Stardew Valley Magnifying Glass: How To Use It?

Stardew Valley Magnifying Glass is the tool you will need to track down all those secret notes. Yes, there are plenty of them, and with this mighty tool, you will get to enjoy the quest. Let’s dive deeper into the story!

Stardew Valley Magnifying Glass & Secret Notes

Secret notes are items that hide secrets about the Stardew Valley and its people. They will help you unveil plenty of mystery and stimulate your inner detective. Honestly, who doesn’t like to solve a good mystery?

Awake your inner spy, and get ready for a new layer of the game.

So, Secret Notes were introduced in Update 1.3 of the Stardew Valley, and contain a lot of helpful information about the game. In the secret notes, you will uncover loved gifts, the locations of hidden items, and lore about characters in the game.

Notes can help you get closer to other people in town, get romantic, improve friendship, or just get the right gift.

They come in various shapes and forms. You can find them in diaries, treasure maps, cryptic messages, etc.

Whenever you find them, they will not disappoint.

However, the number of secret notes is limited, there are only 25 in the game.

In the following lines, we will share with you how to decipher them. For that task, you will need a magnifying glass, which you must first obtain.

Stardew Valley Magnifying Glass

Winter Mystery is the quest you must enter. Therefore, to trigger the event, visit a Bus Stop near your farm between 6 AM and 4 PM (in the Winter).

Follow a shadow’s footsteps. You will see them in the snow. Those footsteps will lead you to a bush.

Approach the bush and shake it. The creature named Krobus will jump out to meet you.

Don’t be scared, Krobus will kindly hand you a magnifying glass and run away from you.

There you have it – your magic secret deciphering tool.

Secret Notes & Where To Find Them?

There are numerous ways to obtain notes.

Killing monsters, cutting down trees, and fishing are some of the options that will lead you to uncover some of the Stardew Valley’s secrets.

Therefore, once you get a secret note, you will be able to find it in your inventory. Next, click on it, and read it.

So, after you’re done, the note will be moved to the secret notes tab.

Furthermore, we should say that secret notes can be divided into two categories. The first category represents notes 1-9 that act as information about different villagers’ likes and dislikes and they don’t require any action of you.

The second batch (notes 10-25) contains a task or challenge, that you can perform to get a reward. However, remember that you can’t find the secret items and rewards without first finding the note. 

Stardew Valley Magnifying Glass Expanded

Have you already experienced Stardew Valley’s secret notes quest? Like, you have been through it all, but you still felt there could have been something a bit more useful…We have some great news!

First of all, you are not alone, as many players found that a couple of notes could have been better. To lift the entire secret notes experience to a new level, you can now install a mod.

Basically, this mod will replace some of the least valuable notes with the ones more beneficial and fun.

For example, shopping list, or Maru’s letter are now replaced with:

  • The journal of a fisherman that contains all the fish and locations, so you won’t have to google it anymore
  • A secret contract from the adventurers where they have described monsters and their floor levels
  • Valuable hints to side quests and some important mechanics of the game

So, if you would like to get the most out of the secret notes quest you should definitely consider this mod.

Along with it, you will get a super cool gift guide. That will be amazing for all of you, who don’t like the quest of uncovering which NPC likes which gift.

Let’s be honest, finding other’s people likes and dislikes is pretty stressful in real life.

Therefore, all the liked and loved items are included in the gift mod. No stress.

Embark on your Stardew Valley secret notes quest, right away!

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