about this mask, then keep on reading this Stardew Valley guide to learn more!

Stardew Valley golden mask (Source: Reddit)

What is the stardew golden mask?

So, what is this mysterious item? The game describes it as “A creepy golden mask probably used in an ancient magic ritual. A socket in the forehead contains a large purple gemstone.” Sounds quite nice, right?

Well, this is considered to be a Stardew artifact that has a selling price of 500 gold coins. Of course, most players don’t sell it due to the fact that it’s not easy to find in the game!

That’s why below you will find more information about how and where you can find the Stardew Valley golden mask.

How to find the stardew golden mask?

While it might not be so easy to find the Stardew Valley golden mask, there are a few tricks you can know and use!

First of all, you can find it by digging up the artifact spots in the dessert! There is a 3% chance of finding it there! Basically, the artifact spots are tiles that you can dig up with a hoe and find some items in there. This spot is also known as worms or twigs. Just keep in mind that no other Stardew tools will work, so be ready to use the hoe tool in the game if you are on this mission!

There are a lot of different places where you might find a good spot, but only dessert artifact spots work for the golden mask.

If you are not lucky and can’t find the spots, it might be better to have some suitable professions. For example, the tracker profession can make it easier to find artifact spots! Also, the archaeologist enchantment can also double the likelihood of you finding an artifact! As you can see, there are some things you can do to have better luck.

If the artifact spots don’t work for you, then you might want to try the artifact troves! There is a chance that the golden mask will appear inside.

So, which place are you choosing? Just be patient and you should find the golden mask eventually. It might take some time, but it will be worth it in the long run! Who wouldn’t want to actually find this valuable (yet slightly creepy) item in Stardew Valley?

How do you use the stardew golden mask?

There are a few different ways to use this artifact. Of course, a lot of things depend on the current situation of your game (whether you need gold coins or to make some clothes), so you will find more information about all different ways.

Here is what you need to know about using the golden mask:

Donating the item

If you don’t use the golden mask for any other reason, then you can donate it!

That’s right, you can donate it to the Museum and contribute to its collection.

Gifts for NPCs

Okay, you can donate the Stardew golden mask, but there are only two NPCs who will like it!

Any ideas? Well, this time we are talking about Dwarf and Penny! These two NPCs will appreciate this gift, but all other characters will dislike it!


Did you know that you can actually use the mask to create the golden mask that you can use as a hat? Hey, if you are looking for some fancy new accessories, then this might be the way to go!

You can also use this item as yellow dye at the Emily’s and Haley’s dye pots.

any quests or bundles?

Well, the Stardew Valley golden mask is not used in any quests or bundles! That means you have more freedom to choose between all the other ways to use this item in the game!

Have you already decided how you will use this Stardew Valley golden mask? It’s a very rare and interesting item, so just be patient if you don’t find it immediately!

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