Stardew Valley Checklist: How To Complete All Bundles Fast (2022)

Completing the Community Center in Stardew Valley can be a daunting task. But fear not! Our seasonal checklist will help you complete the bundles in no time at all!

A screenshot from Stardew Valley of the player character in front of the rundown Community Center. Our checklist will help you restore the Center in no time.
We’ll fix this place up in a flash!

Our Checklist – How Does It Work?

This checklist will help you complete all of the Stardew Valley bundles with ease. The rest of this article will be organized by Season, so you can be sure that you know all of the things you’ll need in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter – whether those things are crops, forageables, fish, or anything in between!

Using this checklist, it should be possible for you to complete the Community Center in one year. The only problem? It’s possible you can’t get a Red Cabbage before Year Two. Make sure to check “Guarantee Year 1 Completable” in the Advanced Game Options when starting a new Stardew Valley game. Otherwise, may luck be on your side!

Spring Bundle Items

Everything is more vivid in Spring.
Spring Foraging BundleWild Horseradish
Exotic Foraging BundleMorel

In Spring, you can find the above items as forageables all around Pelican Town. You can easily find Wild Horseradish, Leek, Dandelion, and Daffodil at the Bus Stop or in the Cindersap Forest. Morels can be found in the Secret Forest, which you won’t have access to in Year One. However, you can forage these on your Forest Farm or in the Farm Cave.

Spring Crops BundleParsnip
Green Bean
Quality Crops Bundle5x Gold Quality Parsnips
Artisan BundleApricot

To complete the Spring Pantry bundle, you’ll need to cultivate the above crops. You only need one of each, and the sooner you plant them the better. You can purchase the seeds for any of these crops from Pierre at the General Store, or from JojaMart to the east of town. It’s important to keep in mind how long each crop requires until they’re mature. A potato will grow in just six days, but a Cauliflower needs 12. Make sure to plant them in time so they don’t wilt when Summer comes.

Most of the crops can be of any quality, but you’ll need five Gold Quality Parsnips for the Quality Crops Bundle. Quality Fertilizer can help you achieve this!

You can get an Apricot and Cherry from Fruit Trees in Spring, but this cannot be done in Year One because Fruit Trees need 28 days to mature before they bear fruit.

River Fish BundleSunfish 🌞
Catfish 🌧️
Shad 🌧️
Lake Fish BundleCarp
Ocean Fish BundleSardine
Night Fishing BundleEel 🌧️

The Fish Tank is one of the more difficult bundles to complete in Stardew Valley. You’ll need to make sure you catch these five fish before the Season ends, are some are only around in Spring.

As the emojis, and its name, indicate Sunfish can only be caught in sunny weather. Catfish, Shad, and Eel, on the other hand, can only be caught when it’s raining.

Summer Bundle Items

Summer is the time for rest and relaxation.
Summer Foraging BundleGrape
Spice Berry
Sweet Pea
Sea Urchin
Exotic Foraging BundleRed Mushroom
Dye BundleRed Mushroom
Chef’s BundleFiddlehead Fern

You can easily find a Grape, Spice Berry, and Sweet Pea all around Pelican Town in the Summer. Sea Urchins, in particular, can only be found on the Beach, and only in the Tide Pools area. To access this area, you must restore the small bridge next to Elliot’s shack, which costs you 300 pieces of Wood.

You can find the Red Mushroom and Fiddlehead Ferns as forageables in the Secret Woods during Summer.

Summer Crops BundleTomato
Hot Pepper
Quality Crops Bundle5x Gold Quality Melons
5x Gold Quality Corn
Artisan BundleOrange
Chef’s BundlePoppy
Dye BundleSunflower
Red Cabbage
Fodder Bundle10x Wheat

There are plenty of things to add to the Community Center in the Summer. You’ll want to purchase Tomato, Hot Pepper, Blueberry, Corn, Poppy, Wheat, and Melon Seeds when the Season begins. Plant them all, but make sure to fertilize the soil under your Melons and Corn.

In order to harvest an Orange and Peach, try to purchase a sapling of one or either of these trees in the Spring and plant them. These can be very pricey for Year One!

Red Cabbages are tough to acquire in Year One, as they are only sold starting in Year Two. You must visit the Traveling Cart in the Cindersap Forest each Friday and Sunday, and purchase this crop or its seeds no matter what! A Red Cabbage can cost between 780g and 1.300g, whereas seeds go for 150g to 1.000g. You need to find Seeds by the middle of Summer to have time to plant and harvest them.

If you forget to get Wheat or Corn, no worries. You can get these crops in the Fall Season too!

River Fish BundleSunfish 🌞
Shad 🌧️
Lake Fish BundleCarp
Ocean Fish BundleTuna
Red Snapper 🌧️
Specialty Fish BundlePufferfish 🌞

You must catch the above eight fish in the Summer. In the River, you’ll find Sunfish and Shad. One is available on when it’s sunny, and the other only when it’s raining. Carp and Sturgeon can be found in Mountain Lake regardless of weather, as can the Tuna and Tilapia in the Ocean. Red Snappers are a little more finicky, and can only be found when it’s raining.

You can find the special, extra-rare, Pufferfish during Summer. These fish have a high difficulty rating and will require some effort to catch. Find them in the Ocean on a sunny day, between noon and 04:00 PM.

Fall Bundle Items

Craft yourself a fall outfit and get yourself a hot drink!
Fall Foraging BundleCommon Mushroom
Wild Plum
 Exotic Foraging BundleRed Mushroom
Purple Mushroom
Field Research BundlePurple Mushroom

If you’re on the Forest Farm map, you’ll have an easy time completing these tasks. You can find Common Mushrooms, Red Mushrooms, and Purple Mushrooms (in addition to a couple of other kinds) on your farmstead if you’ve chosen this map.

You’ll find a Hazelnut, Blackberry, and Wild Plum, on the other hand, with no trouble. They’re scattered all around Pelican Town.

Fall Crops BundleCorn
Quality Crops Bundle5x Gold Quality Corn
5x Gold Quality Pumpkin
Artisan BundleApple
 Dye BundleSunflower
 Fodder Bundle10x Wheat
3x Apples
Enchanter’s BundlePomegranate

There’s plenty to get in the Fall in regard to crops and fruits. Purchase Corn, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Yam, Sunflower, and Wheat seeds when the Season begins. You’ll need one of each to complete the Fall Crops Bundle. You’ll need ten pieces of Wheat to complete a slot in the Fodder Bundle.

If you haven’t completed the Quality Crops Bundle yet, purchase some Pumpkins and Corn and fertilize the soil you plant them on. These crops must be of Gold Quality or higher to be placed in the bundle.

Apple and Pomegranate trees bear fruit in the Fall, and you can use one of these to fulfill a slot or two in the Artisan Bundle. You’ll need both Apples and Pomegranates for other bundles, namely the Fodder and Enchanter bundle, so these are a good investment.

After you’ve finished the Pantry bundles, you’ll unlock the Greenhouse, which will let you farm during winter as well!

River Fish BundleCatfish 🌧️
Shad 🌧️
Tiger Trout
Lake Fish BundleCarp
Ocean Fish BundleSardine
Red Snapper 🌧️
Night Fishing BundleWalleye 🌧️
Eel 🌧️

As you can see from the table, a lot of Fall fish you need can only be caught when it’s raining. On a rainy day, make sure to visit all your favorite fishing spots and get to it!

Winter Bundle Items

You can’t grow crops, but you can cultivate a friendship!
Winter Foraging BundleWinter Root
Crystal Fruit
Snow Yam
Field Research BundleNautilus Shell

While there are no crops you can cultivate in Winter, you can find some nice foraged goods. You can find a Snow Yam and Winter Root by tilling the dirt during Winter in any location in Stardew Valley. Crystal Fruit and Crocus on the other hand will appear as normal forageables.

Nautilus Shell is a more special and rare Winter forageable. It can be found on the Beach. You can also find it during any season if you’ve selected the Beach Farm map. Note that this is different than the Nautilus Fossil which is an artifact that can be found in any Season.


There are no crops you need to acquire during Winter.

River Fish BundleTiger Trout
Lake Fish BundleSturgeon
Ocean Fish BundleSardine

There are only a few Bundle fish that can be caught in Winter in particular, and all of these can be found in other Seasons too.

Any Season Bundle Items

Exotic Foraging BundleCoconut
Cactus Fruit
Cave Mushroom
Red Mushroom
Purple Mushroom
Maple Syrup
Oak Resin
Pine Tar
Enchanter’s BundlePine Tar
Crab Pot BundleCockle
Chef’s BundleMaple Syrup

You can find these foragables in any Season, but it may take more or less time. For example, you can easily find a Coconut and Cactus Fruit in the Calico Desert, but it may take you a while until you can visit that area.

All of these Mushrooms can be found in the Mines, but you need to surpass Floor 80 to find the Red and Purple Mushroom. Cave Mushrooms can be found by tilling the soil on any floor in the mines.

You can get Maple Syrup by tapping a Maple Tree, Oak Resin by tapping an Oak Tree, and Pine Tar by tapping a Pine Tree. These are fairly easy to acquire, you just need to wait a few days for the Tapper to do its magic. You’ll need Pine Resin for the Enchanter’s Bundle as well, and Maple Syrup for the Chef’s Bundle.

You can forage certain Crab Pot fish at the Beach, such as the Cockle, Mussel, Oyster and Clam. However, you can also just catch these things overnight by placing bait into a Crab Pot.

It’ll be very tough to get a Truffle in Year One, as that requires you to have mature Pigs before Winter begins. Pigs will not scavange for Truffles during Winter, and they take 10 nights to mature. This means you’ll need to have a Deluxe Barn by the 19th of Fall if you want to get a Truffle naturally. However, luckily, you can also purchase Truffles from the Traveling Cart for 1.875g – 3.125g.

Animal BundleLarge Milk
Large Goat Milk
Large Egg (Brown)
Large Egg (White)
Duck Egg
Artisan BundleTruffle Oil
Dye BundleDuck Feather
Enchanter’s BundleWine
Rabbit’s Foot

You’ll need to build both a Barn and a Coop, and even upgrade these buildings, to fill up the Animal Bundle. Make sure you have Cows, Goats, both a Brown and White Chicken, and that they are happy enough to provide you with Large varities of their products. You only need five of the six items in this bundle, and you can get most of these items with a standard Coop and a Big Barn. Your fifth item can either be a Wool (which requires a Deluxe Barn or Deluxe Coop) or a Duck Egg (which requires a Big Coop). Choose wisely!

You’ll need Wool either way, because the Artisan Bundle requires a bolt of Cloth. Honey and Jelly can be made easily by planting flowers around a Bee House and crafting a Preserves Jar, respectively. Truffle Oil will be hard to get, as it requires you to Truffles and level eight in farming. You need that level to get the crafting recipe for the Oil Maker.

A Duck Feather can be produced by a Duck instead of a Duck Egg, if they’re happy and well-fed. You’ll need the Deluxe Coop and a happy, mature Rabbit to get the coveted Rabbit’s Foot. Finally, Wine just requires you place any piece of Fruit in a Keg.

Lake Fish BundleLargemouth Bass
Night Fishing BundleBream
Crab Pot BundleLobster
Specialty Fish BundleGhost Fish
 Field Research BundleChub

Some fish like the Largemouth Bass, Bullhead, Chub, and Bream can be found in all seasons. Similarly, Crab Pot fish like Crayfish, Periwinkle, and similar can be caught in Crab Pots during any season.

The specialty fish can be caught during any season too, but they are only found in special locations. Ghost Fish can be found in the Mines on Floor 20 and 60. Sandfish can only be caught in the Calico Desert, and Woodskips can only be found in the Secret Woods.

Once you’ve collected these final few fish and you’ve completed the Fish Tank bundles, you’ll gain access to the Copper Pan. The glittering boulder from the Mountain Lake will be removed and you’ll unlock panning.

Blacksmith’s BundleCopper Bar
Iron Bar
Gold Bar
Geologist’s BundleQuartz
Earth Crystal
Frozen Tear
Fire Quartz
Adventurer’s Bundle99x Slime
10x Bat Wing
Solar Essence
Void Essence
Dye BundleAquamarine
 Field Research BundleFrozen Geode

If you spend any time in the Mines at all, these bundles should be a breeze to complete. To start, you’ll just need five Copper, Iron, and Gold Bars. To craft a bar, you need five of any Ore and one piece of Coal and to combine them in the Furnace. For example, you need five Copper Ore to craft one Copper Bar.

Next up, you’ll need to find some minerals. Quartz and Earth Crystal are very common forageables in the mines. Frozen Tears are rarer, and will only start appearing after Floor 40. Even rarer, the Fire Quartz can be foraged only after Floor 80. You’ll also be able to find Frozen Geodes from Floor 40 onwards, which are necessary for the Field Research Bundle. Aquamarines are the only gems you need for the Bundles, but collect any gem you see! They make great gifts.

Do you enjoy slaying combat? You’ll need to acquire 99 pieces of Slime and ten Bat Wings from killing Slimes and Bats of various colors and varities. You’ll also need to kill the Shadow Brute or Shadow Shaman for Void Essence, and a Ghost for Solar Essence. The former monsters are found from Floor 80 onwards, and the latter can be found haunting Floors 50 to 79.

Chef’s BundleMaki Roll
Fried Egg
Fodder Bundle10x Hay
The Vault Bundles42.500g

You’ll need to cook up these two recipes to finish the Chef’s bundle. To cook, you’ll need to upgrade the Farmhouse once so that you have access to a kitchen.

You’ll have the recipe for Fried Egg automatically once you’ve upgraded the farmhouse. All it requires is one Egg of any quality to make. The Maki Roll is a little more complex. You’ll need to watch The Queen of Sauce TV show on the 21st of Summer in Year One to gain the recipe. Alternatively, you can purchase the recipe from Gus at the Stardrop Saloon for 300g. You’ll need any Fish, some Seaweed (caught in saltwater), and a bag of Rice (purchased from Pierre) to make this dish.

If you have the Silo farm building, you can get Hay by using your Scythe on grass around the farm. Otherwise, you can just buy it from Marnie at Marnie’s Ranch for 50g per piece of Hay.

Finally, you’ll need 42.500g in total to complete all of the Vault bundles.

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