How to Craft a Seed Maker in Stardew Valley?


Constantly buying seeds in Stardew Valley is pretty costly. But did you know that you can replicate them with a Seed Maker? If you haven’t heard of this equipment, here’s a guide to help you!

A player reproducing cauliflower seeds in Stardew Valley.
A seed maker is a real game-changer!

You can either craft or buy most seeds from JojaMart and Pierre’s General Store. Although purchasing them won’t cost you a fortune, it’s still a waste of gold if you constantly buy them. 

To save 20g or more, you should get a Seed Maker. This machine duplicates certain in-game crop bases. If you want to access this benefit, this guide will help you craft and learn to use it effectively.

What’s a Seed Maker?

A Seed Maker (SM) is a piece of refining equipment that replicates your harvested crops’ sources and some foraged items. It produces one to three copies of your chosen yield, but there’s a 97.51% chance of only getting two pieces of the same variety.

To use it, you’ll need to place a reproducible crop in the equipment and wait for it to process in 20 minutes.

Aside from getting your desired item, there’s also a 1.99% probability of acquiring one to four pieces of Mixed Seeds with this machine. And if you’re lucky, you may get a pack of Ancient Seeds (0.5%).

Suppose you want to avoid buying new seeds from local stores. You need to sacrifice at least 51% of your harvest. It helps you obtain fresh ones for the next growing season.

You can use this formula to determine the classification and amount of seeds the machine would produce: 

(Number Days Played) + (Unique Game ID) / 2 + [X-tile Location of SM (LoSM)] + (Y-tile LoSM) × 77 + (Time of Day)

Note that this isn’t based on luck. So if you’re eager to get more yield, try following the equation.

Where to Get it?

A player planting summer seeds in Stardew Valley.
Increase your level by growing more crops!

You’ll get its recipe upon reaching Farming Level 9. It’s also a reward once you complete the Dye Bundle in the Bulletin Board.

Moreover, you’ll find it in the treasure rooms if you often visit the Skull Cavern.

What Does it Reproduce?

It can clone most crop bases in Stardew Vally, but it doesn’t include the following goods:

Coffee Bean
Crystal Fruit
Fiddlehead Fern
Fruit Tree Fruit
Tea Leaves
Wild Plum
Foraged Goods except for Wild Horseradish, Common Mushroom, and Winter Root

How to Craft it?

It’s easy to craft an SM. All you need is a gold bar, 25 pieces of wood, and ten pieces of coal.

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