Stardew Valley (SDV) Cat: What Is The Purpose?

Internet without cats would be such a lousy place.

So, why would Stardew Valley be an exception? Love them or hate them, but cats never fail to surprise us or make us laugh.

Therefore, let’s find out what these wonderful creatures do in our beloved Stardew Valley universe.

Stardew Valley (SDV) Cat: How To Bond With Your Pet?

Unfortunately, for now, cats don’t do that much. However, they are still adorable. So, in the as their owner – you can name them, befriend them, or use them to spawn objects. Actually, you can do all these things simultaneously.

So, to buy a Cat you will need 1000 gold. After you welcome your new pet to the farmhouse, your interactions will be very limited. You can fill her bowl with a watering can. However, that is quite pointless since the bowl is their only for cosmetic purposes. There is nothing for your Cat’s belly, unfortunately.

Although the bowl situation thing may seem pointless, you can still share some nice moments with your pet in the game. As you may suspect, not so much bonding, but when it comes to pets, that is quite a realistic approach.

So, you can pet your cat once a day. If you maintain that nice habit of showing love to your pet, you will over time earn a 2 heart message saying: „(ex. Cat) loves you.“

Stardew Valley (SDV) Cat 1.4 Update

The update allows you to change your animal’s skin. To do that, you should go to Wizards tower. You know, a place where weird things happen.

So, beneath Wizard’s tower, there is an area where you can transform your appearance. However, you can also transform the appearance of your animal. And that certainly includes your cat.

Stardew Valley (SDV) Cat Mod

This Cat Mod allows you to choose 51 cat skins, optional 20 colors, and replacement of the cat head icons.

So, if you are a proud owner of the cutest kitty kat in the world, then this mod will allow you to create your Stardew Valley pet twin. By creating your pet’s look alike, you will enrich your gaming experience. You two will get to share adventures even in the virtual world.

Move along Stardew Valley world, with your pet and uncover how everything becomes more special when we include those we love and care about.

For those of you who don’t own any pets, this might be a great opportunity to see, if you could adopt or buy one. After all, animals do touch our souls in a way humans simply can’t.

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