Stardew Valley Tools: Extra Upgrading Tips

In this Stardew Valley Tools guide, we will cover tools that are not in the center stage. However, they can be very useful. So, we will explain how you can get the most out of them. Let’s roll!

Stardew Valley Tools Order

Fishing Rod

Although you won’t begin the game with a Fishing Rod, later on, it can become quite useful. Willy will be the one to give you the fishing rod on the second day of your Stardew Valley journey.

A classic Bamboo Pole. But, that is just the beginning.

A better pole will require you to improve your fishing skills. So, if you do that, Willy will offer you a better Rod for 1,800 gold. This one is called a Fiberglass Rod and it allows you to use bait.

As you proceed and improve, at level 6, you will receive a new offer – an Iridium Rod. This one costs 7,500 gold. However, it allows you to use both bait and tackle.

The cool thing to note is that with each Fishing level, you will need less and less energy to use Rod. Moreover, levels 1, 4, and 8 allow you to cast the line a tile farther.

Also, with each new fishing level, the size of your fishing bar will increase. On the other hand, each new level decreases the maximum time to catch the fish.

Enchantments for a Fishing Rod:

  • “Auto Hook” – automatically catches fish or trash
  • “Efficient” – reduces energy cost
  • “Master” – adds an extra fishing level to your skills
  • “Preserving” – doubles the chance for bait and tackle


The original scythe is provided to you and it is included in the starter toolset. It’s used to reduce grass, weed growth, and trees that are sufficiently small.

Furthermore, it is used to harvest Amaranth, Kale, and Wheat when they’re ready.

For those of you who own a silo on the farm,  cutting grass gives a chance to add hay to the silo, about a 50% chance for each tile of grass cut. Moreover, Scythes can also work as a weak weapon.

When you unlock the quarry and enter the quarry mine, in the end, you will find a Grim Reaper statue. Don’t hesitate – take it. Next, you’ll find it contains Gold Scythe, and of course, you will embrace it.

Why? Because it has a 75% chance of harvesting hay. Also, it’ll be more powerful, if you decide to use it as a weapon.

NOTE – You can only get one Gold Scythe, so make sure you protect it.

Copper Pan

Not very useful, yet super fun to carry around!

So, once you have completed Fish Tank bundles, you will remove a glittering boulder situated near the Mines. When it is done, Willy, our good friend, will give you a copper pan.

Therefore, next time you see a shimmering light in the body of water utilize your copper pan for ore. What is great, is that it doesn’t consume energy at all.

With a copper pan, you can obtain some really cool items like ores and gems. However, to increase your chance to get those, check your luck on the panning days.

Fashion-wise, the copper pan can look cool as a hat too!

Stardew Valley Tools: Milk Pail, Shears, and the Auto-Grabber

Milk pail helps you to collect milk from goats and cows from your beloved farm. Buy it at Marnie’s Ranch, it costs 1,000 gold.

Shears, on the other hand, serve for collecting wool. They can also be found at Marnie’s for the same amount of gold.

However, both of these Stardew Valley Tools are energy-consuming, yet will help you to increase your Farming skills.

Once you reach level 10 of Farming skills, you will get the opportunity to buy an Auto-Grabber from Marnie. This tool embodies Shear and Milk Pail qualities, you just have to place it inside a barn or a coop. Additionally, it can collect eggs, and duck and rabbit feathers.

The price of one is 25,000g. However, you can obtain them in Skull Cavern’s treasure chests.

Auto-Grabber helps a lot, but it doesn’t connect you with ur animals. Your animals prefer when you collect milk by yourself, as that increases your friendship level with them.

Moreover, your Farming skills won’t upgrade too, so, it is up to you to choose priorities, all in all.

Finally, we hope you liked this guide and found it helpful!

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