How to Make Beer in Stardew Valley- Full Guide 2022

Do you want a decent money-maker that can also make you drunk in Stardew Valley? If so, making a glass of Beer is the best option for you! Despite giving funky buffs, it’s a well-liked item in Pelican Town; read further to learn more about it!

A player holding beer in Stardew Valley
Does it look palpable?

Upon learning more recipes in Stardew Valley, you’ll discover that not all of them offer great buffs that’ll help you. And one of these not-so-beneficial goods is a mug of Beer. Well, that’s only on your end since it induces inconvenient skill enhancements.

Nonetheless, it may not be your cup of tea, but it’s still useful in other parts of the game. You may give it to your peers or sell it for profit! We won’t spoil you further. But if you really want to produce it on your farm, here’s a guide that can help you!

Important Questions

What is Beer in Stardew Valley?

It’s one of the four alcoholic artisan goods that give decent profit for starting players using the keg. Consuming it restores some of your health and energy; you’ll also obtain a Tipsy and Speed (-1) buff once you drink it. Here’s a full breakdown of the restoration effects you’ll get depending on its quality:


How to Get Beer in Stardew Valley?

A player standing in front of the Ginger Island Resort and Saloon.
Note these spots to immediately purchase some Beer!

Aside from producing it on your farm, you may also purchase it from the Ginger Island Resort for 500g. While you’ll also find it at the Stardrop Saloon at the selling price of 400g. But if you’re lucky, you may receive it as a gift from your secret gift giver on the Feast of the Winter Star.

How to Make Beer in Stardew Valley?

A player surrounded with Beers in Kegs in Stardew Valley.
Alright, are you ready to get tipsy but a little richer?

You can make a glass of Beer by simply placing a piece of Wheat in a Keg and letting it process for 29 in-game hours. It may sound time-consuming, but it’s worth the wait if you’re a new player looking for alternative ways to obtain gold.

Moreover, acquiring its main ingredient doesn’t require a lot of effort. You may get it by purchasing Wheat Seeds. They’re available in the following stores and locations:

  • Pierre’s General Store- 10g.
  • JojaMart- 12g.
  • Traveling Cart– 100g to 1000g.
  • Magic Shop Boat found in the Night Market on Winter 16 and 17- 10g.
  • Placing any seed in a Seed Maker may spawn a Wheat Seed randomly.
  • You may occasionally find five to 20 pieces of it in the Skull Cavern’s Treasure Rooms.

Facts and Information


Besides using Beer to rejuvenate your stamina and health, you can sell it reasonably. Having the Artisan Profession also aids in making its price 40% higher than its base value. While aging it in a Cask placed in your Cellar enhances its quality alongside its cost.

Below are the prices and time duration it consumes to get a good-quality Beer in-game successfully:

QualityWithout ArtisanWith ArtisanAging Duration (Days)Total No. Of Days To Produce
Normal200g280g01 day and five hours.


A player making a black leather jacket from a mug of beer in Stardew Valley.
Another item, another piece of clothing!

Placing it in a spool of a Sewing Machine with a cloth gives you a stylish Black Leather Jacket. While you can also use it as a yellow dye when paired with a dyeable clothing item. Aside from giving your clothes a new shade, it does the same trick with dye pots too!


We bet you know who adores these alcoholic beverages. It’s no other than Shane and Pam! Nevertheless, it’s also well-appreciated by most villagers, well, except for some NPCs. Make sure not to offer it to Jas, Leo, Sebastian, Penny, and Vincent since they really hate this good.

Quests and Bundles

Unlike most Artisan Goods like Pale Ale, you can’t use Beer in any quest and bundle. Hence, it won’t give you any side hustle to help you earn more gold. Still, it offers generous benefits when you sell or gift them to someone you wish to establish a good relationship.

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