The Mountain Lake: A Beautiful Fishing Hotspot

The Mountain Lake is a unique body of water located in the Mountains of Pelican Town. What can you fish there, or otherwise find in the area? Read on to find out!

A screenshot from Stardew Valley in which the player is relaxing by the mountain lake.

Where is the Mountain?

If you open your map by clicking the “M” key on your keyboard, you’ll see both the Mountain and the Mountain Lake to the north of Pelican Town.

Find the farmer’s little icon!

How Do I get to The Mountain?

There are a few different ways you can get to the mountain lake quickly:

1. Through the Backwoods Road

The Backwoods is a location between the Mountain and your farmstead. You can access it from your farm by heading northwest of your house. You’ll find it right next to the cave that’s on your property.

2. By Riding Minecarts

You can unlock Minecarts by finishing the Boiler Room Bundle in the Community Center. You can also purchase “Minecarts” from the Joja Community Development Form. Note that you can either support Jojamart or the Community Center, but not both.

Once unlocked, you can use any one Minecart to reach another on the map. Choosing “Mines” will instantly transport you to the mine entrance. From there, you can simply walk out and find you’ll yourself by the Mountain Lake.

3. Consuming The Warp Totem

You can utilize the Warp Totem: Mountain to teleport right next to the Mountain Lake. To craft this item, you’ll need to reach level seven in Foraging. After that, combine one piece of Hardwood, one Iron Bar, and 25 Stone to create this one-use teleportation device.

Key Locations in the Mountain

  1. Carpenter’s Shop – Home of Robin, Demetrius, Maru, and Sebastian. If you’re interested in either Maru or Sebastian – both eligible bachelors – you may find yourself spending a lot of time here.
  2. Linus’ Tent – Home of Linus. Befriending this gentle hermit allows you to learn the recipes for Wild Bait and Sashimi. Sashimi turns any one fish (such as the Anchovy, Catfish, etc) into a cooked dish and a loved gift for Sebastian.
  3. The Glittering Boulder – This boulder can be removed by finishing the Fish Tank Bundle in the Community Center, or by purchasing “Panning” from the Joja Community Development Form.
  4. The Mines – The best place to find Stone and Ore, and to practice combat.
  5. Mountain Lake – One of the best fishing spots in town.
  6. The Adventurer’s Guild – Purchase adventuring gear, and try your hand at some special combat quests.
  7. The Quarry – An endless supply of Stone, Ore, Gems, and more. Unlocked by finishing the Crafts Room or Boiler Room in the Community Center, or by purchasing “Bridge” or “Minecarts” from the Joja Community Development Form.
The whole mountain area in Stardew Valley.

Fishing By the Mountain lake

The Mountain Lake is a fantastic local fishing spot. Many types of fish, such as the Sturgeon and Bullhead, can only be caught here and nowhere else. Others can also be found in the River or the Cindersap Forest pond as well.

Crab Pots In the Mountain Lake

You can catch any freshwater crab pot fish at the Mountain Lake:

  • Crayfish
  • Periwinkle
  • Snail

These fish aren’t very valuable on their own, but they can be used to craft Fertilizer or Sashimi. Furthermore, you’ll need these to complete the Crab Pot bundle in the Community Center. There’s a good chance you’ll catch trash instead of fish. However, trash can be recycled into more useful items, such as Cloth and Refined Quartz – so pick those up as well!

Trappers will enjoy placing their Crab Pots here.

Spring Fishing

  • Bullhead
  • Carp
  • Chub
  • Largemouth Bass – You can catch this fish only during the day; until 07:00 pm.

These common fish can be found in the Mountain Lake all throughout the year. These fish can be sold or, provided you have the recipe from Linus, crafted into Sashimi. Furthermore, using the sewing machine, any of these four fish can be turned into the Fishing Vest t-shirt. To earn more money by fishing, grab the Fisher and Angler professions are levels five and ten of the Fishing skill.

Summer Fishing

  • Bullhead
  • Carp
  • Chub
  • Largemouth Bass – You can catch this fish only during the day; until 07:00 pm.
  • Sturgeon – You can catch this fish only during the day; until 07:00 pm.
  • Rainbow Trout – You can catch this fish only when it’s a sunny day outside, and only until 07:00 pm.

Of particular note is the Sturgeon. Along with the difficult-to-catch Lava Eel, Sturgeons are the best fish to keep in a fishing pond. They produce the most valuable Roe which can be further processed in a Preserves Jar to create Caviar. Sturgeons are also a loved gift for Willy, and Iridium Quality Sturgeons are a great choice for the Luau Festival’s potluck stew.

Fall Fishing

  • Bullhead
  • Carp
  • Chub
  • Walleye – You can catch this fish only when it’s raining outside, and only after 11:00 am.
  • Midnight Carp – You can catch this fish only after 10:00 pm.
  • Largemouth Bass – You can catch this fish only during the day; until 07:00 pm.

Of particular interest here is the Midnight Carp. Combine it, a Flounder, and some Squid Ink to cook up Seafoam Pudding. This dish will increase your Fishing skill by +4! You’ll acquire the recipe for this pudding by reaching level nine in Fishing.

Winter Fishing

  • Bullhead
  • Chub
  • Carp
  • Lingcod
  • Perch
  • Sturgeon – You can catch this fish only during the day; until 07:00 pm.
  • Largemouth Bass – You can catch this fish only during the day; until 07:00 pm.
  • Midnight Carp – You can catch this fish only after 10:00 pm.

Winter is usually a very idle season, seeing as you can’t keep yourself busy with farming. As such, it’s the perfect Season to get into fishing!

The Legend

Grab your Fishing Rod, Bait, and Tackle if you want to try to catch the Legend themselves. You can catch one of the five legendary fish in Stardew Valley right here in the Mountain Lake, provided you’re skilled enough and the right weather conditions are present.

To catch the Legend, you need to come to the Mountain Lake on a rainy day during Spring. You’ll require level 10 in the Fishing skill (either naturally or with buffs) as well as an Iridium Rod, with some good bait and tackle attached.

The perfect spot to catch Legend.

What are Legendary Fish?

There are five legendary fish you can catch in Stardew Valley, which is a requirement for gaining the “Master Angler” achievement. These fish are found in five unique locations during specific Seasons and weather conditions. They are also much, much tougher to catch than the normal fish in the game. If you love fishing and fancy a challenge, try to catch them all!

What are the Other Legendary Fish?

These are the five legendary fish you can attempt to catch:

  • Legend – Can be caught in Spring in the Mountain Lake, when it’s raining.
  • Crimsonfish – Can be caught in Summer on the Beach on the Eastern pier.
  • Angler – Can be caught in Fall in Pelican Town.
  • Glacierfish – Can be caught in Winter in the Cindersap Forest.
  • Mutant Carp – Can be caught during any season in the sewers.

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