Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats?

So, you have 25,000 in gold…A man named Demetrius approaches you and asks you to participate in an experiment. You say – YES. And, now you are sitting and asking yourself: “why did I say yes to a man named Demetrius? I have 25,000 in gold, my life is great.”

Well, the past is in the past, and we will help you with the present.

Let’s find out – should you use your cave for fruit bats or use it as a garden for mushrooms?

Stardew Valley: What’s Better Mushrooms or Bats?

We will say right away – Mushrooms. However, in the following lines, we will explain why we think so, and what is your gain.

Let’s dive into the explanation!

Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats: Mushrooms

Time. You will save a lot of time by choosing mushrooms. When you have them in your cave it means you will not have to go elsewhere to pursue them. And, honestly, pursuing mushrooms in the Stardew Valley does require effort.

Most of the mushrooms are rarely available, only in one, maybe two seasons. Plus, you have to mine them for 90 floors to find larger amounts of mushrooms. Not only mining that long will consume way too much of your time, but it will also put your life at risk.

Therefore, you will have peace of mind with them in your cave, available whenever needed.

Mushrooms & Consistency

With mushrooms, you will know what to expect – 5 planters will bring 5 mushrooms every two days. Simple as that. Whereas bats, don’t always deliver fruit, and the fruit they deliver is pretty much random. Therefore, with mushrooms, you know what to expect and when to expect it.

And, in Stardew Valley it is good to have something to rely on. All the resources should be smartly utilized.

Mushrooms Are Rare

Your farm is a great place to plant a fruit tree. Especially, because you can plant all the fruit trees you need. On the other hand, mushrooms are harder to obtain. This is why you should definitely place them in your cave.

It is important to highlight that when we say harder to obtain, we mean – luck. Yes, you can count on luck to grow mushrooms, if you refuse Demetrius. So, here is how it goes.

During the Fall, you can experience, out of the blue, that a common tree, overnight became a Big Mushroom Tree. And, that sounds awesome, but this tree cannot be planted like regular ones, and it is quite unreliable.

Finally, the Big Mushroom Tree provides only two kinds of mushrooms – red and purple. Whereas your cave mushrooms have many more to offer. So, the cave turns out to be the only reliable way to have mushrooms without spending your time in the quest for them.

Mushrooms & Life Elixir

You need that HP. Let’s be honest, mushrooms can help you recuperate quite easily. If you have them, of course.

Moreover, energy is the thing you will need from the beginning of your Stardew Valley journey, until the end. So, you are probably wondering what is the recipe for this Life Elixir?

Glad you asked:

  • Red Mushroom
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Morel
  • Chanterelle

Note that life elixir can be used once you have reached level 2 in Skills. Without mushrooms in your cave, these ingredients are not easy to find. But when you have them regularly and reliably, you can rest assured that your energy levels will be nurtured throughout the game.

But I Love Bats…What Should I Do?

It is okay, the heart wants what it wants. And, bats are not useless. They are just not that reliable. However, if you find some fruit trees to be way too expensive, and some of them truly are…Then, you can choose bats.

And, as you probably already know, fruits are indeed way more valuable when it comes to fulfilling bundles. One of the examples is Artisan Bundle.

Finally, a lot of people in Stardew Valley love certain fruits and fruit variations, so fruits are a great gift.

Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats: Conclusion

Take into account your current game status. If you are in desperate need of fruit, then bats are an obvious choice. Eventually, you will find a solution for mushrooms. However, this choice is only a step of the journey. The game holds a lot more challenges and adventures!

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