Stardew Valley Bundle CheckList By Season


Stardew Valley Bundle CheckList is a list of items from the game a player should fill.

With that CheckList filled, you should turn to Community Center. There, you will find differently themed rooms, and each of them requires different items.

When you apply to the Community Center with your Bundle CheckList, you will be rewarded with different items. Furthermore, you will get access to some new areas.

Stardew Valley Bundle CheckList Printable

CROPSRegular Parnsip, 5 Gold Parnsips, Green Been, CauliFlower, Potato, Apricot, CherryTomato, Hot Pepper, Blueberry, One Regular Melon, 5 Gold Melons, Orange, Peach, Red CabbageRegular Corn, Eggplant, Yam, 4 Apples, Sunflower, 2 Pomegranates, One Regular Pumpkin, 10 Wheat, 5 Gold Pumpkins
FORAGINGDaffodil, Dandelion, Wild HorseRadish, LeekGrape, Spice Berry, Sweet Pea, Fiddlehead Fern, Red Mushroom, and PoppyCommon Mushroom, Wild Plum, Hazelnut, 2 Red Mushrooms, and BlackberryWinter Root, Crystal Fruit, Snow Yam, Nautilus Shell
FISHEel, Shad, Catfish, Sunfish, and CrayfishTuna, Pufferfish, Tilapia, Shad, Sunfish, Bullhead, Catfish, and SturgeonRed Snapper, Walleye, Tilapia, Eel, Shad, Catfish, Tiger TroutTuna, Red Snapper, Catfish, Sturgeon, and Tiger Trout
ANIMALTruffleFried EggTruffle

Stardew Valley Bundle CheckList Sidenotes

The most tricky bundle to complete will definitely be a Fish Bundle. Some specific fishes live in certain locations and require special conditions, so it can be quite challenging to gather all needed ones. However, the awards are amazing. You can get a Copper Pan that will help you while hunting treasure under water. Furthermore, the Glittering boulder will be removed from the Mines once this bundle is completed.

The items in this bundles list are the most basic ones, sorted by season. However, there are Bulletin Board Bundle Lists where you have to collect various types of resources from similar categories. By completing all Bulletin Board Bundle Lists, you will receive two friendship hearts with villagers you have spoken during your Stardew Valley journey.

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